Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2665-2

After picking the last one, I finally saw a yellow female with short hair and delightful appearance.

Because these eight people have always been covered by thick black heads, their vision has been within the dark, and now they suddenly get light. albeit it’s only dim, the sunshine bulb makes them feel very dazzling, in order that they are all subconsciously. Cover the sunshine ahead of you together with your hands.

After a short time , everyone’s vision finally returned to normal.

What frightened them was that ahead of them stood a person dressed as a typical terrorist with a black mask on his head.

the person also held an AK47 in his hand, which was a gangster.

Ye Chen checked out the yellow girl who looked a touch like Gao Yuanyuan and asked directly in Chinese: “Are you He Zhiqiu? As

soon as these words came out, the girl’s body twitched suddenly.

She checked out Ye Chen and asked in Chinese subconsciously. “How does one know me?! Are you from Huaxia?!

Ye Chen stretched his hand and took off his mask , and said lightly: “I was commissioned by your dad to require you home. As

soon as these words came out, He Zhiqiu was like Struck by lightning!

She checked out Ye Chen with an incredulous expression on her face, and blurted out, “What did you say?! My dad entrusted you to require me home?! How does he know that i’m here?! And, why are you here? Here? Are you a part of the armed opposition?

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