My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1001

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1001

Vincent sneered. “Judging by the amount of tax you’ve evaded, the court will probably sentence you to a few years in jail. You’d be just as ashamed to meet the ancestors of the Mitchell Family since you’d be the first of the Mitchells to have ever gotten a jail sentence because of tax evasion!” He furiously ended her call. Other members of the Mitchell Family called him after that, but he didn’t pick any of the calls up. Vincent wasn’t exactly a righteous or virtuous man, but he valued his pride. He never liked watching Sandra’s shameless acts of evading her taxes, and he knew that she wouldn’t be the only one to bear the responsibility of the issue if she were to get caught—the entire Mitchell Family would be dragged through the mud.
Wealthy families like theirs were indeed famous and powerful, but that also made them the focus of many higher-ups and authoritative figures. If they were to offend any of those higher-ups, those people could easily find some excuse to destroy the whole Mitchell Family. However, even after years and years of Sandra’s illegal tax evasion acts, Alex had never once lectured her about it. Instead, he tolerated it and told her to be careful about it. She was playing with fire, and her acts would clearly shove the Mitchell Family into the deep end someday. This time, Vincent finally decided to leave Alex and the rest of the family. He gathered all the details of Sandra’s illegal tax evasion acts, and he initially thought of handing them over for Cooper to deal with it, but Cooper ordered him to do it himself. Vincent personally brought all of the files to the tax department even before the news of the leaked files were released. The tax department therefore began their secret investigation even before the public commotion. Sandra’s not going to get away this time!

Meanwhile, Sophia was the one who had gathered all of the pornographic pictures from some unknown source. The pictures were extremely old, and Faye even appeared in some of them. Sophia probably found them by accident when she was doing her research on Faye’s scandalous acts. Vincent felt a sharp twinge in his heart when he thought of Faye, but there was nothing he could do about it. In fact, he was lucky he hadn’t actually gotten married to her back then. He would’ve been much worse off if that had happened. Now, Sandra was the one that was suffering instead.

Both the public security and tax departments worked together to launch an investigation on Sandra and Glory Entertainment. They were well prepared, and it was easy for them to dig for any further information. Just the double contracts and the sum of money involved in it was enough for them to throw Sandra into jail, and all those documents were already on the Internet. Sandra, who had never felt so helpless, immediately approached the members of her think tank to begin brainstorming.

Firstly, they would have to deny the fact that the compressed zip file had been released from Nicholas’ phone. They would have to explain that it was a misunderstanding, that the after-sales center for Dragon Eye had found no issues with the phone’s system after checking—basically, that all the details were forged. This way, they would be able to avoid any legal accusations, and they would also satisfy Dragon Eye’s intentions. After all, what Sophia wanted was probably for them to admit that there wasn’t actually anything wrong with the Dragon Eye phones.

Then, they would have to destroy all of the data that had been leaked. They would have to approach all their connections; they would have to offer huge sums to get people working; they would have to use the influential power of the Mitchells to reduce the public’s interest on this topic. If they had no other choice, they might have to get a few scapegoats to take the blame. Ultimately, they had to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

To Sandra’s surprise, Lucy was the first to phone her to check if she had found any solutions. Although the scandal had mostly to do with Sandra’s own matters, Lucy understood that Sophia made this move mainly because of the competition between Serpent and Dragon Eye. Lucy therefore felt the need to check on Sandra since Sandra was one of the pawns on her chessboard.

Furthermore, Nicholas was still the spokesperson of Serpent. All the advertisements had been released, and the public had shown great response to it. But now that he was involved in such a huge scandal with pornographic images, tax evasion, and other illegal acts, it would definitely affect the image of Serpent. Since Lucy asked Sandra about her upcoming plans, Sandra gave her an honest reply. She prayed that Lucy would be able to help her out.

Lucy’s response came as a surprise. “Well, now that all of the confidential information that was supposedly in Nicholas’ phone had been leaked to the public, everyone would definitely believe that Dragon Eye’s phones are problematic. This news indirectly proves that there’s something wrong with Dragon Eye’s system. If this is truly the tactic that Sophia employed, then she might as well be digging her own grave and jumping right into it!” Lucy uttered with a chuckle. Cooper’s daughter simply isn’t as smart as he is, huh! She didn’t even get 1% of Cooper’s brains and brawns. How could she come up with such an idiotic solution?! Now that they’ve made such a huge issue out of this, they’re practically giving a public announcement on how problematic their phone’s system is! Their phones have caused their client’s confidential details to be leaked to the public! For the past 30 years, Dragon Eye has been performing well in the international market precisely because of their quality and security. They claimed to be the most secure phone that couldn’t be hacked even with the advanced technology we have. Now that they did something so disadvantageous to their own brand, I’m sure Alice is mentally strangling Sophia to her death! Lucy couldn’t wait to see the look on Alice’s face! This is what happens when she fails to recognize who the better option is! I can’t wait for Alice to come begging me to clean up her mess!

“So… what should we do now?” Sandra asked timidly.

“Since the issue is so big now, I doubt the public will believe you if you say that there had never been anything wrong with Nicholas’ phone,” Lucy quickly said. “You should just remain silent about the leaked documents for now. We now have solid proof that Dragon Eye leaked their customer’s information, and I’ll help you out with the rest. Don’t worry—I’ll never let you get thrown into jail! Once all of this is over, you’ll be able to stand up for yourself and sue Dragon Eye.”

Sandra thought she had heard the other woman wrongly. Lucy actually wants me to admit that those files were leaked from Nicholas’ phone? She might as well ask me to kill myself! My company is the one that is being surrounded by people from the public security and tax departments; I’m the one that is being investigated here, so of course it’d be easy for Lucy to say this!

But Lucy continued with a determined tone that suggested that she refused to be disobeyed. “We’ll do this for now. I’ll handle all the matters regarding your company. Also, all the Serpent advertisements that have Nicholas in them have just been taken down. My lawyer will issue a letter for termination of contract soon, and I’ve already made a public announcement about it, so I’ll need your cooperation.” With that, Lucy slammed the phone down and ended the call.

Sandra remained dumbstruck for a long while after the other end of the call fell silent. Her handphone automatically showed her the trending news. Apparently, Serpent had made the announcement of their termination of Nicholas’ contract almost immediately after the scandal went public. Many netizens praised them for their swift actions. Nicholas’ fans, on the other hand, quickly turned into his haters.

Sandra thought to herself, Lucy is exactly the sort of ungrateful person that would burn the bridge after she got across the river! All she cares about is her own survival. How could she possibly care about me?! My survival, Glory Entertainment’s survival, the whole Mitchell Family’s survival… Why would Lucy care about that at all?! She had secretly allowed all of these nasty acts to go on all along, and she’d never brought it up when she was benefiting from it. Is she trying to avoid all responsibilities now that we’re facing a problem?! That’s not going to happen! That selfish old virgin deserves to be single forever. Linus isn’t interested in her, and neither is Michael, so who does she really think she is? She’s just lucky she was born into the Edwards Family. She wouldn’t be worth anything otherwise! She’d be worth less than a single strand of hair in my nose! Sandra gritted her teeth as tears of anger began to burn at the corner of her eyes.

Her assistant, who had been standing beside her, overheard the entire conversation, so she asked gingerly, “President Mitchell, should we still proceed with the plan?”

“No. I have a new plan!” Sandra smirked. Since Lucy doesn’t care about me and wants to watch me die, what else do I have to lose here? Now, it’s my turn to sit back and watch them fight one another!

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