Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2682-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2682-2 or amazing son in law chapter 2682-2

Ye Chen smiled. Said: “It cannot be said to be incisive. It can only be

said that the upper education within the us is just too brainwashed. this

massive group of doctors and postdocs can’t even understand the essential

international situation.”

Hamid said with emotion: “It’s still a brother, you see. Must be thorough.”

Ye Chen checked out the time. it had been estimated that it might take

about 20 minutes before Han Guangyao and therefore the others came. He saw

Hamid standing on the bottom . His left leg with muscle atrophy needed to

face on a rock ten centimeters high. having the ability to take care of the

balance between the left and right sides of the body, i could not help but

think to myself: “This Hamid isn’t a nasty person, and it are often

considered very moral, but it’s quite good to my appetite. Then consider him

limping-one There must be many inconveniences and constraints on the leg

during a war-torn place like Syria, so a thought

came to him . So, he smiled and asked Hamid: “Brother, have you ever ever

thought of putting your left leg? Healed?

Hamid smiled bitterly: “Of course i assumed about it, and that i can use

all the methods I can use. so as to cure this leg, I even have been to

Germany, the us , and Japan in another identity. , I spent tens of many

dollars on seeking medical treatment, but I still can’t cure my leg.

When it involves this, Hamid sighed: “Hey! If I didn’t achieve great cause,

I became a lame man. this is often really me. A lifetime regret.”

Ye Chen said with a smile: “It’s not as serious because the biggest regret

during a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if the leg is lame, it

are often cured ! Hamid said helplessly: “It are often cured, in fact i do

not say this. words. But the simplest orthopedic surgeon within the world

told me personally that it might be impossible to cure it, so I did not have

any hope. Maybe this is often the destiny arranged on behalf of me by God,

and it’s destined that I cannot achieve great cause. “

Ye Chen smiled, watching him with an unfathomable expression, and asked:

“If I say that I can cure your legs, does one believe it?

“I do not believe it!” Hamid shook his head subconsciously.

But, within the next second, he suddenly realized something, and blurted

out: “Brother, are you kidding me, or does one really have a way?!”

Ye Chen smiled: “Then you and my brother are deserve you, what about me?

Would you create a joke about your regret?”

Hamid said excitedly: “Then what you mean is that you simply really have

how to heal my legs?!

Having said this, Hamid didn’t hesitate to kneel on one knee, moping on top

of his head, and respectfully said: “My brother! If you actually have how ,

please tell me the way, if my legs can really recover. , i will be able to

remember your kindness for the remainder of my life!”

Ye Chen nodded, and took out a pill from his pocket. this is often not a

rejuvenation pill, but the previously refined blood-saving heart-saving


This medicine wont to cure Xiao Changkun, who had high paraplegia. Although

it couldn’t extend Hamid’s lifetime by quite ten or twenty years, it might

not be a drag to cure his legs!

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