My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1104

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1104

After Sophia called her father and made sure that he had left without being held up by Anne, she heaved a sigh of relief and went on discussing business with Anna to see if they could cooperate in other areas.

Anna had been looking for a new building to be the headquarters for Ronney Group in Cethos. Also, she donated some artefacts to the museums, met the Cethosian president and went on the television show ‘Focal Point’. Now that her family had reconciled with Cethos, it was time for her to expand her business in the country.

However, Ronney Group had always been involved in the manufacturing of luxury goods. On the other hand, Michel Group was involved in various industries including arms, biopharmaceuticals, mining and high-tech products. Meanwhile, Sophia’s businesses included mobile games and luxury goods for pets. So, it was difficult for them to get into any kind of business partnerships with the Yards.

Nevertheless, it did not stop Sophia from chatting happily with Anna. Even if their discussion did not lead to any partnership, Sophia had a lot to learn from this wise woman. In the past, Anna was basically helpless when she returned to the Yard Family. From there, she managed to destroy the branch families and distant relatives, eventually becoming the leader of the Yards. She’s really something.

Anna was fond of Carmen, so she took over the kid from Michael and held her in her arms. Since Carmen was exhausted from following the adults around, she nodded off in Anna’s arms.

Gazing at Carmen, Anna found her to be adorable. She had never liked kids, and she did not even raise her own sons personally. However, when she was with Carmen, not only did she not loathe her, but she was also keen on carrying her in her arms.

Just then, Anne came back to the room, looking frustrated. She believed that it had to be Sophia’s plot to stop Cooper from getting closer to her because if she married Cooper, Sophia would inherit fewer properties in the future.

What a joke. Is the Mitchells’ wealth even comparable to us? It is beneath me to marry Cooper. His wealth isn’t even what I’m after! He should be grateful that I’m even willing to marry him!

Seeing that Sophia and Anna were joyfully chatting with each other, Anne shifted her attention to Jordan and said bashfully, “Uncle Jordan…”

Jordan was speaking to Cade when he was interrupted by Anne. Even though he was displeased, he still kept a gentle smile on his face. In fact, he had learned about what happened with Cooper and Anne.

Does Anne want to marry Cooper? That sounds like a good idea. Since Anne doesn’t have the right to inherit any properties and shares, it’s okay to let her marry Cooper.

On the other hand, Anna, who was carrying Carmen, suddenly asked the silent Linus, “Mr. Michel, how do you think Ronney Group and Michel Group can collaborate?”

Linus was stroking General when he was asked this question. Having been caught off guard, he blurted, “I think there’s no area where we can collaborate.”

Anna hurriedly asked, “Why?”

Linus replied impassively, “Michel Group is involved in developing technology, while Ronney Group is in the business of creating artworks. Sometimes, technology and art cannot be put together.”

Without delving into this statement, Anna smiled and changed the topic. “I heard that after you’ve declared that Cooper is your father publicly, your position within Michel Group has been affected. Do you regret this decision?”

Linus shook his head. “Even if it affects my future, I will never regret my decision. Although I may lose my status, I can still start over on my own. However, if I did not get to find my family members, that would have been the biggest regret of my life.”

Then, he flashed a gentle smile at Sophia. Even if I will lose my duty at Michel Group for recognizing Cooper to be my father, I will never regret it. For me, my family members are the most important people in my life. I will not make the same mistake again!

Hearing the answer, Anna sneered. “Is familial bond even worth the risk? Aren’t you afraid that you will lose all your power and prestige because of this?”

At the moment, Linus was still stroking General’s head. The cat was a proud animal. Apart from Anna, it would scratch anyone who dared to approach it. However, on this day, it stayed in Linus’s arms and even rubbed its body against him.

While Linus was playing with the cat, he gave Anna a look and answered curtly, “I’m not afraid of this because I have my own power.”

Looking back, he found himself to be really foolish in the past. Even though he had taken full control of Michel Group, he still couldn’t feel assured, for he was afraid that someone would snatch everything from him one day. With this worry in his mind, he couldn’t sleep well almost every night.

Now that he thought about it, he realized that rather than being afraid of losing his prestige, he was most fearful of losing Cooper and his trust.

Then, he shifted his attention back to the cat and stopped talking to Anna.

He knew that Anna was their biological mother, but he was also aware that she had given up on them. The reason she even wanted them to be born was that she needed to make use of them to go against Cooper.

Anna might appear to be a benevolent lady, but she was in fact the tyrannical leader of Ronney Group.

Linus did not want to speak to her any further nor have anything to do with her, for he was afraid that Cooper and Sophia might get harmed by her. They had a harmonious family currently, and he did not want it to be destroyed by someone else.

In the end, their discussion did not lead to any partnerships, but Sophia was still glad for having this talk. Anna even gave her the umbrella and a few rolls of silk. In return, Sophia passed her some local specialties.

Before dinner time, they bade each other farewell.

Sophia and Linus left together and entered the same car.

Looking at the brother and sister, Anna could feel that a strange feeling was welling up within her, but she couldn’t put that feeling into words. She just felt that she would miss them.

After they were gone, she got into her car and left the place.

In the morning, Cade and Callum found a suitable building to be their headquarters, so they were going to sign the contract later, and they also managed to get Anne to go home on her own. Subsequently, Anna and Jordan got into their car and returned to the hotel.

As soon as Anna got into the vehicle, Jordan wrapped his arm around her waist, but she was apparently disgusted by his action.

“Get your hands off me!” In an instant, Anna’s gaze turned dark, and she appeared to be as majestic as a queen.

Shocked by her rage, Jordan retracted his hand and said relentlessly, “Anna, so many years have passed, but I still can’t touch you…” He sounded rather pitiful.

Anna looked away coldly. “You’re well aware that I can’t tolerate any man touching me.”

Jordan had always known that she had this psychological disorder that made her unwilling to be touched by any man. In the past, she would even be flustered when she had to shake hands with another man.

All this while, she had been refraining from getting into physical contact with any man, including Jordan and her sons. Furthermore, Cade and Callum were test tube babies born by another woman.

When she was younger, she had gone through a traumatic ordeal. Even if she had forgotten about it, she was still left with a serious psychological disorder.

However, Jordan wondered why instead of getting better, her psychological disorder seemed to have worsened after thirty years. Is it really because of her psychological disorder? Or does she think that she doesn’t need me anymore?

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