My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1007

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1007

It looks like Michael’s still the one who understands me the best, Sophia thought as she sat next to Michael, rubbing her cat and watching him talk.
No matter how I look at him, he still looks so good because I love him—he even has so many suggestions!
Michael said, “I’ll introduce you to several reliable fertilizer factories; let’s go together when we have the time and see if we can work something out with them.”

“Sure! Indeed, my hubby has the most ideas!” Sophia smiled.

Michael continued, “We can even organize a lucky draw event; people will get to enter the lucky draw by purchasing the phone, and the winner will get a tractor. I know a few tractor companies that we can go and check out some other day.”

Excited, Sophia exclaimed and said, “Alright! We’ll go together!”

Meanwhile, Cooper and Linus were speechless. Michael is supposed to be an internationally renowned movie star—why does he know these kinds of people?!

Michael had taken some time off from work to see Sophia and Carmen; since Sophia wanted to survey Dragon Eye’s situation in the countryside, Michael trailed along happily. Cooper joined in as well because he wanted to know if his beloved daughter was walking down the right path.

They couldn’t go very far because of their tight schedules, so Sophia decided to visit the suburbs of Riverdale City first—the place where she grew up. Michael also took the opportunity to leave behind clues in Riverdale so that Cooper would notice them and locate his son!

The group went over to the tractor and fertilizer factory introduced by Michael first; after visiting the actual site, they decided to sign a working contract. After the factory visit, Michael took Sophia to Riverdale City to visit the place where she used to grow up.

Riverdale City had developed well over the years; just like any typical drama, they managed to turn the place into a tourist spot. Since this was Sophia’s home, Michael had also invested in several resorts and clothing factories to boost the town’s economy; he even built a highway and a railway here.

The town’s authorized Dragon Eye retail store was still under renovation, but Dragon Eye posters were everywhere to be seen—Cooper was speechless when he noticed an entire wall of cheesy advertisements about it.

“The Dragon Eye phone is the treasure of the village!”

“The latest agricultural news with the Dragon Eye in your hand!”

“Don’t fret when it gets wet—Dragon Eye is the best!”

Dragon Eye was one of Cooper’s earlier products, and he passed it over to Alice after developing the device. He created a high-end cell phone that was primarily meant for businessmen, but Sophia had managed to turn it into…

He couldn’t even recognize the phone that he made!

Being waterproof and fall-resistant, it was a magical machine that won the hearts of the villagers; the overwhelmingly positive response toward the product had exceeded Cooper’s expectations.

Nonetheless, will the theme ‘A City Within the Village’ really work in our favor?

After that, Michael took Sophia to a small hillside where she used to live. There was an old, grey house where most of the paint on the wall outside had peeled off. Hidden deep in the mountains, the house was surrounded by beautiful greenery; it looked lonely and desolated, seeming as though it had been forgotten by the world.

Michael took out a key and opened the door of the house. As Sophia and Cooper walked inside, they realized that the room was quite clean. In fact, it seemed like someone had cleaned the house regularly with its well-placed furniture and decorations; it was as if the house owners had just left.

“Look, this is where you grew up. You used to sleep here.” Michael pointed at a brick bed. Sophia was amazed as she sat on the brick bed and touched it gently. This was the place where she grew up!

The house belonged to Sophia’s grandfather. After her two uncles had gone their separate ways, only Annabel and her parents lived there. When Annabel passed away, Sophia was sent to live with her grandparents.

When both her grandparents passed later on, the young Sophia was left unattended in this empty house while she struggled to stay alive; the village committee and the clan leaders decided to send Sophia over to her uncle’s care and moved her to town. With that, the place became deserted.

Michael then inherited this house as Sophia’s husband and preserved it well by hiring people to take care of it throughout the years. Sophia’s school awards were still glued on the mud wall, and the tabletops were clean and dusted. Although they were old and yellowed, there were still some well-preserved photos in picture frames.

Cooper saw a picture of Sophia when she was a child. She looked dark and ugly, but her clothes were clean even though they looked old and frumpy. With her hair nicely combed, she looked very lively with a red scarf and a little bag as she posed for a photograph under the persimmon tree.

There were also photos of Annabel, but there were only one or two left. There was also a photograph of Annabel standing under the persimmon tree in front of their house; her head cocked to the side with a faint smile, but the picture was so old that it could no longer be restored.

Cooper held the pictures in his hands as he looked at photographs of Sophia and her mother standing under the same tree; his eyes welled up with tears.

I owe them both too much, too much indeed…

The weeds in the yard had been cleared up, but the old persimmon tree was still there. Carmen asked Linus what it was as she looked up and stood under the persimmon tree, and Cooper quickly took a picture of her.

They left after taking a group photo underneath the tree. Sophia wanted to take the photos with her, but she thought better of it and used her cell phone to take some photos of it instead.

Michael wanted to bring Sophia to the school she used to study at, so they took Carmen and left first.

Now, the village had completely transformed itself; as Michael walked through the village, the villagers quickly rushed out to see him. Not only was he a well-known movie star, he was also recognized as the greatest son-in-law in the village.

This master was so great that he opened factories, built roads and schools in the village and gave the villagers a comfortable life. Most of the villagers were descendants of the Johnsons, so he had relatives everywhere he went and they treated him with such kindness—it felt like he was everyone’s own son-in-law.

Meanwhile, Cooper decided to stay at the house. Standing alone under the persimmon tree in silence, he placed his hand where Annabel had placed hers.

He looked up at the persimmon tree and remembered what Annabel had said to him 20 years ago.

“Coop, I planted a row of persimmon trees in front of my house using my own hands! I’ll bring you along to have a look at it when I have the chance—the persimmon fruits are really delicious! Here, these are some persimmon biscuits that I’ve made.”

It felt like their conversation was just yesterday, but once he opened his eyes, only the persimmon tree remained; Annabel was gone.

He raised his head as tears streamed down his face.


Unbeknownst to him, Linus was already at the entrance of the courtyard. On behalf of Alice, he had also followed Sophia to the village because he needed to survey Dragon Eye’s response in the village.

Cooper wiped his tears and looked back at Linus. “What’s the matter?”

“Some of the elders from the Johnson Family want to see you.”

Cooper nodded his head in response. A few seconds later, he slowly walked out of the small farmhouse and meticulously locked the front door and the courtyard’s gate before he left.

After all, this is Anna’s home…

There were many members of the Johnson Family in the village. As the area developed steadily over the years, their population flourished. The ancestral hall had been refurbished, and by the time Cooper arrived, he realized that there were many people waiting for him.

Linus had already inquired about them and introduced each person to Cooper.

“This is Sophia’s second uncle, and this is her grand-uncle…”

The elders sat from above and watched while the younger generations gathered around them. Cooper, whose identity was quite extraordinary, also sat down on a chair.

Although they did not know who this master was, the other master had reminded them that this master in front of them was even more powerful than the other!

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