Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2662-1

“Some of these people have lived in other countries since they were young, and some of them have lived in former colonial areas, starting from English or French, so the language between everyone is not completely smooth.”

    “Just like myself, I actually went to the United States with my parents when I was very young. I also took a green card and served in the U.S. Army for three years.

I only responded to the call and came back to join the Free Army a few years ago. So my basic Arabic It’s very bad, basically only communicate in English.

    Ye Chen nodded, this multilingual situation is like India, quite a few Indians do not speak Hindi, and even each state in India has its own official Language, coupled with being a British colony, so English is also one of the official languages.

    However, this kind of language confusion is relatively friendly to him. The more confused the language, the easier

    it is for him to mix in. So he opposed Faisal Said: “After going in, remember to act by chance, don’t let people see the clues. “

    Faisal busy:” Please be assured that I will go all out “

    Ye Chen Enliaoyisheng, pointed to the courtyard, and said:” Go in now


    . Faisal stepped forward, open courtyard

    at this time In the yard, more than a dozen soldiers carrying AK47s are surrounding a bonfire to barbecue for warmth. On the bonfire,

wearing two legs of lamb with wooden sticks, they have been roasted with oily smell at this time.

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