Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2676-1

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2676 part 1 or amazing son in law chapter 2676 part 1

Chapter 2676

Ye Chen asked curiously: “How come Commander Hamid has also heard of the Ye


Hamid immediately said with a glance of admiration: “I really heard of the

university i used to be studying in Yanjing. Ye The family and therefore the

Su family are both the highest families in China, and that i heard about

them at that point .

After speaking, Hamid asked complimentarily: “Brother, i do not know if

Ye Chen didn’t hide what I guessed right . He nodded and said:” That’s

right, I’m the Ye family. As

soon as I said this, the opposite seven people were almost frightened.

they’re all high-achieving students within the financial field . they need

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2676 part 1 or amazing son in law chapter 2676 part 1

a deep understanding of the economic conditions of varied countries, and

naturally they also know the giants of China. The strength of the rich

family. The fastest chapter update of the elite novel network: when m.jyyxs

heard that Ye Chen may be a descendant of the Ye family, they immediately

understood why Ye Chen could visit Syria on the Concorde in such a brief


this is often it. It’s a

pity that the Ye family’s ability may be a pity that their so-called high-

achieving students are going to be blindfolded and not see

Hamid beside Mount Tai . He immediately gave a thumbs up and blurted out:

“I didn’t expect that my brother is basically the Ye family, because the Ye

family , I can still break in here alone. It’s really admirable.

Ye Chen smiled: “Commander Hamid is just too polite.

Hamid couldn’t help but said excitedly: “I didn’t expect it today. going to

know the descendants of the Ye family is basically fate

. He checked out Ye Chen and said sincerely: “Brother, there’s an old

saying in China that you simply don’t know one another if you don’t fight.

It’s quite appropriate if you don’t dislike it. , From now on, you and that

i are friends.

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2676 part 1 or amazing son in law chapter 2676 part 1

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “Since my brother said so, we’ll be

friends from now on.”

Hamid laughed and blurted out: Brother, i do know that you simply came to

rescue this lady thus far . If you would like to return , she must be vital

to you, then I won’t be here to waste time with you, you and that i will

confine touch with one another Method, then I personally take a helicopter

to require you away consistent with your request. If you’ve got the chance

within the future, you’ll come to Syria as a guest. Then i will be able to


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