My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1033

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1033

The Ronney Group headquarters was on the northern side of Ronney City. Once they got there, Sophia did not see modern skyscrapers, but a stretch of bright yellow palatial buildings.
‘Stretching over 150 kilometers, it covered the sun in the sky. From the north of Mount Abbey, it meandered west, reaching all the way to Islesbury. The two rivers flowing gently penetrated the palace walls. At every five steps there stood a storeyed building, and at each ten, there stood a pavilion with corridors winding like waving silk and projecting eaves turning up like birdsʼ bills. Each of the structures possessed its vantage above the ground, but they were all brilliantly interlocked together, or set against one another.’ This ancient passage popped up in Sophia’s mind.
A moat, vermilion red palace walls, and an endless stretch of palatial buildings. This is basically a palace! It was even bigger than the Imperial Palace Museum that used to be next to their house. No, it was way bigger. But, this was not an imperial palace because it did not get destroyed during the war. In fact, it had incorporated the essence of ancient traditional buildings and modern technology. This structure was huge!

It looked like the Yard Family was still scheming. Were they getting ready to stage their comeback?

If it were not for the cars coming in and out of the palace entrance and those busy workers of Ronney Group, Sophia would have thought that she had traveled through time.

Outside the palace walls, there were several subway stations and several tourists taking photos.

Centuries ago, the Yard Family declared that they were the legitimate Cethosians. They even brought Cethos into the United Nations. After that, however, Cethos became more developed and slowly grew in power. Eventually, they forced the Yard Family out of the United Nations.

Dressed up as a bodyguard, Michael had a pair of sunglasses on and a dog in his arms. When he saw the imperial palace that stretched on endlessly, he scoffed, “The Yard Family… They were abandoned by Cethos like a rat on the street then they rushed to pack up all their valuables and jewelry to escape to this place. How dare they call themselves legitimate?”

Even though he had passed the age of an angry youth, Michael, as a fellow soldier, could not stop himself from disparaging the Yard Family.

“They are the biggest Cethosian conglomerate in the world. Their influence on the international front is big, but they have never thought about using it to help the social position of Cethosians abroad. In fact, they colluded with foreigners to suppress Cethosians. In what way are they considered legitimate?”

Four centuries ago, the Yard Family was a debauched monarch while the Fletcher Family was a loyal servant. When the Fletchers saw how reckless the Yards were getting, they overturned the imperial court and became rebels, chasing the Yard Family out of Cethos.

A century ago, the Yard Family became traitors who colluded with foreign entities. At the time, the Fletchers were warlords. While the Yard Family was attempting to stage their comeback, they were completely wiped out by the Fletcher Family.

In the present day, Cethos and the Yard Family were working together again. The Fletchers and the Yards could not kill each other at first sight like they used to anymore, but they were undoubtedly unhappy about that.

They drove over the moat and through the opened palace entrance. Sophia was even more amazed to see the more distinct palace buildings inside.

“Wow! It’s even bigger than the house we had in Africa. Look at this city gate—the Michel Military Enterprise built it! Look at how they’ve made it!”

“Look over there; they even have eunuchs. Wow! Palace maids in ancient clothing. They’re still adhering to the style of the Yard Dynasty!” Sophia exclaimed while taking pictures on her phone.

In fact, Michael had been there before. He was not like Sophia who was taking in everything for the first time, but he also could not help himself from looking around.

It was funny. To prove that they were the imperial family and preserve their sense of superiority, they still maintained the ancient dynasty’s ritualism and solemnity.

The previous dynasty fell a century ago, and the imperial court was now a museum. Paying fifty for a ticket would allow people to walk for a whole day inside. With another fifty, they could even put on the imperial robe and take pictures on the throne. Not to mention, students paid half to enter! What were the Yards trying to do?

A fallen imperial family; it was funny and sad at the same time.

