My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1094

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1094

Comparison was the source of all discontent. Once, they’d derided those who’d gone over to Cooper’s side as being too dumb to judge the situation, but their young lady had now pinned theirs to the ground, yet they didn’t even dare retaliate.

As Sophia watched as the Mitchells carried Sandra away with their tails between their legs and disappeared into the exhibition hall, she was still feeling peeved. Upon seeing that Linus wasn’t saying anything, she instantly urged, “Don’t take their words to heart, Linus.”

Linus caressed her head gently. “I’m fine,” he reassured.

Grabbing his hand, Sophia tugged at it slightly. “You’ve always been the pride of our family, Linus. Dad is always asking me to learn from you!”

Warmth infused Linus. Truly, I’ve got the best father and sister in the world! Dad is aware of my sexual orientation, but he has never interfered. He’s really open-minded. Sophia, on the other hand, has never had a problem with me liking men. In this family, no one ever thought that I’m a monster. How nice… This family is truly great! However, he knew that the Mitchell Family would never accept it. They’ll definitely use my sexual orientation to kick up a fuss, but so what?

All the Mitchells sat at a table. It was rare that everyone was sitting here today to receive some exposure to art. All of them found those few slaps of Sophia impressive since Sandra indeed had a foul mouth.

All of a sudden, Sophia felt a burning sensation in her back. The moment she glanced over her shoulder, she noticed Lucy staring at her. Lucy was drinking alone, and she quickly averted her gaze the moment she saw Sophia looking at her. Nevertheless, Sophia still felt that her gaze earlier was brimming with sorrow.

Lucy Edwards is really a tad strange these days. She helped Sandra settle the open and secret dual-priced contracts, invested a lot of money in her project, and even facilitated her meeting with Billy Kim. Besides, she also rebranded King—the luxury brand for pets Sandra previously ruined—to go head-to-head with Pourl. It’s truly puzzling… Could it be that Sandra has some dirt on her? But she’s such a strong woman, independent and outstanding. What could Sandra have on her? Because of her, it’s been rather difficult for me to eliminate this signature advocate of Alex Mitchell, so I should really take some time to investigate her.

As the exhibition was drawing to its end, Michael came looking for Sophia with Carmen. Carmen was pretty tired after all the exposure she’d gotten today, so she was dozing off in Michael’s arms. Cooper, however, had disappeared somewhere. The curtain is falling on the exhibition, yet Dad hasn’t even seen Louis Osborne. If he misses him this time, it’ll be a long wait before he’ll get to see him next time. They then phoned Cooper, but he said he wanted some time alone and would go home by himself later. Sophia then bid Louis farewell. She initially wanted to also bid the Yard twins and Anna farewell but found it rather abrupt to seek them without a prior appointment, so she returned home with Michael first.

Meanwhile, Anne and the Yards discussed building an ancestral hall since they’d returned to their homeland. In the end, they decided to have dinner together. Anne happily went in search of Louis as she contemplated a name that would be worthy of her identity. No, I’ve got to find myself a husband first! Stanley Fletcher, Michael Fletcher, and the likes aren’t worthy of me. I want to find someone like the head of the Michel Family, Fass Michel! While rumor has it that he has a daughter who’s pretty old, his brother named Linus or something will do. When I’ve changed my last name in the future, I’ll be able to associate with top-notch people like them. I’ll definitely figure out a way to meet Linus! I’m going to be a princess very soon, so I’ve got to find my destined Prince Charming!

Unexpectedly, her enthusiastic footsteps abruptly came to a halt at the corner as she seemingly spotted something. She saw a man standing quietly before a window in the corridor ahead. The man was tall and slim, his profile more than perfect. From his looks, he appeared to be in his early 30s. His gaze shone with profound maturity, the blue of his eyes bright and alluring as the ocean. He seemed to be of mixed blood. A fallen leaf fluttered in, upon which he stretched out a hand and caught one. He gazed at the leaf caught between his long and slender fingers, his mind wandering to thoughts unknown as his eyes teemed with grief.

He merely stood there silently, forming a beautiful picture of a tragic song. It held Anne so transfixed that her steps ceased, and she stood there looking at him quietly. Has he experienced something devastating? From his back, she could see the sorrow that overflowed from the depths of his soul. He’s a person with a story.

Out of the blue, the man seemed to have sensed that someone was watching him furtively. All at once, his sorrowful gaze turned forbidding and domineering. “Who’s there?” he demanded frigidly.

Anne jumped in fright. When the man’s gaze shifted to her, she felt her breath catching in that instance. The man’s powerful aura and shockingly handsome countenance stole her every breath, depriving her brain of oxygen that she couldn’t think for a moment, merely staring at him blankly. For the first time, her usually eloquent self was rendered speechless.

The man nonchalantly glanced at her. Upon seeing that she was a young girl, he didn’t take offense to her and whirled around to leave.

Anne, on the other hand, was gripped by shock. She’d never seen such a unique man—handsome, mysterious, and powerful. The moment the man disappeared from sight, the powerful aura vanished as well. As a breath of fresh air entered her nostrils, she finally snapped back to her senses, only to immediately chase after the man.

“Sir! Sir, wait a moment…” She’d never felt as bold as she did in that moment as she called out to him. She felt as though she’d regret it for the rest of her life if she didn’t call him back. However, never could she have known that she’d suffer for the rest of her life just because she called out to him.

“What is it?” The man turned back, his gaze still as indifferent as ever.

Mustering her courage, Anne stepped forward and tried her best to control the stammer in her voice. “You must be here to attend the solo exhibition of my grandfather, Master Louis Osborne,” she noted. When she drew near to him, she suddenly felt his aura growing increasingly distinct the closer she was. At this, the man nodded slightly.

“Why don’t you go and discuss the finer points of things with my grandfather?” she instantly blurted.

The man’s voice was low yet devoid of emotion. “Mr. Osborne is a busy person, so I won’t intrude.”

Anne, however, immediately countered, “My grandfather is free now, so I’ll take you to him!” After saying that, she led him to Louis. I’ve decided on him! I don’t want any prince or rich heir. Instead, I want this man!

Thus, the man followed her lead to Louis.

Louis’ private exhibition was drawing to an end, so he happened to have his head raised, looking everywhere for Anne. He’d particularly asked his fellow acquaintances to bring along their unmarried descendants to this exhibition today, hoping that she’d take a fancy to one of them. To his surprise, he caught sight of her approaching excitedly with a man in no time.

Nudging his reading glasses, he scrutinized the man. Hmm… he looks pretty decent, so it seems that Anne has quite some taste. But he appears to be somewhat up in years. No matter how I look at him, he can’t be any younger than 30 years old. Nonetheless, 30 isn’t too old. After all, my idol, Michael Fletcher, is already 40 years old, and this man looks much younger than him.

Bringing the man over to him, Anne exuberantly exclaimed, “This is my new friend, Grandpa! His name is Cooper Mitchell, and he’s your long-time fan!”

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