Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680-1

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680-1 or amazing son in law chapter 2680-1

Chapter 80

After entering the cabin, Ye Chen used the watch Vasily gave him and pressed the emergency call button.

Syria’s infrastructure itself is extremely poor, and therefore the wars are tousled . apart from the cities, there’s almost no communication signal. Therefore, even international roaming mobile phones aren’t served here. the sole medium for calls is satellite.

Fortunately, this watch specially equipped for paratroopers has the function of satellite communication.

As soon because the call , Ye Chen heard Han Guangyao’s voice: “Master, is everything going well with you?”

Ye Chen replied, “Everything went well, and it had been before originally planned. you’ll arrange the helicopter to the scheduled location now, I you’ll arrive in about fifteen minutes.”

Han Guangyao said dumbfounded: “Master, how are you able to get there so quickly?!”

Ye Chen said with a smile, “Commander Hamid of the opposition arranged the helicopter himself. Send us over.” When

Han Guangyao heard this, he suddenly realized that Ye Chen must have controlled Hamid, and therefore the whole person was so shocked that there was nothing to feature , in order that he didn’t skills to reply Ye Chen for a short time .

Chen Zekai hurriedly asked him: “Mr. Han, how long will it deem us to fly now?”

Han Guangyao came back to his senses and blurted out: “I will prepare the helicopter now. Let’s depart in five minutes. it’s estimated that it’ll take 40. In a few minute.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen said: “Then i will be expecting you at the scheduled place.”

Han Guangyao hurriedly said: “Okay, master, let’s depart now!” After

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