Michael felt his rebel intentions stir up. If he could destroy the Imperial Yard Family one day just like his ancestors did, he would rent this place out as a filming site or sell tickets for people to visit the place. And, he would ask for a ticket price of 150 at least.

On the other hand, Sophia was so excited that it looked like it was the first time she had entered a city. Who knew Ronney City had such scenery?

Once they got out of the car, she was still taking pictures on her phone. Michael and Quinton were both dressed up as bodyguards and had their hands full with dogs and cats as they followed along quietly.

Judging by how much fun she was having, she probably had forgotten that they were there to look for the child.

The meeting location was at the Ronney Group’s lobby which was also where the Imperial Yard Family once dealt with state affairs—the Exalos Hall.

Sophia had rushed to learn more about the Imperial Yard Family recently. The Yard Family had a distinct feature that set them apart from the other dynasties. Normally, if an imperial family had twins, it was seen as inauspicious, and one of the two was gotten rid of in secret. The Yard Family, however, was different. Because their founding emperor was a set of twins, they viewed twins as the chosen ones.

Therefore, twins gained the right to inherit the throne. The Yard Family had passed on the throne for generations, and they always had twins succeeding it. They excelled in literary and martial arts. They supervised and helped one another. During the last emperor’s reign, the twins also killed each other and led to the downfall of the Yard Family.

Now, the Ronney Group’s representatives were also a set of twins, and Sophia was scheduled to meet with one of them.

She was excited. If this were in ancient times, I would be meeting with the emperor!

Once Sophia entered the place called the Exalos Hall, she saw two golden dragon chairs placed inside. She then went to sit where the ministers sat. This doesn’t feel too bad.

While waiting for the Ronney Group’s representative to come, she wondered, Do they still have to hold a court regularly? When the emperor—no, the representative comes, do I have to kneel down?

The palace was actually quite modern. They even had high-speed Wi-Fi. When they walked in, they noticed the Ronney Group’s workers all dressed in modern clothing. They got to work and got off work conscientiously. It was convenient that they could go straight to the subway station after getting out of the company. This palace was just an office that was built a bit bigger. The main hall was used as a place for them to work, while the Rear Palace was used as the Yard Family’s private living quarters.

The Michel Family’s old nest in Africa was a bit bigger than this, but it was almost on the same scale.

Once Sophia sat down, her eyes darted all over the place. Meanwhile, Michael and Quinton were hiding among the other bodyguards. When the assistant secretary instructed them to stand behind Sophia, over a dozen people went over.

Finally, the representative arrived.

Surrounded by a crowd of assistants and bodyguards, a man dressed in a black suit strode over. He still had an Eastern appearance. Though, if he did not, he would not have been able to inherit the Yard Family.

After living in a foreign environment for an extended period, however, it would undoubtedly influence a person’s demeanor. This man might have an Eastern face, but he carried the mysterious and foreign mannerisms of a Western man.

He was truly of imperial descent. Even though his family was no longer in power, he still had an unparalleled honorable presence and charisma.

Sophia and the man exchanged greetings. “Mr. Ronney, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you!”

The person who came to meet Sophia today was Callum Yard, the vice president in charge of the luxury goods business at the Ronney Group.

Besides luxury goods, the Ronney Group also had other businesses in military arms, mineral deposits, and so on that were being taken care of by the other twin.

“Oh, come on. Your reputation precedes you.” He spoke so fluently, that Sophia even thought that he was going to speak in old Cethosian.

Once they sat down and exchanged greetings, they started to talk a bit about their collaboration.

Pet luxury goods was a newly emerging industry, but the Ronney Group had yet to enter the market. They probably looked down on the profit margins for that small niche, but pet luxury goods had been steadily growing over the years and they could not afford to ignore this industry any longer.

Sophia talked about her business seriously. She wanted to bring up the child once she was done, but, ten minutes later, someone came in from outside and said, “Mrs. Yard has invited Miss Edwards to the Royal Garden for some tea.”

Royal… Garden? Her eyes exuded reluctance and shock.

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