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Ann was badly beaten and left to die in the cowshed. After that, that woman pretended as if nothing untoward had happened as she bragged with the onlookers about how good she was in disciplining her daughter.

Her other children kept their heads down, their bodies shivering in fear. They were badly frightened to see their mother hitting their eldest sister with that iron rod. As for Amy, the little girl was sobbing, yet she dared not utter a single word.

After dismissing the crowd, that woman invited us, “My husband asked me to prepare food for you. You should join us for lunch. Today is that little bi*ch’s big day, and we will be inviting the village folks to the house. Why don’t you guys stay for dinner before leaving?”

I was still in a state of shock while Boris uttered a response, accepting the invitation. Seeing Amy holding my hand, the woman smiled broadly. “Ms. Stovall, it looks like Amy gets along pretty well with you. That’s great!”

I forced a smile in response. At the same time, my heart was overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

I had no idea if that woman knew Amy was going to become my daughter’s organ donor. Does she know how painful it is to donate bone barrow? Has she ever thought of how helpless her daughter will feel on the operating table? Does she even care about what her daughter will be facing?

Or, perhaps she doesn’t care at all. All she cares about is the money she can get from “selling” her daughter.

The village had a poor signal. Thus, I didn’t receive a reply message from Ashton since last night. That afternoon, Brandon had a walk around the village while that woman was busy preparing lunch.

It was no longer raining. The woman asked her children to sweep the water off the small patch of the cement floor and carried the small table and chairs out of the house. Since the table couldn’t fit all of them, she asked the children to borrow a table from the neighbor. When everything was set, she started serving lunch.

Meanwhile, Amy was holding my hand, whispering in my ears, “Ms. Stovall, Ann asked if you could bring her along with you?”

I was at a loss for words. After all, I was not a local. I couldn’t possibly take Ann away with me. Even if she sneaked out with me, I was afraid the villagers might find out about it before we even get to leave the village.

Amy was upset when she saw me furrowing my brows. Nevertheless, she sneaked out to find Ann. Although I knew the sisters would be disappointed, I still didn’t agree to their request.

After all, I was pregnant with a baby. I couldn’t afford to put myself and the baby in danger. If I stirred up any trouble, Boris alone might not be able to protect me.

Soon, Ronald was back in his motorbike. Riding the pillion was a tall teenager with tanned skin. His gaze was cold and… lecherous?

How could a teenager have such a nasty gaze? I must have seen it wrongly, or I’m just overthinking. I furrowed my brows and shook the thought off my mind.

Meanwhile, Ronald helped the teenager get off the motorbike. His wife rushed up to the teenager and carried him on her back as if she had done it a million times. “Oh, my baby boy, what did the doctor say about your injury? Are you alright?”

With his brows knotted, Ronald said unhappily, “Ann wanted to end our family line when she kicked our son hard in the nuts. Fortunately, the doctor said he will recover. Carry him into the house and take good care of him. I’ll go find Ann and teach that little b*ith a lesson!”

I was shocked to hear such nasty and humiliating words from a father.

That woman couldn’t agree more with her husband. “The Leeroy family will be here soon. If today was not her big day, you would’ve beaten that b*tch to death for what she did!” she said viciously.

Ronald opened the gate of the cowshed. He didn’t enter but berated his daughter at the entrance, “Ann Weeder, you almost ended our family line! He is your brother! How could you do that to him?”

Ann’s laughter, which carried with it a tinge of bitterness, was heard from inside the cowshed. “Why didn’t you ask me the reason for me doing that to him? He is your son, but am I not your daughter? Do I deserve to be treated like dirt? Ronald Weeder, you treat your son as if he’s the king, and we are his maids. You wouldn’t hesitate to exploit and sell your daughters for him. Karma will get you!”

Ronald paid no heed to his daughter’s words. He uttered harshly, “Don’t cause any more trouble! It’s your fate to marry that intellectually disabled son of the Leeroy family. Your life will only be meaningful after you get pregnant and give birth to a boy. You have no choice but to marry that man, or you can choose to die out there. There is no place for you anymore in this family.”

Is that what a father is supposed to say to his daughter? In the cowshed, Ann let out a bitter laugh that sounded sorrowful to me.

