Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1678

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1678
Now, the person Madeline was most worried about was Lillian. Except for the two words ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mommy’, she still could not speak.

After eating breakfast, Madeline straightened the clothes of the two children and took their hands to walk them to the front door where they would wait for their ride.

While walking, something fell from Lillian’s hand. She hurriedly stopped, broke free from Madeline’s grip, and walked back. Then, she squatted down and picked something up.

Madeline walked over to take a look out of curiosity and found that the little girl was holding a piece of candy in her cute, fair, and chubby hands.

The candy’s wrapper looked a bit old, as though it was expired.

“Lily, do you want to eat candy? I’ll buy some for you. It looks like you can’t eat this candy anymore,” Madeline persuaded softly.

Lillian blinked her big eyes and then shook her head slightly.

The little girl looked at Madeline as though she wanted to say something, but even after moving her little mouth, she could not utter a single word.

Madeline’s heart ached as she caressed her little princess’ head pitifully. She then turned back to tell Jackson, “Jack, remember to look after your sister in kindergarten. Don’t let other children bully her.”

“Of course, I won’t let anyone bully my sister, but there is someone who bullied my sister and I can’t teach him a lesson.” Jackson shrugged his little shoulders helplessly.

When she heard that someone had bullied Lillian, Madeline’s expression instantly changed.

“Who bullied your sister? Tell me!”

“Uh… It’s that brat, I think his name is Fabian.”


Madeline was stunned when she heard that. Brat?

Jackson, a 6-year-old, was calling Fabian a brat?
After a few seconds, Madeline came back to her senses and asked, “Jack, did you say that Fabian bullied Lily? How did he bully her?”

Jackson put his hands in his pockets and said coolly, “He came to the kindergarten to find Lily and gave her this candy. He said that this was a goodbye gift. After that, Lily keeps bringing this candy everywhere she goes. She doesn’t eat it either. She just holds it in her hand.”

After listening to her son’s narration, Madeline finally understood why the little princess cared so much about this candy.

In retrospect, she had not heard from Fabian for a long time, nor did she know what he was up to.

Yorick and Lana were dead, and he had no family members in this world anymore. However, he seemed to be very fond of Lily from the first moment he met her.

As she thought about this, Madeline could not help but sympathize with Fabian.

“Lily, do you miss that guy named Fabian very much?” Madeline asked, touching the little princess’ head.

Lillian merely blinked without nodding or shaking her head.

“Lily, do you want to see him?”

Madeline asked again, but this time, she saw the little princess shaking her head.

She did not want to see Fabian.

“If I were Lily, I wouldn’t want to see that brat too. He said he wanted to be Lily’s boyfriend when she grows up but he suddenly disappeared. He’s not trustworthy at all,” Jackson complained. After that, he walked over and held Lillian’s hand affectionately.

“Lily, let’s go to school.”

Madeline came back to her senses and saw Jackson holding Lillian’s little hand as they walked toward the nanny van that had been waiting at the door.

She stayed where she was and immediately took out her mobile phone to call Fabian. She did not get through until the third call.

Madeline asked straightaway, “Fabian, where are you now?”

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