My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1075

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1075

Although Sophia kept saying ‘Let’s not do that’ and ‘It’s not appropriate’, in the end, she still left quickly with Sarah and got into the car with the driver. She managed to obtain Michael’s location and found that he was at the Audistin clubhouse.

Audistin was a chain brand involved in many sectors. Other than fitness, dance, yoga, and spa, it was also involved in hunting, shooting, karaoke and bar. In fact, it covered almost all types of luxury entertainment the rich enjoyed and was Harry Winston and Mr. Nobody’s territory.

Sophia was apprehensive, but Sarah was all fired up. The latter almost grabbed the former into Audistin and went straight to the private room.

“How bold of him. Does he think you’re a pushover just because you don’t find fault with him all the time? How dare he meet a fan!”

Sarah was more agitated than Sophia as she cursed all the way. As for Sophia, she didn’t say a word but nervously followed Sarah closely.

Her heart pounded fast as she wondered what kind of fan Michael was meeting.

They finally arrived in front of Michael’s private room. There were two people guarding the door. Sarah commanded her bodyguards to suppress the two men while she kicked the door open and yelled, “Michael Fletcher! How dare you meet a fan!”

Sophia also hurried into the private room to take a look. On hearing the noise, a dozen bodyguards in black looked up, slid their hands into the pockets of their clothes, and lifted their guns simultaneously. Only when they recognized it was Sophia and Sarah did they put their guns away.

The room was decorated in an old and elegant style, and a harpist was playing the harp to the side. In the center of the room were a table, a chessboard, and two people sitting on both sides of the chessboard. One of them was naturally Michael all dressed up, while the other one was an old man with a young appearance, despite the white hair on his head.

The old man’s face was soft and kind. His all-white beard was so long that it was tied into a pigtail and drooped in front of him.

The atmosphere turned awkward all of a sudden as everyone looked at Sophia and Sarah, who had barged in.

Sophia looked at the old man across from Michael incredulously—this was that ‘sultry-looking fan with a figure that she would kill for’?

Things seemed to be completely different from what she had imagined.

Sarah was also extremely mortified. After standing there in a daze for two seconds, her attitude suddenly changed, and she hurriedly said to Sophia, “I knew it. Michael is definitely not that kind of person! We really made a blunder, didn’t we? Ah… Uh… I’m not feeling well, so I’ll go back first.”

With that, she took her own men and hurried away, leaving Sophia to face the people in this room alone.

Sophia looked at Michael with embarrassment.

Should I smile or pretend to get mad at him? Wait! I think I should decide if I stay or leave now. Oh Lord!

Michael looked at the two people who had suddenly appeared. As he stared at Sarah, who had left because she suddenly wasn’t feeling well, he was startled for a second before seemingly understanding what was going on. Finally, he couldn’t help but lower his head and smile to himself.

He beckoned to Sophia. “Come here, chica. What are you standing there for?”

Sophia went over to him hesitatingly, blushing with embarrassment.

In order to ‘catch him red-handed’ more easily, she had deliberately worn light clothing. She was only clad in a blouse and jeans with a pair of sneakers on her feet. Her figure was petite, her look was youthful, and her skin was fair. With her adorable features that were currently trying to look as innocent as possible after doing something wrong, she looked completely like a teenage girl.

When she came up, the old man opposite Michael lifted his reading glasses and looked Sophia up and down. Then, he tsked, saying, “Your daughter is all grown up now. I’m afraid it’s a bit late for her to join the ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ show.”

Sophia was dumbfounded at his words, after which Michael smiled and said, “This is my wife.”

Realization dawned on the old man as he exclaimed, “Oh, the ex-wife whom you divorced… I know that.”

Michael patiently explained, “My father-in-law did not approve of our relationship before, so we got a divorce temporarily to make him happy. Now that he has approved of us, we plan to remarry some other day.”

The old man became very angry. “How could there be such a father-in-law! Who does he like if he doesn’t like such a great son-in-law as you!”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he remembered that Sophia was still there, and immediately said to her with a pleasant expression and a calm tone, “Don’t think too much. I’m not talking about you.”

The two continued to play chess. Hale brought a chair for Sophia, so she sat next to Michael and watched them play chess.

The two chatted while playing chess; all they talked about was Michael’s recent schedule and projects.

“When are you shooting ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’? When will it be aired on TV? How many episodes are you planning to air?”

“You’re done filming ‘Doctor Invincible 2’? What are you filming next?”

“The Dragon Eye mobile phone you endorsed is really easy to use. My family only uses phones of this brand now. Oh, and the stainless steel washbasin you endorsed is of good quality!”

It was obvious that he was a true fan of Michael’s.

Michael asked Sophia in a low voice when he was playing chess, “Why did you suddenly come?”

Being called out of her behavior, Sophia was embarrassed. How could she say that she had come over to catch him red-handed with some woman?

After thinking about it, she gave a foolproof yet very wholesome answer. “I miss you.”

Michael’s slender fingers were holding a chess piece. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but pause in his movement. After gently putting down the chess piece, he turned to look at Sophia with a gentle smile.

“Then sit here with me to accompany Mr. Osborne.”

He added, “This is an old acquaintance of mine, Mr. Osborne. He’s the world’s most famous master of traditional Cethosian art. He also has many accomplishments in calligraphy. Mr. Osborne has lived abroad for decades, and it’s a rare occasion that he’s here in Cethos with us today.”

After being reminded by Michael, Sophia suddenly remembered the name, Louis Osborne.

The most well-known master of Cethosian art among the overseas Cethosians was not only a master of Cethosian art, but he was also renowned at home and abroad in his calligraphy. Recently, he was holding a private art exhibition in Bayside City. Cooper had, with much difficulty, obtained a ticket, and the exhibition would be launched in two days.

Unexpectedly, the master himself was here.

Cooper also liked Cethosian calligraphy very much. His own work was stunning and powerful, but the quality of his work was still far behind compared to Mr. Osborne’s. In fact, he had always admired Louis Osborne very much.

But who knew that Louis Osborne was actually Michael’s fan!

After the two of them played chess, Louis ordered someone to lay out the paper so that he could write a few words for Michael as a gift.

Certainly, Master Osborne’s writing was exceptional; it was priceless!

Thus, Sophia also rushed forward with a reverent look.

“Grandpa, your brush.” The girl playing the harp stepped up. She had already prepared the ink for Louis.

She turned out to be none other than Louis’s granddaughter.

As soon as Sophia entered the door, she noticed the girl, who looked delicate and very beautiful. She appeared to be about twenty years old and had very slender fingers. Sophia had thought she was a musician hired by Audistin, but who knew the girl was someone this important?

Today, Louis happily wrote piece after piece of calligraphy for Michael, who also specially asked for a copy of ‘Beyond the Border’ for his young-looking father-in-law.

After finishing his writing, Louis took out a couple of posters and a bunch of original collector’s edition DVDs, then piled them in front of Michael. “Come, sign here, and here too…”

Michael picked up his signing pen and signed everywhere that Louis had pointed out. Sitting to the side, Louis stroked his beard and smiled fatuously.

He was thinking to himself, Oh my God, how can there be such an amazing young man in this world!

The more I look at him, the more I like him! How I wish to kidnap him and lock him up so that I can look at him every day!

No, the one rule of any fandom is to stay close to the idol’s works and stay away from his personal life!

I need to restrain myself!

After the signing and gifting, Louis saw that Sophia was still empty-handed and felt guilty. He thought that he should give a little something to her as well. Looking around him, he saw that harp.

“Anne, give the harp to Sophia as a gift.”

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