Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2683-1

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2683-1 or amazing son in law chapter 2683-1

Chapter 2683
To Ye Chen, the Rejuvenation Pill remains of some value, but the value of

this blood-saving heart-saving pill are often negligibly low.

And this type of pill is nothing to him now. Actually useful. the rationale

why I still carry it with me is to affect some special circumstances.

for instance , now this blood-saving heart-saving pill comes in handy.

Hamid’s left leg is that the biggest regret in his life. In his opinion,

it’s impossible to cure it, except for Ye Chen’s blood-saving heart-saving

pill, albeit his legs are lame, One are often cured.

Therefore, Ye Chen first handed the pill to Hamid and said with a small

smile: “Brother, my magic pill is formed by ancient Chinese genius doctors.

It can cure all diseases and is invaluable. I originally spent tons of cash

. I bought it and carried it with him in the least times, just just in case

and life-saving in an emergency.

He said, he sighed with emotion, and said: “But since you would like me

quite me This magical medicine, then i will be able to provides it to you


Hamid I-Hearing this, he was flattered on the one hand, and inevitably

asked in amazement: “My brother, you mean my lame leg. , Can it’s cured as

long as you’re taking this pill?!

Ye Chen nodded, and said during a very sure tone: “Yes, as long as you’re

taking it, it’ll be effective on the spot.

After speaking, he pointed to the encompassing environment and smiled: “As

long as you’re taking this medicine, you’ll definitely run more flexibly

than a rant this mountain during a minute.

Hamid heard him say that. i can not believe it.

Because he really spent tons of energy, money, and material resources so as

to heal his leg.

He has basically seen the world’s top orthopedics experts once, see The

more experts he has, the more he believes that one thing is that his leg

will never be

healed . But immediately Ye Chen handed him a black pill, saying this—a

pill can cure him. His lame leg, this has subverted his understanding of

drugs .

So, he asked in disbelief: “What you said is true?

Ye Chen smiled and said: “Is it true or not? Don’t you recognize if you eat

it? Besides, you do not need to worry that i will be able to harm you,

because If i would like to kill you, it’s far more convenient to use a gun

than poison.”

Hamid nodded, he didn’t worry that Ye Chen would harm him in the least . In

troubled times, he was very convinced that Ye Chen would beat him up for

therefore a few years Own vision and judgment.

So, he turned his mind, took the pill, and said, “Brother, regardless of if

this medicine is effective or not, many thanks first! regardless of what

proportion you spend on this pill, i will be able to double it, oh no, offer

you ten times!

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