Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2669-2

Ye Chen said with a smile on his face: “No wonder

the person hurriedly asked: “No wonder

Ye Chen said with a smile: “No wonder you’re so talented, we actually can’t cultivate a talent such as you in China.

Seeing that everybody was still questioning Ye Chen’s identity, He Zhiqiu hurriedly said, “You’re all misunderstood. Mr. Ye is certainly not a member of the opposition.

he’s the chairman of China Emgrand Group, Ye Chenye that I told you before I depart . Mr.

“how could” almost simultaneously blurted seven others refute

one among the American girls opening: “Zhiqiu sure your brain is broken, you think that about it, a net worth of billions of massive boss, how could such a young age,”

said Without expecting He Zhiqiu’s answer, she immediately added: “It’s nothing quite being so young, but have you ever ever considered it, how could an enormous boss with a worth of quite 100 billion attend Syria to try to to this type of thing in person?

” Sanjie has already analyzed it for you. If he’s really the large boss, how could he be here from China in such a brief period of your time . you think that he’s Iron Man.” The

Chinese boy blurted out, “Yes, i do know autumn.” , If you think that about it, you’ve got never seen Mr. Ye at all, so how does one judge that this guy is him? i think that this guy may need cracked your phone password, checked your chat history, and located due to this flaw,

He Zhiqiu, who pretended to be Mr. Ye to mislead you, shook his head and said firmly:

“I are often sure that he’s Mr. Ye. I didn’t match his real voice together with his voice within the voice chat. But Now I are often sure that they’re an equivalent person.”

Everyone else thought He Zhiqiu must be crazy.


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