After scolding his daughter, Ronald went back into the house. He even smiled at us when he walked past us. At that moment, I felt awful.

In love, never say never chapter 987

Being frightened, the rest of the girls stood meekly by the side as Ronald entered the house. Then, they continued helping their mother in the kitchen. I could already tell their fate; these poor little girls would eventually end up like Ann.

I’m not a saint. Even if I could save Ann, I couldn’t possibly save the rest of the girls.

The few families in the village had all come to the house. There were two dishes—Shepherd’s pie and Caesar salad. Since there were not enough seats, the guests took turns eating at the table. After that, the women gather around and shot the breeze while taking care of their children.

Brandon was back soon. One of the villagers came up to him and asked, “Mr. Dumphy, do you still have other clients? I have five children, and all of them are very healthy.”

Brandon frowned slightly while he replied, “Not for now. Don’t worry. I will inform you guys when there is a need.”

These people have no scruples about selling their children for money! I could barely contain myself when Boris whispered to me, “Don’t think too much. Everyone has their own way of living. They might be forced, or they do it as a matter of course. This is none of our business. Remember, you need to take care of your safety.”

Hearing that, I pursed my lips and lowered my head.

After the meal, the bridal car—a dusty white van arrived to fetch the bride. In fact, if it wasn’t for the flower garland that was dangling from the rear-view mirror, no one would know it was a wedding car.

Soon after, Ronald dragged Ann out of the cowshed. Everyone was shocked by the bride’s slovenly and disheveled appearance.

Ann looked at me when she was being dragged into the house. She didn’t call for help nor make any resentful remarks. Yet, I felt unsettled under the young lady’s innocent gaze. At that instant, I was eaten up by guilt.

Gazing at me, Boris advised, “Ms. Stovall, we’re only here for Amy. That’s none of our business. We shouldn’t interfere at all.”

Hearing that, I pursed my lips. If Ashton was here, perhaps I could do as I wished. Yet, even if I could save Ann, I couldn’t possibly save the other girls that might end up just like her. They could rely on no one but themselves to change their fate.

Soon, Ann came out of the house in a threadbare red suit and black pants. Her messy hair was now neatly combed, styled with a bunch of flowers.

Ronald and his wife helped her out of the house and handed her to the two men waiting to fetch the bride. Grabbing her arms, the two men brought her into the van.

The crowd all had bright smiles on their faces to express the joy of witnessing the wedding. No one seemed to have noticed Ann’s sorrow. Or rather, no one cared about it.

After the van drove off, only then did the woman let her other daughters have their food and instructed them to clean the house after the guests left. Then, she and Ronald started exchanging inexhaustible pleasantries with Brandon and me.

Before we left, Brandon handed Ronald an envelope with about twenty thousand cash inside. “Take this money first. If the operation is successful, Ms. Stovall will thank you again.”

Holding the envelope, the two of them were elated as they thanked me profusely.

I was at a loss when suddenly, I felt warmth in my hand. I lowered my head to see Amy stuck her hand in mine. The little girl asked, “Ms. Stovall, are we leaving now?”

My heart ached to hear that. How horrible this family must be when even a five-year-old kid would want to leave without any hesitation.

“We’re leaving immediately.” With that, I led Amy to where our car was being parked, leaving Brandon to communicate with Ronald and his wife.

The road was in poor condition, with the muddy and uneven road surface. When we reached the car, Boris opened the boot and took out the presents we bought on our way here. He handed one of them to Amy and the rest to the girls who followed us to the car.

Being a man of few words, he got into the car after distributing the gifts. Through the girls’ eyes, I could see their reluctance to part with Amy and their envy for her, for the latter could finally leave the family.

When Ronald saw the gifts in the girls’ hands, he cast his eyes at me and made a meaningful remark, “There is no use in giving those gifts. They can only count on themselves to change their own fate. Let’s go. We need to head back to A City.”

In the car, I sat with Amy in the rear seat. The little girl was excited as she kept casting her eyes outside the car window. It seemed to be her first time riding a car. From the smile on her face, I could tell that she was happy.

In love, never say never chapter 988

When the village vanished from sight, I heard Amy heaving a sigh of relief.

Instead of feeling sad, the little girl was relieved to leave her parents. I felt my heart being tied into a knot upon that realization.

