My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1037

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1037

“Let Lola stay here for the night with her family before we do anything else.” Michael did not really have a choice.
That night, Lola’s adoptive parents cordially invited Sophia and Michael to stay at their house, and they also prepared a big feast for them.
Lola looked a lot happier and was completely different from when they first found her. She had a smile on her stoic face as she played happily with her adoptive parents’ two children.

Sophia was leaning in Michael’s embrace and admiring all of it.

This family of five looks so happy.

“Why are you so quiet?” Michael pulled her in gently and placed a kiss on her forehead.

She snuggled up to him and said, “I miss Carmen.”

Holding her in his arms, he murmured, “We’ll be home soon.”

The next day, Michael was about to take Lola away.

Her adoptive parents were reluctant, but they also understood the severity of the situation. They knew that they could not protect Lola. Moreover, they had two children of their own and did not dare to take the risk. The place that Lola would be taken to was a lot more well-off than they were. She was going to have a better life from now on, so they could only send off her while holding back tears.

Lola’s sullen little face was covered in tears. She kept a tight grip on her adoptive father’s hand and took one heavy step after the other. Her adoptive mother was busy telling Sophia about her daily routine and the like while Sophia nodded along as she took a mental note of everything.

The moment they had to part ways, Lola kept wailing and was not willing to leave. Her adoptive father sent their Golden Retriever along with her, so she would not be alone and afraid in a new environment. It would make her feel better to have a familiar pet with her.

However, Lola still did not want to go and remained crying at the front door. Biting the bullet, her adoptive parents shut the door and did not come back out again. She continued to stand there and cry. No matter who tried to coax her, she wouldn’t move.

Michael, who was carrying Lola’s suitcase, was also in a tough spot.

If it were possible, he also wanted Lola to stay here. Growing up in a family like that was a blessing. Unfortunately, she could not stay there because only the Fletchers could protect her.

Eventually, Sophia managed to coax Lola into the car, and they quickly drove off.

Once the car started to move, Sophia saw, from the rearview mirror, that Lola’s adoptive parents had come out at some point and were watching them leave.

It had gotten very late when they returned to the hotel. As soon as the door opened, a little being flew out from inside and gripped onto Sophia’s leg—it was the youngest Cethosian girl.

That was the first time Sophia had seen her act so clingy.

Sophia had named her ‘Poppy’. When she picked her up, she heard her soft cries and consoled, “It’s okay, good girl. Don’t cry. I’m back now.”

Poppy continued to cry. Afraid that she would get beaten up for being too loud, she said in a small voice, “I want my mommy.”

When Sophia did not return last night, the children thought they were being sold off again. Now that she was back, those several pairs of eyes were trained on her.

Hearing the soft sobs, she couldn’t help but think of Carmen. When she was caught by Katrina and dragged upstairs to be thrown down, she also spoke very timidly.

“Don’t worry. I will take all of you to find your parents soon.”

Upon returning, Sophia was busy comforting and holding the children. Michael brought Lola inside. She was cold and distant. Even though she knew that Michael was not a bad person, she still had her guard up.

Looking at the place filled with nine children and a Golden Retriever, Michael felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck but also felt like there was not much he could do about it.

Gosh, I almost went broke when we had a house full of fat orange cats. After we’ve barely managed to send away a good number of them, we have a house full of children now.

He prayed that Sophia would not end up adopting all of them as he would have to take responsibility for everything.

After thinking over it, Sophia decided to let the children get adopted locally into families of the same race as them. In the end, they were left with three Cethosian children whom they brought home with them to look for adoptive families in Cethos.

On the day that they left, Quinton sent them to the airport. He did not have a reason to return to Cethos anymore. He only went back last time because he heard the news about Blade’s appearance and wanted to warn them.

He did not expect that it would drag into so many other problems. Fortunately, his deed was done now, and Lola had been found. It was also time for him to leave.

Quinton held Lola by the hand and sent her off into the plane. He was still feeling a bit reluctant.

He watched her board the plane and did not look away for a while.

Michael was holding the dog on a leash. Before he went in, he patted Quinton on the shoulder and said, “Goodbye. We will meet again someday.”

Quinton waved at him casually, then saw them off into the plane. He kept watching until their plane disappeared in the sky.

Turning to leave, his eyes were filled with desolation.

If the Fletcher Family had known about his existence back then, they would have done everything to find him just like they did for Lola.

Sadly, that did not happen.

Old Master Fletcher was extremely happy that they found the child and was urging them to hurry home so that he could meet the child. Regardless, that was still a child of the Fletcher Family. No matter how evil her parents were, it had nothing to do with her.

They took the four children on board and headed back to Cethos. The first place they went to was the Edwards Residence. As soon as they entered, Carmen climbed out of the swimming pool and was dumbfounded by the sight of Sophia and the four children.

She ran to look for Cooper.

“Grandpa! Look! Daddy and Mommy secretly had so many little sisters when I wasn’t around!”

Cooper was sunbathing next to the swimming pool. He was in a pair of swimming trunks while his rather fit upper body was exposed. When he saw the children alongside Michael and Sophia, his brows pulled together tightly, especially when he spotted Lola.

He automatically looked at Justin.

Justin still did not know what was happening, but Celine seemed to have realized something. Her eyes were fixed on one of the children that Michael had brought home as though a strong presence was calling out to her. He had brought home a total of four children, but she could not stop looking at that one child in particular.

“Something feels strange…” Celine mumbled.

Michael could feel Celine’s gaze on them. He knew that she was looking at Lola. Even though they had not met before, Celine could still feel something toward her.

He still did not know how to introduce the child. Putting it aside for the time being, he first went to make arrangements for her room, meals, and the like. Lola was nervous to be in a new environment. She kept holding her Golden Retriever and did not take a step away from it.

These days, both Sarah and Sean were at the Edwards Residence recovering from their injuries, so the house was crowded with people. When they heard that Sophia had come home, everyone immediately came out to see her. She even called Nicole on the phone to come over and said she had some gifts for everyone.

Sophia started by giving out the local goods she bought from Ronney—some bags, jewelry, and other luxury goods. Those were the majority of items that were sold there locally.

After she finished giving out the local goods, she started giving out the children.

“Sarah, I bought this baby from Ronney City just for you! She’s a girl; obedient and pretty! She even looks like you! You should adopt her, then Sour Face will have a younger sister. If you end up having another daughter, then it will be perfect!”

“Nicole, you should adopt a child!”

“Sean, it doesn’t look like you’re planning to get married any time soon. Why don’t you adopt a child?”

Sarah held the baby girl that Sophia shoved at her and asked after some hesitation, “Is this also one of the ‘local goods’ that you bought in Ronney?”

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