Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680-2 or amazing son in law chapter 2680-2

hanging up the phone, Ye Chen stopped the destination. The gps coordinates told Hamid and told him to inform the pilot. After the pilot set the coordinates, Hamid said to Ye Chen: “Brother Ye, the pilot is prepared to require off at any time. Everything is under your command.”

Ye Chen Nodded and said: “Then let the pilot begin .”


Hamid immediately used the walkie-talkie on his head to order the pilot to require off.

The helicopter immediately began to ascend, then moved towards the coordinates agreed by Ye Chen and Han Guangyao.

A mountainous area of tens of kilometers, ordinary people might not be ready to enter each day , but only a dozen minutes by helicopter.

Soon, the helicopter received the coordinate location. this is often a comparatively gentle mountain top. The altitude isn’t high and therefore the terrain isn’t steep. However, there are not any roads within a couple of kilometers, so there’s hardly any people.

After the helicopter landed on the highest of the mountain, Ye Chen said to Hamid, “Brother, you’ve got to attend a short time here. When the plane to select me up, you’ll leave.”

Hamid said without hesitation: “It should be, so it’s more comfortable for you!” After

that, he ordered the pilot: “Turn off the engine and lights, we’ll wait here for a while!” The

pilot immediately did.

When the plane’s engine stopped turning, the encompassing area suddenly became quiet. Once it calmed down, you’ll hear He Zhiqiu’s sobbing. At this point , she not knew what percentage tears she shed.

Ye Chen reached out and removed the headgear tucked in her mouth. the primary words He Zhiqiu said was: “You send me back! otherwise you can pass yourself and allow them to take me back again!”

Ye Chen mocked slightly. He said: “Your dad told me that you simply are a really smart person, and a really good business and management talent, but i actually didn’t expect you to be so stupid.”

He Zhiqiu pleaded: “You don’t understand, if I just left. this may be my life’s demon and a life’s nightmare. i urge you to let me return . If all my friends die, and that i live alone, i will be able to be tortured and tortured all my life rather than doing this, it’s better to let me stay…”

Ye Chen realized that He Zhiqiu’s mentality won’t be stupid, but her own personality.

most of the people can forgive themselves easily, but some people don’t. Not only do they will not forgive themselves easily, but they’re going to suffer for the remainder of their lives.

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