Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1658

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1658
The doctor nodded and handed the reports to Madeline.

“Miss Montgomery, the circumstances of your heart attack last night were very strange. We ran some tests for you, and we did not find any heart-related diseases. Therefore, the pain you felt was not attributed to heart diseases.”

Madeline was not sure if she understood. “Um, doctor, why was my heart hurting then? Plus, I felt that I could barely breathe toward the end.”

The doctor frowned in puzzlement as he explained, “To be honest, Miss Montgomery, we don’t know what’s wrong either. Based on the report, there’s nothing wrong with your body. The only strange thing was your blood test.”

“Blood test?”

“That’s right. There’s an unknown component in your blood, and the hospital equipment couldn’t analyze it. I’d surmise that this unknown component to be the cause of your heartache and breathing difficulties last night.”

The doctor’s explanation sounded clear, but Madeline felt as if she had fallen into an unknown terror.

For some reason, she started to feel somewhat uneasy.

Something unknown had appeared in her blood. What would it be?

“There’s no need to be too worried, Miss Montgomery. Perhaps the equipment we have in the hospital isn’t advanced enough. You can go to the royal hospital in St. Piaf. The medical equipment there is the most complete and advanced in the country. You and your husband can have a look there.”

“Thank you, doctor.” After thanking him with a smile, Madeline lowered her gaze and looked at the report in her hand.

Madeline could not help but frown as she looked through the expert data on the blood test report.

After looking at it for some time, a glint of realization flashed across Madeline’s eyes, and her heart started to race.

She remembered the series of circumstances that happened to Jeremy instigated by the poison.

He also had experienced pain in his heart and breathing difficulties. Additionally, he had vomited blood when it got severe.

Madeline’s fingers tightened somewhat on the report. Without much forethought, she immediately ripped the report into pieces and threw it into the bin, not wanting Jeremy to find out.

More than ten minutes later, Jeremy returned. When he saw that Madeline was already up, he handed the hot breakfast over to her.

“Linnie, have some breakfast. I’m going to look for the doctor.”

Madeline grabbed Jeremy as he turned to leave. “Jeremy!”

“Hmm?” Jeremy stopped in his tracks and turned around curiously.

Madeline hid the anxiety in her heart and instantly lifted a smile. “The doctor came over just now. He said that there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“The doctor came just now? Where’s the report then? Let me see.” Jeremy’s gaze scanned around Madeline, clearly searching for the report.

“The doctor said they’re going green now, so all reports can be viewed on our phones. Don’t worry, the doctor said I’m fine, so I’m fine. I can be discharged at any time. Since that’s the case, let’s go now.” Madeline went over and held Jeremy’s arm. “Let’s go, Jeremy.”

Even though Madeline was smiling and speaking coherently, Jeremy kept feeling as if something was amiss.

While he was not suspecting Madeline, as he was turning around, he spotted the torn pieces of paper in the bin. This inevitably raised questions.

‘Are those torn papers the report?’

‘Did Linnie ripthem up?’

‘Why would Linnie do that?’

Jeremy’s head was bursting with questions. After taking a few steps out of the room, Jeremy suddenly stopped.

“Linnie, you should go handle the discharge procedure. My stomach isn’t feeling well, so I need to head to the toilet.”

Madeline remained oblivious. “Go then. I’ll wait for you here.”

“Okay,” Jeremy said before turning around quickly. From the corners of his eyes, he could see Madeline standing there waiting for him. He quickly turned the corner and went back to the room earlier.

They had only left for a short while, so no one had arrived to clean up just yet. Jeremy strode to the bin and picked up the ripped papers without hesitation.

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