Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2670-2

For this reason, they removed various arguments and put their own views from the within to The outer packaging is seamless.

But now, with just one mobile , Ye Chen completely overturned all the judgments made by these self-righteous top students, making these seven people dumbfounded for a short time .

The Indian kid couldn’t help exclaiming: “This is impossible. albeit you’re really Chairman Ye, you cannot rush to Syria from Eastern China in such a brief time.

“Yes.” The Chinese kid also said: “This is illogical, even the fastest civil airliner cannot be done.

Ye Chen sneered and asked: “You two are the simplest . I ask you, the fastest you recognize . what’s a civil airliner? The

Chinese kid blurted out with a haughty look: “Of course i do know that I even have a deep research on aircraft. The fastest civil airliner is that the Gulfstream G650 business jet.

This aircraft uses British Rolls-Royce engine. , the facility is powerful, it can fly at Mach 0.95, which is that the speed of sound 95, but it’s also one among the foremost expensive business jets within the world. it’s impossible for not the highest rich to afford

Ye Chen. Applause: “You are so bad. Mom may be a good material for learning. It seems that you simply must be excellent at memorizing the text.

I wont to see all types of keyboard car gods who didn’t even have a driver’s licence on the web .

I didn’t expect to encounter another keyboard car god now.” The

Chinese boy was annoyed. Said: “Don’t be ridiculed here, albeit you’re really sitting on the Gulfstream g650, it’s impossible to arrive in Syria in such a brief time.

So you want to have hidden some ulterior secrets.

Ye Chen smiled: “I’m sorry, i actually didn’t come here with a g650.

Having said that, Ye Chen put a smile away and said calmly: “I’m here on a Concorde airliner.”

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