Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2659-2

After speaking, Ye Chen hurriedly changed his words . Said: “Don’t worry, I made an error . I’m not getting to cause you to a lonely ghost. It’s better to form you a living dead

. He stretches out his finger and taps on the opponent’s forehead. he’s whole. He immediately lost all consciousness and fell to the bottom , his eyes widened, and

his eyes widened. When Ye Chen lightly tapped his forehead just , a trace of aura completely destroyed his brain, leaving him within the brain died instantly. At

this point , the one that was pinched by Ye Chen was so scared that

he passed out. He had never seen a god like Ye Chen in his entire life, and his strength was incredible.

One sentence can make his companion immobile, and a light-weight click will make his companion die instantly. this type of person is more terrifying than the devil.

Ye Chen saw him frightened and said: “You don’t got to be so scared. ., as long as you’ll be honest with me, then i will be able to spare your life, I mean it, “

the person extremely panic, said:” i’m i will be able to

. I even have a particular old honest

real honest with you

Ye Chen saw that he was already stuttering badly, then looked down at his legs, and located that his legs were violently swinging at this point , and his whole person was clearly scared.

This made him a touch big.

Because , If this guy has been so alarmed, albeit he can take him to the place where He Zhiqiu is detained, he are going to be seen by others as flaws.

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