There was a better signal as the car drove onto the highway. Instantly, Ashton’s messages popped up on the screen, asking me where I was and what I was doing.

I gave him a call, and it went through in no time. “Why couldn’t I reach you the entire night? Who are you with and where are you?” he asked with his voice full of concern.

After answering all of his questions, I shifted my eyes to Amy, who had fallen asleep next to me, and fell silent. After some hesitation, I spoke up, “Ashton, I found a kid whose blood and tissue type is compatible with Summer’s, but… but she’s only five years old.”

The other end of the line was silent. Feeling agitated, I quickly explained, “It’s not what you think! I didn’t do anything illegal. I’ll bring her back to A City, and then only we decide what to do. Wait till I come home and talk to you about it, okay?”

Ashton was a highly moral and ethical man. I knew he wouldn’t agree to let a five-year-old kid donate her organ to Summer. After all, Amy was too young, and her body was still developing. The risk of being a living donor was high. Even if she was a matching donor, she might have to face the possible sequelae and negative effects of organ donation.

Nevertheless, I had decided to take Amy with me after seeing the harsh treatment the girls received in her family. It would be better if she could stay with Ashton and me. Even if we couldn’t adopt her, she could still live a better life in an orphanage than in that village.

I didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. I couldn’t save Ann, yet I had the chance to help Amy escape that village.

After a long silence, Ashton said in a solemn voice, “Scarlett, I know you’re worried about Summer. But, promise me you won’t harm anyone, alright?”

I nodded. “Alright. I promise you. Trust me!”

“Of course, I trust you,” Ashton said in a loving tone.

I knew Ashton was worried that I might lose rationality and throw propriety to the wind. I was now stuck in an insoluble dilemma. On the one hand, I would do whatever it took to save Summer. On the other hand, if Amy happened to be the perfect donor, I might not have the heart to sacrifice that little girl to save my own daughter. Both of them were innocent kids. I knew that once Amy underwent the transplant surgery, the damage done to her body was irreversible.

I chatted with Ashton for a while before ending the call. That was when I noticed Amy was looking at me with her bright eyes. Thinking the little girl was hungry, I said softly, “We’ll arrive home soon. Are you hungry?”

She shook her head while holding the bread and the bottle of water. Gazing at me, she asked, “Ms. Stovall, we’ve come a long way. Why haven’t I seen the van that took Ann away? There are a lot of cars on the road, but none of them is that van. Where did she go? Can I still see her again?”

Hearing that, I was at a loss. Initially, I thought Amy was curious about the outside world, looking at the passing scenery outside the window. It turned out the little girl was looking for the van that took her sister away.

At that instant, I couldn’t help but feel upset. “Amy, your sister is going to become someone else’s wife,” I said as I suppressed my emotion, “she has married into another family, but I don’t know where they live.”

Hearing my reply, Amy lowered her head, fixing her eyes on the bread. I fell into silence, not knowing how to console the disappointed little girl.

Just then, Boris, who was behind the wheel, said, “Ms. Stovall, you should get some rest. There are still a few hours of journey. I will wake you up when we arrive.”

Feeling perturbed, I couldn’t sleep. “Boris, does this happen in all the villages here? How could they treat their children so differently?” I asked.

That woman’s eyes were full of love for her son when she carried him on her back. In contrast, her daughters lived no better than a rat in that house.

Keeping his eyes on the road, Boris let out a sigh. “There are a lot of people suffering in this world. Everyone has their own hardships and perils in life.”

Everyone was born with different destinies. Those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth could live a good life. Whereas those who were born in a family living in uncivilized and remote villages should be grateful when they could even survive.

It was already late at night by the time we arrived at the villa. Ashton was sitting near a space heater in the living room with a book in his hands, waiting for my return.

In love, never say never chapter 989

Boris left after he sent us back home. Holding Amy’s hand, I led her into the villa. Ashton stood up the moment he saw us. Seeing the man with a strong aura, Amy took a step backward and hid behind me.

With a gentle smile, I comforted the little girl that she need not be afraid of Ashton.

Gazing at me, Ashton asked, “Have you had dinner?”

I shook my head. “I didn’t eat anything during the eight hours journey. Have you eaten yet?”

“I’m waiting for you,” was his reply. Then, he shifted his gaze to Amy.

