My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1004

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1004

There was a public outcry when Sandra spread the news. Gosh, how could there be such a thing?
Serpent actually bribed the spokesperson for Dragon Eye in secret and threatened him to openly sling mud at Dragon Eye’s cell phones! Everything he said about his cell phone being broken and his important personal information being leaked after hacking were all outright lies!
Unexpectedly, their competitors took this opportunity to add insult to injury by releasing a mixture of genuine and false ‘leaked data’, making a big deal out of this and even drawing the attention of the police and the Taxation Bureau!

It was unknown whether these pieces of evidence were released by Sandra’s team to save their own skin, nor was it known if these pieces of evidence were obtained by Sophia’s team, who didn’t know whether Nicholas threw mud at Dragon Eye of his own free will or at Lucy’s coercion. Still, Dragon Eye’s reputation had been saved.

Sandra really clutched at straws right now to whitewash what she had done. She kept hyping up this issue to try to play down the matter about the double contracts.

The nude photos and the casting couch were no big deal, but the double contracts and tax evasion would drive her to her death. She would really lose all standing and reputation if this was found out!

Now that her life was at stake, she wouldn’t hesitate even if she would offend Lucy!

Just when everyone was talking about the incident, Harry posted a photo of a Dragon Eye cell phone being used as an ashtray, which again caused a heated public discussion about Dragon Eye cell phones’ quality.

Moreover, Michael rode on the wave of this incident’s popularity by posting the video of him playing fetch with Judge using the cell phones of those two brands. He didn’t even pixelate the cell phones’ logos. The photos showed how the Serpent cell phone was about to disintegrate at any minute when Judge sank its teeth into it. On the contrary, the Dragon Eye cell phone remained intact, immediately showing the contrast between the quality of the two cell phones.

The public and the cell phone fans’ enthusiasm for Dragon Eye cell phones was immediately rekindled. Some technology-focused influencers and celebrities also received the Dragon Eye cell phones in advance. After trying the cell phones themselves, they shared what they thought of the cell phones, arousing public anticipation toward Dragon Eye cell phones again.

When Lucy saw the news, she really wished she could kill Sandra, the idiot, on the spot.

Sandra thought she had hidden her tracks, but in reality, Lucy could tell at a glance that she was the culprit.

She spoiled my well-hatched plan just like this! Moreover, she even dared to place all the blame on me!

However, after her anger subsided, Lucy decided to resign herself to this reality.

She should never have worked together with Sandra in any way from the very beginning. That lady could get her in trouble anytime!

It was indeed Lucy who had proposed competing for the endorsement deal back then. It was very normal for a spokesperson to be replaced or removed. There were even cases where the leading actors had signed the contracts to act in films, only to be removed after the filming started. This kind of thing was a common occurrence.

Competing for endorsement deals wasn’t something new either.

It wasn’t Lucy’s idea to discredit Dragon Eye cell phones, but she had indeed tacitly consented to this.

Right now, Lucy had calmly taken the blame; she decided to take it as the price she had to pay for her ignorance and tacit permission back then. What she needed to think about was how to remedy the situation.

After the incident broke out, everyone was waiting for Lucy’s response.

Meanwhile, Sandra was gleefully waiting for her to pick a fight with Sophia.

Sophia was also waiting for Lucy’s next move so that she could decide what to do next.

Their wait didn’t take long. A few days after Sandra released the evidence and caused a wide and heated discussion, Lucy, the agent for Serpent mobile phones in Cethos, immediately held a press conference.

Upon seeing the news, Sophia immediately turned on her computer to watch the live broadcast.

That’s so quick of her; she’s actually holding the press conference on Monday!

Stanley and the others also gathered around Sophia and her computer to watch how Lucy would deal with this.

At the start of the press conference, Lucy bowed and apologized to the camera. “As Serpent mobile phone’s exclusive agent, I can find no excuse to shirk my responsibility when such an unpleasant thing has happened. Whatever has been done wrong was wrong, so I’m willing to apologize to society for what my team and I have done wrong. I’m sorry. I’d also like to apologize to the fans who have been supporting Serpent mobile phones. I’m sorry to have disappointed you all. I have fired those responsible for this incident, but I don’t want to shirk my responsibility. I have to take most of the blame for this incident. I hereby wish that the numerous fans of Serpent mobile phones can give me another chance. I’ll make sure to lead Serpent mobile phones to greater heights and create another remarkable legend.”

With that, she bowed again and answered the reporters’ questions in detail.

“Miss Lucy, may I ask if you signed with Nicholas Yates on purpose back then?”

Lucy answered, “It was Miss Sandra Mitchell, my former business partner, who proposed signing Nicholas to be the spokesperson for Serpent mobile phones, and she even offered to lower the endorsement fee to compete for the endorsement deal. I have terminated all collaboration contracts with her after this incident.”

“Did you know about Nicholas Yates’ smearing of Dragon Eye cell phones in advance? Did you take part in it?”

Lucy answered coherently, “I didn’t know about this until after the incident. However, I have to take responsibility for letting the incident worsen instead of informing the public in time about this. I’m willing to apologize and pay the compensation fees for the unwelcome effects of this incident on Dragon Eye cell phones.”

Another reporter then asked, “What do you think of the incident where Mr. Taylor Murray played fetch with a dog using a Serpent mobile phone and posted a video of it? Do you think of this as a kind of provocation toward Serpent mobile phones by Dragon Eye cell phones? Will you take legal action against Mr. Taylor Murray?”

Lucy responded frankly, “I have watched the video as well. As an internationally well-known cell phone brand, Dragon Eye has always been the benchmark in the high-end cell phone industry. The quality and operation system of its cell phones indeed surpass many similar cell phones by a great margin, so I have to admit that Serpent mobile phones are inferior to Dragon Eye cell phones. The video only illustrated the truth visually, so I don’t think it is slander for Serpent mobile phones.”

Lucy apologized, and Dragon Eye cell phones’ reputation was saved. It was all Sandra and Nicholas’ fault. Lucy had done wrong, but she had publicly apologized and paid the compensation fees, making her innocent instantly.

This incident ended just like this by steering the public opinion a little. Everyone was satisfied since Serpent and Dragon Eye had made peace with each other.

Back in Plum Technology’s building, Sophia and her team finished watching the live broadcast of Lucy’s press conference. She didn’t shut down her computer until Lucy finished answering the reporters’ questions and left.

The fact that Lucy, the Young Lady of the Edwards Family, apologized so frankly truly gave her some stress… This seemed so familiar, for what happened was similar to the previous incident when King’s dog-abuse matter came to light. While Sandra was still making excuses for herself and threatening the people involved, Lucy had readily stepped forward to apologize and pay the compensation fees. Also, she promised to shut down King for good even though the brand had just established itself.

The early-stage investment required to establish a luxury brand was huge, but the profit would be very handsome when the brand was established later. King was at the stage where it was about to make money after its fame and brand reputation were brought about by the huge investment, yet Lucy shut it down for good without hesitation. Currently, the domestic luxury pet supplies market was monopolized by Sophia’s Pourl, whereas King had withdrawn from the market completely.

This meant that all the money that had been invested previously had gone down the drain!

Yet this was how bold and resolute Lucy was.

Back then, she even cleaned up the mess Sandra had created without leaving any loose ends.

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