Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2667-1

Chapter 2667

Hearing Ye Chen’s question, the boy blurted out: “First of all! I don’t believe you came from Huaxia at all! Because this is often not realistic

in the least ! After speaking, he checked out everyone and said very seriously:”

Everyone has studied the geography of the planet and therefore the geography of China. you want to know the space of China to here!”

“If you fly from the central area of China, the straight-line distance is a minimum of 6,000 kilometers?”

“If you’re from the western region of China Flying over, the straight-line distance won’t be but five thousand kilometers.

Ye Chen gave a thumbs up and said with a smile: “You really are a damn smart! you recognize everything!”

After saying that, Ye Chen rotated and said jokingly: “But you guessed wrong, I’m not from I came from Central China or West China. I came from East China.”

“East China?!” The Indian boy who was called by Ye Chen disdainfully said, “Eastern China is even more impossible! East China is here.

Thousand kilometers, how did you fly over in such a brief period of time? Take a rocket?”

He sneered again: “And, as we all know, Syria has not resumed navigation thanks to the war. you would like to travel from China to Syria must first fly to the neighboring countries around,

then turn in by land transportation. albeit you employ the shortest route at once for a moment , consistent with my estimation, you’ll need a minimum of twenty hours to arrive. ,

But we haven’t been captured for 24 hours so far . does one have the patience of an unknown prophet? So, if you would like me to mention , you’re lying!

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