Seeing that, I introduced Amy to him, “This is the kid I told you. Her name is Amy. We’ll let her stay in the house for a couple of days.”

Ashton nodded and sighed. “Since you’ve brought her here, have you thought of what you are going to do with her in the future?”

I shook my head. To be honest, I had no idea what to do with Amy. I was not against bringing her with me after seeing her parents’ harsh attitude toward their daughters. I couldn’t save all of them, but taking Amy with me was the least I could do.

Seeing my response, Ashton didn’t say anything. He made his way to the kitchen and called out, “Wash your hands, and we’ll have dinner. I’ve made your favorite dishes, see if they suit your liking.” Seeing my response, Ashton didn’t say anything. He made his way to the kitchen and called out, “Wash your hands, and we’ll have dinner. I’ve made your favorite dishes; see if they suit your liking.”

Feeling surprised, I led Amy as we followed him into the kitchen. The man was serving the food from the food thermos. Those were all my favorite dishes! I took Amy to the sink and washed our hands before we settled down at the dining table.

Just then, I received a call from Zachary. Boris must have told Dad about Amy.

I answered the call and asked, “Dad, have you had dinner?”

Zachary hummed a response over the phone. Then, he spoke up, “Boris has told me about the five-year-old kid. I know you’re a soft-hearted person, but Summer’s condition is getting worse. The cancer cells have spread to other parts of her body. She needs a transplant as soon as possible, or her other organs will be affected too. By that time, it will be impossible to save her life. I have discussed it with your mother. We will give the girl’s parents a sum of money and let her stay in K City. Your mother and I will take care of her. Don’t worry. The Moore family can definitely afford to raise a child. If she suffers any sequela from the surgery, we will find the best doctor to treat her. Scarlett, Summer can’t wait any longer. You need to make that decision.”

I knew Zachary was right. Yet, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I harm an innocent child. I would live the rest of my life with guilt.

Noticing I was staring blankly into space, Ashton waved his hand before me. “What are you thinking about? Let’s eat now.”

I nodded. As the call was still going on, I heard Zachary’s voice saying, “Tomorrow, your mother and I will discharge Summer from the hospital. We will then bring her to A City. Before that, take good care of the kid. I’ll meet you there.” With that, Zachary ended the call.

I was a little distracted as I watched Amy savoring the food before her. Ashton placed the cutleries in front of me and reminded me, “You should eat more. Boris said you barely ate anything yesterday. You’re a mother now, and you should take good care of yourself.”

I nodded. Hearing Ashton’s words, Amy turned to look at me. “Ms. Stovall, my mom is also pregnant. Is there a baby in your tummy too?”

With a faint smile, I helped fill her plate with food. “Yes. There’s a baby in my tummy.”

Hearing that, Amy curled her lips into a bright smile. The kids were indeed pure and innocent. They would just smile when they were happy and cry when they felt sad. After tucking the little girl in bed, I returned to the bedroom. While hugging me, Ashton asked, “How did you find that village?”

His question threw me off balance. I never told him about Armond giving me the name card. Thus, it wouldn’t make sense that I managed to get into contact with Brandon.

After thinking for a while, I lied, “My dad told me about the village. He asked Boris to go there with me.”

Ashton fixed his eyes at me, his eyes darkened. “Scarlett, there should be trust between a husband and wife. You told me this, do you remember?”

Ashton’s serious attitude made me feel even more guilty. I kept my head down to avoid his eyes while my hands wrung. I didn’t mean to hide it from him. It was just that he was too wary of Armond. He would definitely get mad if I told him the truth.

With that in mind, I was all the more determined not to tell him about the name card. I looked up at him and uttered, “Ashton, it’s true. This is why I called you to stop my Dad from coming to A City. As you know, he is old now, and I don’t want him to be in trouble because of me. You heard it when I got the information from him. You even got mad at me for not telling you when I decided to come to A City. Have you forgotten about that?”

Ashton’s gaze turned cold. He sneered, “You came up with all these to lie to me. I guess it will be a disappointment to you if I don’t buy your story.”

With that, he turned and entered the washroom. The sound of running water ensued. The man was angry, or rather, he was infuriated.

