Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2674-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2674 part 2 or amazing son in law chapter 2674 part 2

Ye Chen waved his hand: “Hey, don’t accompany me. just What you said

yourself, you don’t remember that I do treat you as a compatriot, albeit

you’re holding a passport from another country, but as long as you’re

flowing with the blood of our Chinese nation, you’re in my eyes. My


Speaking of this, Ye Chen said helplessly: “Look at what you said just .

You were born and raised within the us , and your homeland is that the us .

If you’ve got said so, I can’t. I’m rushing to acknowledge you as me.

Compatriots, isn’t this forcing you to betray your motherland? The

other party burst into tears and choked up: “Mr. Ye, i used to be wrong. In

fact, i used to be not born within the us . i used to be born in China, but

later my parents emigrated. I took it to the us and have become a citizen of

the us . the rationale why I even have always claimed that i used to be born

within the us is that I don’t want to be looked down upon by Americans. i

would like them to understand that although I don’t appear as if an

American, i used to be born within the us . and downright us

said this, he cried and said: “actually, I xenophilia this person is, I

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2674 part 2 or amazing son in law chapter 2674 part 2

even have now realized the error , i do know that my soul remains flowing;

Ye Chen blurted interrupted:” Well Okay, don’t say anything, I understand

what you mean. “When the

other party heard this, he felt as if he had hope of survival. He

immediately cried and said, “Mr. Ye, many thanks such a lot that i will be

able to be a cow and a horse within the future and that i will repay you


A white American boy also said. Hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, I apologize to you

for my recklessness and impoliteness. Please take me with you. The

Indian boys also cried, crying while crying and snotting tears. “Mr. Ye

blames me for having no eyes. In fact, I even have always longed for the

brilliant history and civilization of China, and that i also admire a lonely

hero such as you . Please don’t remember the villain and provides me an

opportunity .” The

others begged once they saw it. , And hurriedly cried.

Ye Chen smiled at this point , turned to seem at Hamid, and said seriously:

“That, Commander Hasy.”

Hamid said quickly, “Brother, once you meet, you’re destined, and once you

are destined, you’re friends. Don’t call the commander like that.

additionally , the old man said something to his heart, my surname is’Hamid,

these three words are connected, if you’ll not open it, try to not open it.”

After speaking, he hurriedly added with a smile. : “Of course, if you think

that it’s too tiring to mention three words, just treat it like I didn’t say


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