Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2667-2

Ye Chen shook his head helplessly, checked out He Zhiqiu, and asked: “This Has the guy always been this way?

He Zhiqiu’s expression was a touch embarrassed directly , but also a touch hesitant.

actually , she wasn’t sure about Ye Chen’s identity, and she or he couldn’t believe what Ye Chen said.

Moreover, taking note of Ye Chen’s voice face-to-face is somewhat different from what she and Ye Chen heard through their mobile phones within the WeChat communication.

additionally , Ye Chen didn’t reveal her identity, so she was a touch unpredictable directly .

in any case , the speculation made by the Indian boy just isn’t unreasonable. Ye Chen’s statement is somewhat contrary to logic in terms of your time and space.

At this point , the Indian cleverness continued: “Tell you, whenever our SEAL team performs a mission, it strives to be 100% successful, in order that they will certainly formulate a comprehensive rescue plan before performing a scalpel. ! sort of operation , i think they used rescued us how long it’ll go!

Ye Chen sneered: “? the road , don’t fuck bullsh fast, and it’ll pull you long mouth calf isn’t it,”

‘I to inform you the reality , the news that you simply guys were captured wasn’t reported by the ecu and American media at all!

“Do you recognize what doesn’t report mean? It means your fellow Americans don’t even know that you simply are captured!

“So your army I don’t bother to send soldiers to rescue you. Don’t even mention sending soldiers to rescue you such a lot . The opposition and your embassy demanded 80 million ransom but were rejected. does one still expect them to send troops to rescue you? does one think your dad? Is it Buffett and Bill Gates?

“I do not believe it!” Several young Americans retorted in unison: “You must be lying!

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