In love, never say never chapter 990

I felt on edge as I wasn’t sure if Ashton knew about me finding Armond. Initially, I planned to tell him the truth when he came out of the washroom. However, I was too tired that I soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Ashton was gone when I woke up. Later, I received a message from Zachary, telling me that they had boarded the plane, heading to A City. After freshening up, I went to Amy’s room to find that the little girl had long woken up. She was sitting primly on the bed, waiting for me.

In fact, the more considerate she was, the guiltier I felt. The little girl was still wearing rags and tatters. I helped her wash up and we went to a mall. Since it would take at least four hours to fly from K City to A City, there was ample time for me to buy her some new clothes.

Amy was excited since it was her first time shopping in a mall. At the same time, being diffident, she wouldn’t let go of my hand. In no time, I bought her a few sets of clothes. Wearing the new clothes, she asked meekly, “Ms. Stovall, are we using the money that you are going to give my parents to buy me new clothes? Actually, I don’t need that many clothes. I wish to save the money for my parents.”

My heart ached at her words. She was still thinking about her parents despite them exploiting her for money. “Don’t worry. These clothes are a gift from me. You don’t need to pay for them,” I reassured her.

The little girl was relieved. Holding my hand, she asked, “Then, when am I going to save your daughter?”

I was slightly bewildered at her question. That was when I remembered that Amy, a five-year-old kid, was old enough to understand what was going on. Besides, her parents never avoided her when they talk. She must have known the reason for her coming to A City.

I shook my head and replied, “There’s no hurry. Before that, we can spend some time and have fun in the city.”

Amy nodded firmly, her eyes brightened up.

Gazing at her happy face, I asked, “Amy, are you willing to leave your parents and live with me?”

Amy was slightly confused. Nevertheless, she gave my words some thought. “Ms. Stovall, if I stay with you, will you give my parents a lot of money?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

Amy lowered her head and fell deep into thought. Finally, she made her decision. “Fine. As long as my mom and dad can get a lot of money, I will stay with you,” she said seriously.

To the kids, no matter how terrible their parents were, they would always regard them as their dearest family. After all, blood was thicker than water.

Soon, we left the mall. Just as we were about to get into the car, I heard someone calling me.

I turned around to find it was Hailey. That was when I recalled she was back in A City as well. The young lady trotted toward me and asked, “Are you here shopping?”

I nodded. Noticing the shopping bags in her hand, I knew she was out shopping as well.

Hailey was dazed when she noticed Amy standing beside me. With a doubtful look on her face, she asked with a hint of certainty, “Did you contact Armond? He gave you the information?”

I was surprised by her shrewdness. “How did you…”

Hailey’s face turned pale. She cast her eyes at Amy and then at me. Then, she gasped out, “I did a heart transplant before. My heart belonged to an innocent kid. I suffered from depression after the heart transplant.”

The young lady was clasping her chest. Her forehead was covered with sweat, while her face contorted in pain. I immediately held her arms and supported her. The latter grabbed my hand while she said through gritted teeth, “Don’t make the same mistake as I did. That will only make more people suffer!”

Not losing any time, I called the ambulance. Afraid that she might not stand until the ambulance arrived, I asked a random guy on the street to help carry her into my car. After that, I drove her to the nearest hospital.

As soon as the doctor at ER took over Hailey, I received a call from Zachary. “Scarlett, where are you? Summer’s condition suddenly deteriorated, and we’re sending her to the hospital. I need you to bring that kid to the hospital now. I have contacted the hospital to give her a preoperation check-up.”

Suddenly, Hailey’s words rang out in my mind. Casting my eyes at the helpless Amy, I felt torn by conflicting emotions. I was on the verge of losing my mind.

I was stumped when Zachary kept urging me over the phone. Eventually, I only told him of my location.

After hanging up, Amy and I looked at each other.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her what she would be facing later. “Ms. Stovall, is that lady sick?” the latter asked.

I nodded. Then, I made her sit on the chair and asked, “Amy, later, the nurse will need to draw your blood. Will you feel scared?”

Amy took a glance at the ER. “Will I feel pain like that lady just now?” she asked hesitantly.

I shook my head. “No.”

Hearing that, the little girl heaved a sigh of relief. “Then, it’s fine. Last time, a man came to draw my blood in my house. It’s not painful at all, so I was not scared.”

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