My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1028

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1028

Michael let out a sigh. “It’s exactly what you’re thinking. This is tough for me too. Justin and my sister still have no clue. We’ll see how things go once Hope and I have found him.”
He often went between calling Hope by his real name and ‘Quinton’. In more public settings, he called him Quinton, but in private conversations, he still called him Hope.
Perhaps, Michael already saw him as part of the Fletchers.

He had inherited all of their father’s fortune. It was a shame!

If they had known about his existence decades ago, they would have found him at any cost and raised him in the Fletcher Family. In that case, they would not be in this situation today.

When the plane landed, the group of people got off and headed to their destination.

The object Blade had in his hand was a photograph; a blood-stained photograph that he carried with him all the time.

At the moment of his death, he struggled to take the photograph out of his bag and held it tightly in his hand as though he wanted other people to see it.

Moreover, the people who were at the scene were the Fletchers.

He wanted the Fletchers to see it.

There was an address on the back of the photograph which was in the city they had traveled to this time.

Very quickly, they found the location. It was a serene small town in the suburbs. There were multiple detached houses aligned in a neat row and a carpet of green grass that covered the ground. Occasionally, people walking their dogs would pass by. It looked like a pleasant neighborhood where people were simple and sincere, and it was essentially crime-free.

With that photograph in hand, they went up and knocked on the door of the house indicated in the address.

“Excuse me. Do you know the child in this photo?” Quinton asked politely.

The door opened to reveal a married couple and two lively kids inside the house. The man took the photograph in Quinton’s hand and had a look at it.

In the photograph were a Caucasian boy and an Asian girl who was also holding a blonde, mixed-race baby girl in her arms.

Undoubtedly, the two people were Blade and Katrina. Aside from falling in love with each other, they also secretly had a baby. The child was probably around six to seven years old by now.

The arrival of the child was the reason Katrina and Blade chose to leave the assassination industry, but little did they know how short-sighted they had been—there was no way out of it.

They did not want their child to follow in their footsteps, so they secretly left the baby in the care of this family.

At the time, Blade knew that he was on his deathbed and Katrina was not going to show up anymore. Hence, before he died, he pulled out the photograph with the written address in hopes that the Fletchers would bring this child back.

Sophia looked at the blood-stained photograph and felt a sudden ache in her heart. Looking inside the house, she noticed the family portrait in the hall and caught sight of the blonde mixed-race girl who was around six to seven years of age. She had a piercing gaze and a strong demeanor, just like Celine.

That’s Blade and Katrina’s child.

On the other hand, Michael felt shocked and torn over the child’s existence for he still did not know how to tell Justin about this.

Should I tell him that he got two-timed? That his wife had a child with another man out of wedlock?

Even though Justin might not be able to accept it, Michael, as an uncle, could not walk away from it. She was part of the Fletcher Family!

He could no longer leave the child with outsiders now that he knew she was their family.

Old Master Fletcher was also aware of the child’s existence and had urged him to take the child back so they could raise her.

To their surprise, however, at the mention of the child, the owner of the house revealed that she had gotten kidnapped!

A month prior, a group of people just barged in and took her.

The family made a police report, but it was still not solved to this day. No one knew where the child had gone.

Quinton could not help but stomp his feet after hearing everything. He was exasperated. “Oh no! Those people must have found out about the child and took her away!”

Sophia pressed, “Those people?”

She had a feeling that things were not good.

Quinton was extremely annoyed now. “There are people out there who deliberately abduct children like her and train them to become killers!”

Michael and Sophia understood what he meant.

Because that was how Quinton got sent to the Phantom Wolf and trained to become a killer.

The children of the people in these specialized professions such as killers, soldiers, and athletes were especially in favor as they generally had good roots. There were people who ruthlessly abducted these children and chose to either raise the child on their own or sell the child to other killer organizations. These children only had one fate—to become a killer!

It was hell on earth.

Sophia was horrified as she urged, “Let’s find the child quickly! Before it’s too late!”

However, a month had gone by. Who knew where this child was or what she had gone through?

At the same time, Michael was blaming himself for not taking action sooner. The reason he hesitated before was that he wanted to take into consideration Justin’s feelings and the child’s birth father.

The child might be part of the Fletcher Family, but her father was Blade—a demon who killed people in cold blood. What would the child turn out to be?

After hesitating for a few days, he finally revealed everything to Old Master Fletcher. He was given an earful and several beatings from his walking cane, but Old Master Fletcher also insisted that he find the child.

What did a child know? Even if her parents were demons, she was innocent. Her environment influenced the person she would become. Not to mention, she was a girl!

The group of people proceeded to leave hastily just as they had arrived.

Once they were in the car, Quinton said, “I will make some calls to ask around the locals here. We will probably hear some news soon.”

Michael was also anxious and filled with regret. He was mad at himself for having stalled for a few days.

Earlier, Sophia had asked for the child’s photographs.

According to the owner of the house, the child was delivered to them when she was just two months old. Blade and Katrina gave the couple a large sum of money to look after the child. They even asked the couple to send the child to the best school in the area and to treat her as their own while they continued to pay them generously.

Every so often, Blade and Katrina would transfer money to that couple’s bank account, but they never showed up in person. They usually had the couple mail photographs of the child at given times.

From the photographs the couple had given Sophia, she could tell that the child was being raised well. She was attending school now and had taken a photo with her classmates. She was taller than the rest of them and always had a cold expression on her face. The slight smirk on the left corner of her lips whenever she smiled made her look incredibly charismatic.

At an early age, she had already gotten a black belt in Taekwondo. There were a lot of photographs of her participating in field days and Taekwondo competitions.

She inherited Celine’s athletic build and the imposing manner of a Fletcher. Most importantly, she did not look like the child of a killer.

The more Sophia looked at those photographs, the more terrified she became.

Please don’t let this child get sold off to become a killer! Otherwise, she will become the next Quinton.

Meanwhile, Quinton was also in great alarm for he knew the implications of entering that underworld.

Even if he had to sacrifice himself, he was not going to let this child go down that path! She can’t be allowed to destroy her life just like I did. She should return to the Fletchers and live a better life!

Both Michael and Quinton, the two brothers, ended up working together once again!

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