Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2653-1

Chapter 2653

  The height of seven or eight floors is almost a deadly height for most ordinary people.

    But for Ye Chen, it really wasn’t a big deal.

    The only thing he worried about was that when he got lower and lower, he would first descend to a height that was level with the top of the mountain. The most important thing was whether he would be discovered by the opponent at this height.

    In order to be sure, he put his hand into his pocket and grasped the thunder warning in his pocket.

    This thundering order used the Wannian Lightning Strike Wood sent by Song Wanting, which was called the best of the lightning strike woods, and Ye Chen’s best weapon.

Although he had used this shocking thunder for many times, and there were already many cracks on its surface, but at present, it can be used at least a few times.

    Ye Chen didn’t really like to use the Thunderbolt, because every time this thing made a lot of noise, but this time, he still planned to use the Thunderbolt to increase his success rate.

    At this time, the entire mountain area was quiet. There were few people and there were almost no vehicles on the road. People below could hear the wind and the not-so-big rain, but there was no other sound.

    But at this moment, in the western sky, a lightning flashed like a whip of God.

    This lightning slammed on the western mountain top, slicing several soldiers in the fortifications into coke and

    following it. After that, there was a deafening thunder and

    rumbling thunder like a missile exploding, which reverberated throughout the valley.

    On the plane, Han Guangyao was taken aback by the explosion. He blurted out: “It’s a ghost in a place like the Middle East. How can there be a thunderstorm

    skydiving expert Vasily in winter . Because of professional requirements, he is also a meteorological expert. With a dumb face, he murmured: “This is unscientific. I specially retrieved today’s satellite weather map before. Today’s climate conditions do not exist for the formation of thunderclouds.”

    The crew also didn’t understand.

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