My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1039

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1039

Nonetheless, Michael was well aware of their situation. It would be very hard for them to conceive if they wanted a child.
Aside from Sophia, he also had a problem of his own.
That year, when Sophia got abducted by Quinton, he was stabbed by a killer with a poisoned knife. Even though he survived, there were some consequences.

But, since Sophia had returned, and Carmen was growing up healthily, what more could he ask for?

If they wanted a child, they could always adopt.

He did consider IVF treatments with Sophia, but it was too painful. How could he bear to let her suffer?

Moreover, they did not need to have a second child as Carmen was more than enough for them.

After sending off all the four children they brought home, Sophia was pleased with herself and felt at ease. Although she did have some regret for not being able to adopt Lorelei, Lorelei was better-suited to live with the Fletchers—she belonged with them.

In the end, Lorelei returned to the Fletcher Residence and was adopted by Joel and Maddie. The Fletchers settled all her legal documents—citizenship, family registry, name change, school admissions, and so forth. Since it was summer break now, she was spending her days at home and training with Nathan.

Lorelei had her mother’s vigorous energy that could tire out even a husky. She showed up on the field on time every day and exercised with the other Fletcher kids. It seemed like she was meant to be a soldier.

Her mother was certainly not ordinary, but her father also had an impressive background. Apparently, he was the descendant of an ancient European noble family and had come from generations of soldiers. Both of his parents were well-known figures in the military.

Unfortunately, he was abducted by a killer organization as a child. His family searched the whole world for him, but they could not find him. By the time they found him, he was already the most notorious cold-blooded killer, Blade.

There was no end to Blade’s killings. He knew that he could not return to his family, so he kept straying off. His family was extremely disappointed in him, so they never crossed paths.

There were many children like Blade who were the descendants of soldiers and were, subsequently, abducted by killer organizations. Once they were all grown up, they would not usually return home.

Blade died at the hands of the Fletcher Family in Cethos. When the news reached Europe, his family secretly came to ask for the return of his body. They could not acknowledge him while he was alive and could only ask for his corpse when he died.

It was a pity that Lorelei had already been put in the Fletchers’ family registry; they were not going to let her go. Left without a choice, Blade’s family could only take Blade’s body with them and leave.

When their military training ended, Nathan would often bring Lorelei back to Sophia’s to play.

It had gotten quite lively at the Edwards Residence in Riverdale. Sean and Sarah were recuperating there but had also brought along their whole family with them. With all the little children gathered together over summer break, the house looked like a kindergarten.

Amidst all of this, Sophia also miraculously secured a partnership with the Yard Family. The two families were going to produce a series of pet luxury goods and were currently in talks for their contract. Sales for the Dragon Eye mobile phones had also stabilized. Sophia was taking out time to spend with her child.

Meanwhile, the child that Hale adopted was named Audrey.

The four little girls and Lorelei could potentially take over the Edwards Residence together!

A few days before they teamed up, they almost rubbed the fur off all four of Sophia’s orange cats.

The most playful sled dogs also had to bow down before Lorelei & Co. and trembled with fear when they heard them coming.

In the past, Sophia’s orange cats, Cooper’s black dog, and the huskies were known as the ‘three devils’ of the Edwards Residence.

Now, there was an additional devil. The four devils of the Edwards Residence could make their scalps tingle.

Michael felt like Sophia and her father had too much money to spend. Because she liked orange cats, she always kept dozens of them at home. Cooper liked black dogs, so he would also bring them home by the dozens.

Because of Corrado, all of Bubbles’ and Snowball’s offspring were born with black fur. They had black Samoyeds and black poodles. Before they even realized it, the Edwards Residence was filled with more than a dozen black dogs.

With so many of them, Cooper could not bother with names anymore and started to call them Blackie #1, Blackie #2, Blackie #3, Blackie #4, all the way to Blackie #19.

These days, Michael was living with Sophia illegally and had even nearly moved in his entire house. Therefore, the Edwards Residence was getting expanded. Sophia wanted to build a place just for Michael to live in. For the time being, he set up an office in that small house of hers and went in and out of the Edwards Residence as he pleased. Every time he saw Cooper’s black dogs, he had an affectionate look on his face.

Today, Danny, Michael’s assistant from his film crew, came over once again.

The moment he entered the Edwards Residence, he saw Blackie #4.

Whenever Danny showed up, it meant that Michael was going away for a movie shoot again. The film crew was starting to pester him, so he had to get going.

He had packed everything and was getting ready to leave while Sophia sent him off reluctantly.

“I’ll be back in a month which just so happens to be in September. I’ll accompany Carmen to film ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ when the time comes. Carmen’s mom, I’ll leave her in your care for now.”

Before he left, Michael went on and on about Carmen. He also urged Sophia to wait for his return and not get lured by some strange casanova.

Being in his forties now, he was feeling a bit anxious.

If someone really came and took Sophia away one day, and he lost his fair, rich, and beautiful wife, and his adorable and loveable daughter, then he would lose everything.

Linus spent all day at home today. No one seemed to have seen him, but he kept watch in the dark.

He watched Michael leave in silence. His eyes were cold and unenthusiastic, but on the inside, he was going through a violent struggle.

Once Michael was gone and Sophia came back out from the parking lot with Carmen’s little hand in hers, he still remained standing where he was as though he had something to say but did not have the courage to.

At some point, Cooper arrived behind Linus and patted him on the shoulder with his big hand.

“Have some courage, Linus. I will help you with this.”

Even though he received Cooper’s support, he was still timid and unsure of how to start.

“Cooper, I…” he hesitated.

Cooper patted him on the shoulder a few more times. “Don’t be nervous. She will agree for sure.”

Picking up his courage, Linus took a deep breath and walked straight to Sophia.

Sophia came home with Carmen’s small hand in hers. Carmen could not rest for even a second. Once her father left, she acted up again and got up to mischief with Lorelei & Co.

She walked toward him and noticed a desperate look on his face. “Uncle Linus, what’s wrong?”

He hesitated for a long while before he said, “Sophia, someone from my hometown came to visit me a few days ago. They were hoping that I could find a girl to marry within the Michel Family.”

At that, Sophia suddenly recalled Linus’ life. He was an adopted son. Even though his capabilities gained everyone’s approval, blood relation and identity was still his weakness. If he did not have a solid identity, then he would not be able to inherit the position as family head.

Linus certainly did not want any obstacles in his way.

Marrying someone within the family and gaining the status of a son-in-law wasn’t too bad.

Sophia was also happy for him. “You found someone suitable? Congratulations, Uncle Linus!”

He nodded and looked at her sternly. “Yes… that person is you.”

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