My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1068

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1068

The smile on the imposter’s face was wiped off when she heard what Cooper had said. There’s no way he has found out about this! I’ve prepared for this mission for more than ten years, and I’ve left no traces behind. Even if they’ve figured out that I had sent a message to Ronney City, there’s no way…
Cooper never answered her question and left with Linus in a hurry. After they took a turn, Lucky ran to them as it wagged its tail. Delighted, Linus stroked the dog’s head.
In fact, the moment the imposter appeared, Cooper had figured out most of the things, but what he needed was the exact location. The imposter’s plan was impeccable, and she was backed by a powerful force. If Cooper pressed on, his enemies would be alerted. Therefore, he chose to be patient until this day and eventually found out the location.

Of course, Lucky’s death was faked. Cooper bought a chunk of pork and claimed that it was Lucky’s flesh so that Linus and him could pretend to fall out. During this period of time, Lucky had been staying with Sophia because she had pets herself, so she would always give proper food to the animals. Therefore, Lucky had been eating the same food as her orange cats. Now that the imposter was busted, Lucky could go back to its owner. Linus was joyful that his dog had grown fatter.

Equally jolly, Cooper put on a bright smile. The real Annabel is in Ronney City. Anna, I’m going to meet you!

In the study, the imposter gritted her teeth and tried to get up, even though she was soaked in blood. Cooper will never kill me because I know a secret he’s dying to find out!

Seeing this, Sophia strode forward and gave her a forceful slap. With red finger marks on her face, the imposter glared at Sophia, who then landed another slap on her face.

“These two slaps are for my daughter. After this, you shall go to hell!” Sophia growled.

Since her identity had been exposed, the imposter, whose face was identical to Annabel, put on a hideous expression and spat out some blood. Leaning against the desk, she raised her chin in a haughty manner.

“Does your dad really want to kill me? Haha. I know a secret he’s desperate to find out. I want him to kneel before me and beg me to tell him about this!” Now that her blood was still streaming out from the wounds caused by gunshots, her voice had weakened.

After Cooper shot her a few times with his pistol, he directly turned to leave because there was no way she could survive. If it weren’t because he had to take revenge for his kids, he wouldn’t even talk to a petty person like her.

However, Sophia wouldn’t let this revolting woman die so easily. This woman still thinks that my dad is reluctant to kill her. She falsely believes that her death will mean a loss to my dad, so she’s acting in an arrogant manner now. I have to make sure she’ll die with regrets and embarrassment, Sophia thought.

With her arms crossed, Sophia paced around and said in a derisive tone, “You had successfully fooled me with your impeccable acting skill and disguise because I had never met my mother before. It took me a long time to figure out that you’re just an imposter.”

The imposter arched her brow haughtily.

“But…” All of a sudden, Sophia raised her voice and said in a confident way, “My dad had seen through your disguise, but he chose to play along with you. Do you know why?”

The imposter snorted. Blood had formed a puddle around her. She was waiting for Cooper to appear at the door because she didn’t believe that he would let her die. Doesn’t he want to know Annabel’s whereabouts?

Seeing through her intentions, Sophia said in an impassive manner, “Stop looking. My dad won’t come because he has already found out what he wants to know, so you’re basically useless to us now. The reason I’m still talking to you is only because I don’t want to let you die so easily.”

Naturally, the imposter didn’t believe her. Since she approached Cooper, she had been very careful with her actions and never contacted her master. With such an impeccable plan in place, there was no way Cooper could have found out anything.

Sophia then went on to break this harsh truth to her. “Your imitation of my mother was perfect. Even my dad thought that you were her for a moment. However, your biggest mistake was that your imitation was too perfect.”

Lowering her body, Sophia pinched the imposter’s chin and examined her face, which was being gradually drained of blood. If it weren’t for the fact that the imposter was such a devious woman, she was the perfect exemplification of the kind of woman Sophia imagined her mother to be. Observing the imposter’s manner of speaking and posture, for a moment, Sophia thought that her mother was just like that.

“If you wanted to imitate my mother perfectly, there was no way you could do this by just taking a brief look at her. So, you must have either been living with her, or you have been observing her behavior for a long time. Your appearance proves that my mother is still alive. You’re a well-trained secret agent, so there’s no use going hard on you. That’s why we decided to play along and get more information out of you when you became complacent.”

Hearing this, the imposter appeared to be slightly flustered, for she didn’t expect that there was such a huge flaw in her seemingly impeccable plan. Unresigned, she gnashed her teeth and snarled, “So what if you’ve found out about this? You can never locate her!”

Sophia guffawed. “It was just a guess. Now you’ve confirmed it for us!”

The imposter gulped, for she didn’t expect that she had fallen into her trap. Then, she laughed hysterically and raised her chin to face Sophia so that she wouldn’t appear to be weak. “Yes, your mother is still alive, but it’s pointless for Cooper to look for her. He’s loyal to Annabel, but she doesn’t love him at all! Just like myself, Annabel is just a tool that was used to go against Cooper! When he gets to the truth one day, he’ll realize that Annabel is nothing more than a devious and lowly woman. By then, you and your brother will end up like the baby in my belly! Cooper dotes on the two of you because you’re Annabel’s kids. If he figures out that she’s been making use of him, he’ll kill the two of you. You and your brother are the most pitiful people on earth because you’re mere tools for Annabel to threaten Cooper. If it weren’t because there was a change of plan, both of you would—”

“Shut up!” Enraged, Sophia pounced on her and clenched her neck. If it weren’t for the fact that she was a frail woman, she would have already broken her neck on the spot. “I will never allow you to defame my mother! You don’t even deserve to mention her name!”

Seeing that Sophia had lost control, Michael grabbed her wrists and pulled her away. “Sophia, restrain yourself. We have to keep her alive!”

After Sophia was lugged away, she kept kicking in the air and snarled, “B*tch! I will kill you!”

Seeing how discomfited Sophia was, the imposter laughed arrogantly. In spite of her weakened voice, she said in an insolent manner, “Sophia, do you get it now? Cooper is the cruelest man in the world. He could fake his death and abandon his father for so many years, and he could kill my child in an unfeeling manner. So, he will also kill you and your brother coldly. Both of you are pathetic!”

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