Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2666-2

! “Yes!” there’s another blonde girl in Chinese Said: “Our United States Navy SEALs are the highest Special Forces within the world. They perform the foremost difficult tasks everywhere the planet all year round, including the killing of worldwide terrorist leaders. i think they’re going to come. Save us!

Ye Chen said with a smile: “How does one know that the us will send a SEAL team to rescue you? Who gave you the confidence?”

A dark-skinned American boy next to him said without hesitation: “We, the us , has always been strong and can not allow any foreign soldiers to harm our country|citizens!

“And, don’t forget that we’ve an outsized number of military bases round the world. There are several within the Middle East!”

“Turkey, a neighboring country in northern Syria, has several of our military bases;”

“Saudi Arabia in southern Syria also has our military bases!

“So, our motherland is probably going to grow from these two The country, sent a SEAL team to rescue us!

Ye Chen couldn’t help but exclaimed when he heard this: “I found that you simply are all excellent at all . Chinese is so sleek, have you ever learned it? “

Another Indian-American boy said proudly: “To tell you the reality , we are all the highest students within the us . Everyone has several masters and doctorates. most are proficient in several languages. what is the Chinese? Japanese, French, and German are beat question!”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but gave him a thumbs up, and asked him with a smile:

“It’s awesome, it’s really awesome.

After he finished speaking, he suddenly changed his conversation and sighed: “Oh, i actually don’t understand. How are you able to learn numerous languages for such a brainless person? Do people that lack the guts and eyes have the talent to find out languages? ?”

the person blurted out: “What are you talking about!?

Ye Chen sneered: “You said that you simply have military bases in several countries around, so why have I been here from Huaxia One-all the distances, you The SEALs are so close, yet there’s no ghost yet?

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