My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1079

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1079

As Michael, who accompanied Sophia, walked in the door, he saw a classy lady in the private room who seemed to be in her early 30s. She was extremely beautiful, so if she were a few years younger, she’d definitely be a veritable beauty, though she was also no slouch now. Judging from her aura, she was definitely from a wealthy family. Mrs. Anna Yard? And she even seems acquainted with Sophia. Anna… could it be what I’m thinking? It was exactly as he thought.

Never had Sophia expected that the person she saw the moment she opened the door would be Anna Yard, the person who held the real power in Yard Group and the mother of Cade and Callum Yard!

Upon seeing her, Anna put down the teacup in her hand and raised her head a fraction. “Have a seat,” she murmured elegantly.

Sophia was still flustered from astonishment, but a flurry of movements came from the cat carrier in the hands of Hale who came with them. As soon as the cat carrier was opened, General who was inside leaped out and flew into Anna’s arm, meowing loudly. Meow! The sound was long and piercing, carrying the joy of seeing its owner while also complaining at the same time—I was at a commoner’s house yesterday, and the cat food was horrible! They even had a litter of local breeds that batted me!

Cuddling the cat, Anna stroked it lovingly for a while before having her assistant take it away. As she did so, she smilingly said to Sophia, “I’m sorry, but this cat grew up in the Yard Family, so it only eats the cat food made from the recipe passed down during the imperial times of the Yard Dynasty.”

Sophia gave a dry chuckle before sitting down on the sofa across from Anna. “I didn’t know it’s your cat, Mrs. Yard. No wonder it’s so elegant.”

This is also a descendant of the Imperial cat? It’s very much different compared to the ancient Imperial Palace’s Imperial cat!

At this time, Michael quietly sat down beside Sophia as well. Then, he scrutinized the woman in front of him. So, she’s Anna Yard. He surreptitiously studied her face, but it was entirely different from the Annabel Johnson he imagined. No matter her countenance, aura, or temperament, they’re two entirely different people, and she never had cosmetic surgery.

The only picture left of Annabel Johnson is that of her at 18 or 19 years old. Meanwhile, a woman’s countenance is wholly different when she’s in her teens than when she’s 45 or 46 years old. There’s a 20 plus year gap, and the life experience throughout that time is sufficient to render one’s temperament and countenance completely different. So, is she Annabel Johnson? Unfortunately, I’ve never really interacted with that mother-in-law of mine, so Cooper may be the only who can tell.

But if she’s really Annabel Johnson, she already has another family. If I tell Sophia and Cooper about her, how would they be able to accept it? After mulling it over, Michael nixed the idea. If Anna Yard is truly Annabel Johnson, it’s fate that they met again. Fate is in God’s hands, so I don’t need to do anything deliberate. They’ll recognize the relationship between them when the time is right.

Anna personally poured Sophia a cup of tea, her long and slender fingers exceedingly delicate and lovely. As she did so, she remarked, “I brought General to the ancient Imperial Palace yesterday, but it unexpectedly got lost. I searched for an eternity.”

The Yard Family originated around the Lombardi River where their political power was also centralized. When their imperial power was later demolished, their palace was torched by the peasant army. The previous dynasty replicated the Yard Family’s palace to the current Bayside City, turning it to the ancient Imperial Palace today that still preserved some of the structure of the Yard Family back then. If it were a few hundred years ago, she could probably enter the ancient Imperial Palace freely, but she now needed an admission ticket, so she probably felt a tad resentful.

Sophia didn’t know what to say to that, so she chortled. “There are indeed a lot of people in the ancient Imperial Palace, so even a lost person would be difficult to find, let alone a cat.” Picking up the tea Anna slipped over to her, she lightly took a sip. It’s sweet and fragrant. It’s quality tea.

The two of them chatted as they drank tea, merely talking about cats, dogs, and the magnificent view in Bayside City instead of anything serious. Michael was merely an ornament, for he rarely said a word.

Anna seldom came to Cethos. This time, she was only accompanying her son here. The Yard Family had long since known that there was no hope in recovering their power, so they’d given up on that. As they merely wanted to make money, they’d long made peace with Cethos and forged a collaboration. The Yard Family now wanted to expand their business to Cethos, so both Callum and Cade had been in Bayside for some time, even having attended Sophia’s banquet.

“Are you planning to go all out in developing the Cethos market now, Mrs. Yard?” Sophia asked as she poured some tea for herself.

Although Anna put her cup down, her elegant countenance carried a hint of amiable smile. “While the Yard Group has always been abroad all these years, the Yard Family’s descendants have always known their origins. Hence, returning to Cethos has always been Yard Group’s desire. Despite having made some historical blunders in the past, it’s a culmination of our ancestors’ wish many years ago that we get to return peacefully now.”

Sophia nodded unceasingly though one couldn’t be certain whether she’d truly digested it or she was merely feigning understanding. “If so, the collaboration between us will definitely grow by leaps and bounds in the future,” she said.

However, Anna was very much courteous in her reply. “No, no. If Yard Group truly wants to enter the Cethos market, we still need a lot of help from you, Madam Edwards.”

Michael had been listening quietly. He couldn’t join the conversation since the two women were talking, but he kept an eye on Anna’s expressions and movements. She seems extremely friendly without being distant at all when talking to Sophia, but it’s not because she has a pleasant attitude. Rather, she has a high EQ. She controls the entire Yard Family and is known for being cold and merciless, so she’s definitely not a simple person.

After drinking tea with Anna and adding each other on Messenger, Sophia left happily. Then, she posted it to her IG Stories. Ah, I’m the poorest of them all!

After having met Anna, Michael went about his own business, while Sophia went for a facial. Well, Anna Yard must be 40 or 50 years old at least, but she has beautiful hair, her hair plentiful, black, and lustrous. Even her skin is extremely supple without much wrinkles. If I could have her beauty at that age, I’d be willing to shave a few years off my life!

Unexpectedly, Sophia caught sight of someone she knew when she turned a corner. “Hey, Stan! You’re here for a blind date?” She saw Stanley at a single glance. This fella is dressed decently and classily with a white shirt, having even shaved his beard and wearing his precious, limited-edition L/K. Usually, he wears short pants littered with dog and cat fur at home, but there isn’t a single fur on him today! Judging from his dressing, he’s definitely here for a blind date!

Pleasant surprise filled Stanley’s face at the sight of her. “You’re here, Aunt? Please save me!” Pulling her into a corner, he solemnly admitted, “My father forced me here today for a blind date again. I asked Sean to come here with Maisie and mess things up, but he said he’s caught in traffic, so he might not make it. You must help me, Aunt!”

All the hairs on Sophia’s arms rose. “Help you? I’m not going to pretend to be your girlfriend. Your uncle is here, so he might just kill you!”

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