Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1676

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1676
Cathy walked toward Madeline with a smile, saying, “Evie, it seems that you’ve gone back to your regular self. Has the hypnotism been broken?”

Madeline nodded. “It’s all thanks to you, Cathy. You and Adam have helped us a lot.”

Upon hearing this, Cathy looked at Adam. “Adam has also helped me a lot,” she said with sincere gratitude in her eyes.

Meeting Cathy’s gaze, Adam gave her a gentle and friendly smile.

“You’re here so late, is there anything I can help you with?”

“I left something here so I dropped by to get it back.”

Adam quickly understood. “Wait for me.”

As he said that, he turned around and entered the house. A moment later, he walked out with a teddy bear in his hand.

“You’re here for this, right?” Adam smiled and handed it over. “Juan likes to sleep with this doll the most. He’ll make a fuss if he doesn’t have this teddy bear with him.”

When Cathy heard Adam say that, she could not help but feel touched inside.

She walked up to Adam and took the teddy bear from his hand. “Thank you, Adam.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I should apologize to you instead. I took advantage of your amnesia to lie to you for so long,” Adam apologized as he felt guilty. “I shouldn’t have tampered with your memories, let alone create a false relationship between you and me. Also, you should be very clear now that Juan and Jan belong to you and Felipe.”

Although she already knew this a long time ago, Madeline was quite moved when she heard the words from Adam’s mouth.

However, Cathy did not have any complaints, nor did she blame anyone. Despite everything, she was still really grateful to Adam. Without Adam, she would not have had the chance to be reborn again. Without Adam, she would have indirectly died under Felipe’s gun.

“Adam, you didn’t take advantage of me. You only did that to me out of good intentions. I understand that I’ve let you down,” Cathy said with sincere gratitude, “I’ll bring Juan and Jan to see you. They’re reluctant to be apart from you too but I really can’t continue to live here and disturb you, Adam.”

“I understand. Take good care of yourself. If you need help, just ask me.” Adam was still so generous and friendly.

“I will. Well, I’ll leave now. I can’t be away for too long.”

Adam had nothing to say so he nodded. “Be careful on the way back.”

They had been living with each other for hundreds of days and nights, but at the end of the day, she did not belong to him.

“Cathy, Linnie and I are about to leave too. Let us send you back.” Jeremy offered courteously.

Cathy looked at Jeremy and Madeline, seemingly pondering for a moment before she finally answered, “Okay.”

Adam suddenly lowered his eyelids after he watched the familiar figure turn around.

There was still some lingering warmth in his palm but it was not a warmth that he could hold.

The car slowly drove onto the road and Cathy sat in the backseat with Madeline. She was holding the teddy bear Adam had bought for her son back then in her hand.

She knew she had let down a man who wanted to love her and care for her, but she had no choice.

She could continue to stay with Adam and live like how they used to, but this would be very unfair to Adam. She believed that Adam would not want her to thank him like this.

As such, the best thing for both of them was for her to leave.

After staying silent for a while, Cathy lifted her head to look at Jeremy who was driving and said, “Do you have anything to ask me and is that why you offered to give me a ride back, Jeremy?”

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