My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1011

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1011

Blood trickled from the corner of Quinton’s mouth as he spat out a mouthful of it. Picking up his gold-rimmed glasses which had been trampled on, he raised his eyebrows and scoffed at Michael with disdain. “I said that I wouldn’t come back to Cethos and cause trouble, but Cethos is still my home; can’t I come back to visit my family occasionally?”
Michael grabbed his collar and roughly shoved him out. “Get out of here, and don’t appear in front of me ever again!”
Quinton slowly straightened his clothes as he gracefully adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses. Then, he left in a taxi.

Stanley was still cursing even after Quinton had left; Michael got someone to drag Stanley away as he entered Mitchell International Energy and Technology. He wanted to show his youthful face to Cooper—that old man—and ask him if he still had any conscience left.

However, he was stopped by Dimon just before he reached the door.

“Mr. Cooper’s appointment for today is already full, Mr. Fletcher. Next time, please make an appointment with him one month in advance.”

Michael glared at Dimon before he turned to leave.

I’ll go home and wait for him; that old father-in-law of mine has to go back home at some point.

As he turned around, he saw Stanley standing at the entrance and wiping the blood from his nose. He grabbed onto Michael and pleaded, “Take me to the hospital, Uncle!”

Michael snapped. “Can’t you go by yourself?!”

Stanley stretched out his bloody hand and left a bloody handprint on his white shirt. “How can you be so heartless, Uncle Michael? I’m your nephew! My grandfather is your uncle! Look here—I was beaten up so badly, yet you don’t even care about me!”

Michael frowned and muttered, “Get in the car but don’t get it dirty; I still have to pick up your aunt from work.”

Stanley wiped the blood from his nose and told the Fletcher Family’s men to head back first as he got into Michael’s car.

After getting into the car, Stanley checked for outsiders before his pitiful expression instantly turned into a serious look as he took out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Michael.

“Look at this, Uncle Michael—I don’t know when Hope had put this in my pocket.”

Suddenly, Quinton had turned into Hope.

Michael took the note. Along with some of Stanley’s blood were several neatly-written words.

Blade has arrived in Cethos, and Sophia is his target.


The legendary assassin who ranked second in the world!

His real name was not verifiable, but Cethosians called him Blade. He ranked second on the black market’s killer list, and his capabilities could be compared to Phantom Wolf’s.

However, Phantom Wolf only killed targets; they did not harm innocent individuals and children.

On the other hand, Blade killed and burned everything he touched—he even killed and raped women brutally! He was like a monster who devoured everything in villages.

Moreover, Phantom Wolf was an organization, whereas Blade was a single assassin who fought alone.

Blade had arrived in Cethos, and he was here for Sophia.

Although Blade loved to kill, he wouldn’t kill for no reason. Someone must’ve put a bounty on Sophia’s head!

Michael fell into a deep silence…

Stanley said anxiously, “What are we going to do, Uncle Michael? We should inform Sophia to cancel the banquet!”

Michael remained silent as he left Stanley at the hospital and told him to wait for his phone call. Then, he drove over to Plum Technology and waited downstairs for Sophia.

Since Sophia only traveled between the company and her home, her schedule was quite fixed. With the Michel and Mitchell Family’s relayed protection, the only place where Blade could carry out his plan was at Sophia’s banquet.

Did it mean that Quinton had caught wind of this in advance and came back to Cethos to inform them?

Unfortunately, he did not say anything about who had hired Blade.

In fact, someone might be monitoring Quinton’s movements.

Sophia had gotten off work early today. As she left the company, she ran over to Michael’s car happily and tugged his arm. “Dragon Eye cell phones hit 8 million sales today, hubby. Aren’t I amazing?!”

Michael kissed her and said, “Yeah, my wife is super amazing!”

Then, he drove them back to the Edwards Residence.

Cooper was already home when they got back, and Sophia rushed over excitedly as she said, “We hit 8 million sales today, Dad. Aren’t I amazing?!”

Cooper nodded. “That’s amazing! My daughter is amazing!”

At the same time, Carmen ran out of the house and hugged Michael’s leg. “Daddy, I got a little red flower in kindergarten today. Aren’t I amazing?!”

Michael also nodded his head and answered, “That’s amazing. My daughter is amazing!”

Glancing at Cooper, he saw that the latter was looking his way with an innocent and sincere look; it seemed like he was not guilty of anything at all.

Hey, doesn’t this old father-in-law’s conscience hurt?

No, he has no conscience.

Later that night, the entire family gathered around to watch some TV together as usual. Michael deliberately sat next to Cooper as he held Chrysanthemum while they watched TV in silence. Unbeknownst to Cooper, his beloved pet had become Michael’s foot wipe earlier that day.

Michael held two small black dogs in his arms—a Samoyed and a black poodle. Both of them had given birth to a litter of puppies, and they were quite a handful.

Michael and Cooper sat next to each other in silence, and they remained in such a state until family time came to an end. Even so, Cooper didn’t mention anything about planning a matchmaking event for Sophia.

After Sophia finished watching ‘I Am The Village Chief 2’, she took a shower and went to bed with Carmen. Michael pondered for a while and decided to inform Cooper about the incident today.


Cooper and Linus’ hearts trembled when they heard that name.

Michael said grimly, “Many people in the country are willing to pay money just to get rid of Sophia. Indeed, she has made a lot of enemies this year—not just those who lost during the fight for Dragon Eye’s management rights, but also those who have a grudge against the Mitchell Family.”

Competition inevitably existed in the business world, and enemies were made in unknown situations; there was no telling when one’s enemies would strike in the dark.

The identity of the Blade’s employer was a mystery.

As they talked about Blade’s appearance, Cooper couldn’t help but look at Linus. He had dealt with Phantom Wolf back then, and there was a possibility that Linus would have Blade’s contact too.

Linus shook his head. “Blade is too difficult to grasp, and I have never dealt with him before.”

Michael continued, “I found a middleman to contact Blade, offering him a high price to give up his mission and inform us of his employer. However, it failed. It seems like the employer offered Blade a very attractive price for this mission.”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere turned tense. Cooper was silent for a while when he suddenly went into the study room and called Linus over. After a moment of hesitation, he called Michael in too. After all, his daughter’s life was the most important.

That night, the three of them ran a background check to find out the identity of the employer behind the assasination.

Michael eventually said, “If we want to know who had hired Blade, we must find Quinton! He’d definitely know something.”

Cooper and Linus were already on the search for Quinton throughout the city as they hacked several traffic cameras. As soon as Quinton appeared, an alert system would be issued and he would be located immediately.

However, Michael didn’t believe in such technology; he felt like it was too much hassle. Instead, he knew of a place where Quinton would definitely go after coming back to Cethos.

Finding Quinton would naturally lead them to Blade’s employer!

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