Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2675-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2675 part 2 or amazing son in law chapter 2675 part 2

Ye Chen shook his head and firmly refused: “I don’t offer you this face

because from starting to end, these American friends haven’t given me face

in the least . I’m an individual , I’ve never been a foreigner. Fawning, so

I care if he’s an American or a Martian, as long as he doesn’t give me face,

I won’t give him face. “

then , he checked out Hamid, pointed at He Zhiqiu, and said seriously: “I

will only take her away. “

Grass, enough, Hamid stomped his feet and blurted out: “If that is the

case, then I won’t be too nonsense. Now i will be able to tell your men, you

two can leave at will, and nobody can stop.”

After speaking, Hamid moved aside. Flash, let loose the door, and said:

“Brother, please.”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “No, it isn’t my villain’s heart. After all, this

is often your site. I even have to be more cautious. You arrange a

helicopter to prevent directly. within the yard, the helicopter isn’t

allowed to hold any ammunition. additionally , everyone except the pilot

must be evacuated. Then you personally accompany the 2 folks . When the one

that picks me up arrives, i will be able to allow you to go. “

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2675 part 2 or amazing son in law chapter 2675 part 2

Let’s see how” Hamid’s face was embarrassed, and he said: “What if you

modify your mind once you get there, what if you would like to kidnap me?

Now the govt is offering a gift of many dollars for my head, how do i do

know Will you

see Caiqiyi? Ye Chen smiled helplessly, pointed to his face, and asked him

with a smile: “You said that Ye Chen, once I see Caiqiyi, is sitting on a

damn Concorde airliner with quite many many dollars. Within a couple of

hours, all the way from Huaxia to an area where birds don’t shit,

Hamid swallowed his saliva and said, “Concorde.” you’re the Huaxia Ye


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