My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1009

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1009

After the whole family wandered around the countryside for a while, it was already very late by the time they reached Riverdale City. When they arrived home, Carmen had already fallen asleep in Sophia’s arms and looked adorable with her little red face. Sophia took Carmen to bed while Cooper printed out the photos he took today and placed them in his study room.
Annabel, Sophia and Carmen made up three generations born in different times and spaces, yet all of them had taken a photo under that persimmon tree. Cooper couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the photos. If only Annabel was still around…
He imagined the scene and laughed to himself, but he couldn’t stop himself from wiping away the tears that fell down his face.

When he came out of the study room, he saw Michael and Sophia hanging a big photo in the living room—it was the group photo they had taken earlier today in front of the persimmon tree. Michael had found someone to restore Annabel’s photo and photoshopped her next to Cooper. Cooper, Annabel and Linus stood alongside Sophia’s family of three, and all of them looked incomparably harmonious. Cooper felt tears stinging his eyes again as he stared at the group photo.

After Carmen had gone to bed, a few of them were watching TV in the living room. Sophia hurriedly turned on the TV to catch today’s episode of ‘I Am The Village Chief 2’ and was relieved that they were just in time. Snowball ran over and Sophia started to rub the dog with her bare feet while catching up on the drama series, munching on some peanuts happily at the same time.

At that moment, Michael realized he had learned this bad habit of using his feet to rub the dog from Sophia.

Not only does she use her feet to play with the dog, she even rubs Snowball with them!

Tsk… Previously, Sophia had even scolded him for being rude and using his feet to touch the dog. Now, he realized that the whole family lived like noble lords who used their feet to touch their dogs.

Even his father-in-law and brother-in-law were stretching their feet and rubbing it around the dog’s fur, so he was only following the family’s tradition. Michael felt like he was finally part of Cooper’s family.

After returning from the Johnson Family Village, Cooper resumed the search for his son. 30 years ago, only several women from Johnson Village had been able to enter college. Therefore, it was easy to track down Finian’s alleged aunt, the woman who took his son.

Finian’s aunt was a professor at a university in Bayside City. Her husband was her former classmate; after they graduated, they stayed and worked at the school until both of them became professors. She still couldn’t get pregnant at the age of 30, so they mysteriously adopted a child before resigning and emigrating to someplace else.

He followed this trail and personally went abroad to look for them. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the Cethosian couple who had migrated more than 20 years ago was still a mystery…

No matter how difficult it is, I must not give up. I have to find my son no matter what it takes!

Meanwhile, both the high-end and low-end versions of Dragon Eye were officially on sale in Bayside City; Alice was in charge of the only store in Cethos that sold the high-end version of Dragon Eye.

In a short period of time, dozens of retail stores selling the low-end version of Dragon Eye bloomed everywhere. With Dragon Eye stores sprouting up all around the country, they had a considerable amount of sales.

Sophia had spent a lot of resources to promote Dragon Eye; she put out advertisements everywhere with sky-high marketing costs, but she managed to achieve the desired effect of Dragon Eye in the end.

Michael had also gone abroad to shoot a movie, but since most of the scenes were based in Cethos, he returned to Bayside City after he was done with the foreign scenes. He shot the rest of the movie here, and he lived in Sophia’s house every now and then.

While Cooper was busy looking for his son, Michael became more comfortable around the house; he even deliberately rubbed a few of Cooper’s favorite cats with his feet.

Lots of great things were happening in Sophia’s household—it started off with Bubbles giving birth to a litter of black poodles!

Meanwhile, Snowball had given birth to a few black Samoyeds!

Black as a shadow, they looked nothing like their father apart from the color of their fur!

Sophia was dumbfounded when she saw the two litters of black puppies. Then, she took a broom and walked toward the culprit, Corrado—she wanted to give it a beating first!

However, Daniel managed to fool Cooper into thinking that black dogs were an auspicious omen, asking him to descend the mountains and return to name the black puppies once they were born.

Ever since Alice left, Daniel had gone back to the mountains; this time, Cooper summoned him to rush back down and name the two litters of black puppies.

Black dogs are good since they can guard the house! The more black dogs we have, the better we can keep evil at bay.

Cooper had really been brainwashed by Daniel; not only did he raise a litter of black dogs to watch over the house, he placed several wind chimes by the door to ward off evil spirits. He even utilized his knowledge in astrology to develop a fortune-telling app, using it every day to calculate his luck before heading out.

He continued to dabble in such methods and was always on the lookout for auspicious dates to look for his son before leaving the house.

He’s ruined…

While Cooper searched for his son all over the world with his fortune-telling app, Carmen acted in a few movies abroad under the stage name ‘Gianna’ and debuted in Cethos using her own name by endorsing the children’s smartwatch by Michel Digital.

The managing rights to this smartwatch in Cethos was once again taken over by Sophia, and she chose Carmen as their ambassador.

Recently, Carmen had been busy with her career as well. She had movies to shoot and school to attend; when everyone thought she was not serious about it, she had unexpectedly gone through with it. While Carmen went to kindergarten, she also went to acting classes during her vacation.

Meanwhile, Dragon Eye had taken the digital market by storm and completely changed the dynamics of the cell phone market in Cethos.

Sophia listened to Cooper’s advice and decided to plan a comeback banquet for herself. She had been back in Bayside City for more than a year now, but she hadn’t organized a formal banquet up until this day. Since Dragon Eye’s sales were doing well, she decided to hold a celebratory banquet and discussed it with Cooper.

Cooper had planned a grand banquet for Sophia before, but it was put on hold due to several issues; now was the best time to bring it up again.

The best option was to combine Sophia’s comeback along with the celebratory and reciprocal banquet; after all, they were going to send the invites to the same group of people.

Since that was the case, it had to be a grand banquet.

Cooper personally came back to organize this banquet for Sophia. There must not be any mistakes for his beloved daughter’s banquet! He had previously thought of gathering all the finest men in Bayside City and setting up blind dates for Sophia in secret, but now…

He pondered for a while before deciding on this plan. The thought of his son-in-law being only five years younger than him caused Cooper much grievance!

Sophia should be engaging with talented young men more often; he did not want to let Michael, the old man, tie her down!

Based on his own standards, Cooper chose a group of young and talented bachelors for Sophia to meet. Even if this fails, it would make Michael—that old guy—feel threatened at the very least! My daughter is not that easy to marry!

Later that evening, Michael was spending the night at Sophia’s house. He was in the midst of soaking his feet while chatting with Stanley via Messenger.

‘Uncle, It seems that Cooper—that old man—hasn’t given up on the idea of getting Sophia on a blind date! Our dating circle went into a frenzy today, and they’ve been talking about it for two days straight! When everyone heard that you and Sophia divorced, tons of people became excited to fight for her! Apparently, Cooper even issued a list of criteria for his son-in-law! I’ll send it over to you right now.’

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