Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2651-1

Chapter 2651

Fifteen minutes after taking off, Ye Chen only had the last few tens of kilometers to the destination.

    According to Vasily’s calculations, Ye Chen should jump out of the cabin after 5 minutes, and then use his remote guidance to land five kilometers away from the destination.

    So he asked Ye Chen: “Master Ye, are you ready?

    Ye Chen nodded: “Ready. “

    Vasily said to Han Guangyao: “Mr. Han, please ask the captain to open the hatch.” “

    Okay, Han Guangyao immediately walked to the cockpit and asked the captain to open the rear door of the plane.”

    When the cabin door opened slowly, a violent cold wind poured in instantly, and Chen Zekai and the others shivered.

    Chen Zekai hurriedly said to Ye Chen loudly: “Master, you must be careful and be careful. After six hours, we will definitely wait for you at the place you specify.

    Ye Chen smiled: “Don’t worry, we will see

    Vasily in 6 hours. Accompanying Ye Chen to the open hatch, everyone looked at Ye Chen with breathlessness. This was his first parachuting. Not only was it extremely difficult to parachute, but it was the beginning of the real difficulty after landing.

    Except for Chen Zekai, no one at the scene could figure out what kind of self-confidence Ye Chen had that would make him dare to go deep into Longtan Tiger’s Lair guarded by thousands of soldiers alone. This kind of hell-level difficult task, I am afraid that the movie dare not dare. Take it like this.

    Therefore, each of them was squeezed by Ye Chen’s safety.

    Han Guangyao even felt that this matter would most likely end with the Ye family paying a large amount of cash to the opposition and redeeming Ye Chen from the opposition.

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