My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1040

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1040

Thinking that she had heard wrongly, Sophia simply laughed it off. “Uncle Linus, you must be mistaken. How can I be that person? You’re my uncle!”
He wants to marry me? This must be a joke. Not to mention, he’s bisexual. I heard he has a bunch of ex-boyfriends.
She had even seen drawings in Sarah’s pornography book of him doing various unimaginable things as the main lead like doing explicit things with an anthropomorphic Lucky.

Sarah called that “Cethos’ Mutt Violating a North European Noble”.

However, Linus was not joking. After hesitating briefly, he continued in a serious manner, “Sophia, you know I was adopted. In this family, it doesn’t matter how much more capable and outstanding I become, as I won’t be accepted by everyone. I need to marry a woman in the Michel Family and use my status as the Michel’s son-in-law to gain a foothold in the family. I came to look for you because you don’t have a foothold in the family yet either. If we get married, it will be beneficial for both of us.”

When Sophia realized that Linus was not joking, she turned serious.

However, after hearing what he said, she also fell silent.

Getting married to Linus was unthinkable.

Linus went on, “You and Mike are divorced and won’t be remarrying for the time being. We can get married now, and if you want to remarry him in the future, we will get a divorce right away. Through this marriage, I can at least become a true member of the Michel Family. It won’t affect your remarriage with Mike. I’ve been wanting to let you take over some business here, but the board of directors still doesn’t have an accurate evaluation of your capabilities yet, so it couldn’t happen. If you marry me, you will be able to take over as soon as possible.”

When he finished talking, he fell silent and lowered his head as though he was afraid to look at Sophia.

She was also serious and extremely hesitant. Lifting her heels, she started to walk toward the garden.

She had designed the garden herself and filled it with all her favorite flowers. Currently, they were all in full bloom, making the garden look like a dreamy labyrinth.

Walking inside, she went to sit down on the swing that was made of rattan.

She understood Linus’ intentions, and she knew that their marriage would not be for love, but for mutual benefit.

Even though she was approved by the Michel Family, her position was merely a symbolic family head. She was an honorable daughter in the family, but they only showed her respect because of her father. Her capabilities had yet to be recognized by the family. Hence, she was unable to take over any responsibilities at the company for now.

On the other hand, Linus was recognized for his capabilities, but he was also an adopted son. Cooper had already broken the rules when he adopted Linus back then. All these years, Linus tried hard to live up to Cooper’s expectations, but it did not change the fact that he was not a Michel and was discriminated against within the family.

If they could put up a fake marriage, then Linus would gain the approval of the family, and Sophia would gain some power. They were not related by blood, so there was no issue with them getting married.

Moreover, she and Michael were divorced now. A fake marriage would not be a big deal.

As the Edwards Residence was being expanded, Sophia tore down some of the houses surrounding them. She calculated the price of the land and compensated the original house owners. On average, each of them received around two to three million. She also subsidized an extra amount according to the number of households with a standard of 100,000 for every household.

In order to get more money from Sophia, the married couples who used to live in those torn-down houses got divorced and were able to get compensated 100,000 each, since a married couple only counted as one household. Instead of 100,000, Sophia had to pay double now.

Once they got the money, they got remarried, and the extra 100,000 was treated as extra income.

Perhaps marriage was not meant to be that strict, especially when it involved a great benefit. After all, a marriage certificate was just a piece of paper worth nine dollars.

Linus wanted to use this marriage to gain more approval, and Sophia wanted to use this marriage to gain more time and opportunity for herself and Michael.

She had already taken over the standard Dragon Eye mobile phone business. It was a step closer to success. If she married Linus, then she could easily step through that big door that she had been looking forward to!

However, she remained hesitant and eventually said, “I can’t make a decision yet. Let me think about it. I will give you an answer tomorrow.”

He gladly agreed.

That night, Sophia went to Cooper to ask for his opinion, and he gave his approval right away. He even advised, “Getting married to Linus will enable you to get more involved in the family business sooner. After all, you’re not planning on remarrying Michael any time soon.”

“Linus lacks status in the family, but he has status in the company. Whereas you have status in the family but lack status in the company. The both of you can be of help to each other. Besides, it’s a fake marriage; no more than a formal procedure. I am quite fond of Linus as well. Even though I’ve always been rooting for him, blood runs deep in the family. I planned to find someone within the family for Linus to marry when he came of age, but it’s been dragged out until now. To get recognized by the family, he has been down the wrong path before. He has suffered quite a bit over the years!”

Sophia was still hesitant, so she decided to give Michael a call. She needed to get his opinion on this sort of matter.

On the other side, Michael had just gotten off the plane and was probably on his way to the filming location in a mountainous region where the line was bad. If she did not call him now, then she might not be able to reach him anymore.

When he picked up, they exchanged greetings for a bit, then she prepared to tell him about her fake marriage with Linus.

She was decently keen to go ahead with the fake marriage. It was just a legal matter. When the opportunity came, she would divorce Linus and marry Michael again.

“Hubby, I think this fake marriage is worth considering. You and I can’t keep living in ambiguity for the rest of our lives. If I marry Uncle Linus now, he will gain the family’s approval, and I can use this opportunity to take on more responsibilities in the business. Once I get more authority in internal family affairs, I can fight for us. Hubby, don’t worry. Uncle Linus isn’t straight!”

It felt like Sophia was talking to herself the whole time while Michael remained quiet on the other end, but she could still hear the heaviness in his breathing.

He will probably be quite resistant to this fake marriage.

After staying silent for a while, the familiar clear and robust voice came through the phone. “Sure. We had a fake divorce once. What’s the big deal with a fake marriage?”

Letting out a sigh of relief, she did not think that Michael would agree so quickly. Nonetheless, he was a smart person and was able to see the underlying implications.

Meanwhile, in Linus’ room, Lucky was sprawled on the ground and looking up at Linus who was on the phone by his desk.

He had a wired telephone hooked up to his computer and some software opened on his screen.

With a blank expression on his face, he said into the microphone, “I’m on my way to the filming location. The line might be bad.”

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