Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1733

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1733
Jeremy shouted, attempting to stop Carter, but Carter had made up his mind.

With all his might, Carter hurled the vial of anti-toxoid test reagent out of the balcony, ensuring that neither party won.

However, Jeremy was unwilling to stand by and watch Carter throwing out the anti-toxoid test reagent. At that moment, he launched himself toward the trajectory of the vial, leaping forward like a sword flying from its scabbard, his entire person seemed to soar with the vial.

Madeline’s heart suddenly leaped as this scene unfolded.

“No! Jeremy…”

Madeline cried out in alarm and ran over to Jeremy.

However, she could not catch up with Jeremy’s speed. She watched as Jeremy jumped down the balcony, trying to catch the vial of anti-toxoid test reagent.

“Jeremy!” Madeline ran hurriedly to the balcony and looked down. She then turned to head downstairs to find Jeremy.

However, when she ran past Carter, he suddenly reached out a hand, grabbing her arm.

“Let go!” Madeline struggled angrily.

Displeasure colored his face. “What did you guys do to her? Where did you hide her?”

Madeline looked Carter in the eyes, unflinching from his suspicious gaze.

“Listen, Carter. Shirley was here initially. Before I’d left, I’d let her bathe, eat, and sleep comfortably. Now that something bad has happened to her, it should be obvious that someone else is behind this. Why should I put up this act with you? Do you think I could’ve predicted that you’ll make this deal with my husband and come here?”

Carter’s brows furrowed at Madeline’s questions.

While he still gazed at Madeline with suspicion, his grip loosened noticeably.

Madeline used this chance to break away from Carter’s grip and quickly ran downstairs.

She rushed straight to the ground level beneath the guest room balcony where she found Jeremy squatting, and she darted toward him.

“Jeremy, how are you? Did you hurt your leg? You still have a scar from the time when you jumped out of a balcony in St. Piaf! How could you be so reckless and jump like that again?”

Madeline was speaking incoherently, torn between caring for Jeremy and scolding him.

She wanted to check whether Jeremy had injured himself, but when she reached out her hands, Jeremy grabbed them.

“Linnie, I’m fine. Really.” Jeremy smiled. He had just jumped down from such height, yet his expression betrayed no sign of discomfort.

“Linnie, look at this,” Jeremy opened his palm and asked, “where’s Carter?”

“I think he’s still in the guest room. Was that really Shirley’s blood? If so, who kidnapped her?”

“It should be hers.” Jeremy was certain.

As his voice fell, he heard hurried footsteps coming from the living room.

A slight change came over Jeremy’s expression. “Linnie, the anti-toxoid test reagent that Adam gave you, you bring it with you at all times, right?”

Madeline nodded. “Yes, I always keep it with me.”

“Good. Give it to me. Quickly.” Jeremy reached out his hand.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat as she grew very nervous. “Jeremy, are you unwell? Could it be that you…”

“I’m fine, Linnie. Let’s leave it at that for now. Quickly, give it to me.”

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