My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1066

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1066

Sophia read through the materials seriously. Both husband and wife analyzed the data together, and Justin joined them too.
Michael soon finished reading through the information Sophia had gathered. Sophia also shared the results of her investigation with him. After considering it for a moment, he concluded, “The results from your investigation are suspicious indeed. Although the villagers personally witnessed what happened back then, they all saw things from a different perspective. Moreover, too much time has passed. People would subjectively change what they say, so this information might not be true. Just like how Sam fooled you last time by saying that he took over the Crimson House for your mother… If anyone among the villagers of the Johnson Family Village were to lie to receive the money… the rest will follow that person’s lead and weave their stories around the lie.” He used a red pen to strike through most of the information provided by the villagers. “From mother-in-law’s diary, we can confirm that she did not study past primary school. So, those who claimed that she dropped out of middle school are unreliable. With that, we can filter out many of these testimonies.”
Sophia was overwhelmed by the onslaught of information she read through today. Therefore, she simply watched as Michael analyzed the testimonies, little by little, and looked for clues. Occasionally, Justin would also help to cross out useless or confusing clues with a red pen. The truth behind the testimonies was unclear. It was possible that by rejecting the falsified parts of the testimony, they would accidentally cross out the truth hidden in them too.

“This middle school teacher claimed that mother-in-law was the top student in his class. After she dropped out of school, she went with him to work at a noodle restaurant he owned. Moreover, he also met the man with the hooked nose—” Michael analyzed the data with a solemn expression.

Sophia immediately interrupted. “Mom never went to middle school. So, he must be lying. And, there may never have been a hooked-nosed man!”

However, Justin immediately retorted, “I investigated him before. When Annabel was in primary school, this middle school teacher was still teaching at the primary school. She was also the best student in his class. I think too much time has passed, and he forgot some of the details. So, the part about her meeting the hooked-nosed man at the noodle restaurant remains uncertain.”

Then, she fell silent and watched the two men analyze the information. What they were sure of, they would highlight blue; what they could discern as false, they highlighted red; and what remained uncertain, they highlighted green. In the end, they basically confirmed that Annabel was a bright student. Unfortunately, she dropped out of primary school to work. Moreover, she did all sorts of jobs before working at the noodle shop owned by her primary school teacher. Later, she received a recommendation and went to the city to work on her own. All the clues they couldn’t be certain about were linked to that hooked-nosed man.

After they finished discussing the hooked-nosed man, Michael talked about what happened today. “Your current mother is very good at acting. Her disguise is perfect, and the plastic surgery on her face was done very naturally. However, I’ve been dealing with actors and people with facelifts for a long time now. I can tell with a glance that her face has been surgically reconstructed before. Everything is fake. As for whether or not she is genuinely your mother, it can be verified with a DNA test. But, I believe your father has already done that in secret. When I slapped her today, I took a closer look at her face. The surgery she did was rather major, but I couldn’t find any traces of it. She probably removed her face entirely and underwent a complete facelift before reattaching her facial skin. Your father has been acting too. He probably knew from the start that she was a fake.”

She had originally guessed that her mother was a fake. Cooper might have failed to notice it immediately since it had been decades since he last saw the real Annabel. However, she did not expect that he had been acting all this while. Perhaps, he already knew the moment she appeared. He was faced with a woman pretending to be the love of his life, yet he had to force a smile for such a long while. How furious must he be inside? After all, he could not stand for anybody desecrating his beloved Anna!

“In conclusion, something must have been going on behind the scenes back then. My father is pretending right now so that he can draw the people behind this conspiracy out of the shadows. Perhaps, it’s the hooked-nosed man from back then!” Sophia tried analyzing the information too.

However, Michael shook his head and said mysteriously, “Perhaps. But, that’s not the only thing he’s thinking about.”

As for what it was that his father-in-law had in mind, he didn’t dare to make a guess either. Still, he was certain the reason the mastermind sent this imposter to their side was to drive a wedge between Michael and Cooper. They might have disliked each other in private, but to outsiders, they were a unit with shared interests. Hence, Cooper and Michael’s cooperation more or less meant that Cooper was affiliated with the Fletcher Family, Asco International, and the Winston Family.

Michael did not know who the mastermind was trying to target. Is it me? Or, is it Cooper? But, there’s only one person who considers both of us as their enemies… At present, he was pretending to be at odds with Cooper. So, there was nothing else for him to do but sit back and watch the show.

At the Edwards Residence, Cooper was so livid that steam was practically coming out of his nostrils after he almost got into a fight with Michael. He watched as Sophia and Michael left with Carmen, then he turned to Linus and said, “Linus, call Sophia and ask her to come back right now!”

Annabel tried to calm him down. “That’s enough. Coop, let’s not get all hot and bothered over that b*stard! Your health is more important. Don’t get angry! If your health fails because of how angry you are, what will happen to me?”

Linus took out his phone and made a call. Then, he came back with a troubled expression and reported, “Dad… Sophia hung up on me.”

Thus, Cooper gritted his teeth in fury and suddenly swept everything on the coffee table to the ground in his rage. “Unbelievable! I’m going to kill him!”

Seeing that Cooper was about to get up and rush out, Linus quickly put his phone down and rushed over. “Dad, calm down! Murder will not solve anything!”

Cooper was livid. “How dare he hit your mother?! Are you saying he shouldn’t be killed?!”

Linus seemed impatient and annoyed. “That’s enough, Dad. Stop being so impulsive. We were all at fault today! You should watch what you say!”

Then, Cooper glared at Linus before smiling coldly and cruelly. “Which side are you on? Linus, you better not forget this: just who do you think raised you all these years?!”

Linus pursed his lips in response. He remained silent, but it was obvious that he was upset. Glancing around at the messy living room, Cooper stormed back to his study and did not come out again. After he left, Linus snorted with a dark expression. Not long after, he left the house and drove back to The Imperial.

“Coop! Linus! Where are you going—” Annabel anxiously ran after both of them, but she couldn’t stop any of them from leaving.

Over the next few days, Linus did not return and Sophia did not send a single letter back home. In a moment of rage, Cooper ordered Lucky, the local dog breed that Linus raised, to be killed! After that, Linus finally returned. A huge quarrel ensued in the Edwards Residence, and he moved out completely. With that, their happy little family was broken beyond rescue. Sulking alone at home, Cooper did not allow anybody, except Annabel, to approach him.

In a flash, half a month passed by without any signs of reconciliation. Finally, a mysterious and cautious message was secretly sent out of the country through Annabel’s phone…

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