My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1105

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1105
In the past, Anna was just one of the many secret agents Jordan had trained. After he discovered that she was an eligible heir to the Yard Family, he helped her return to her family, protected her and even assisted her in taking control of her family business.

She was infertile, so he found her a surrogate mother, who then gave birth to their twins, Cade and Callum. The twins, who were part of the Yard Family, strengthened Anna’s position within the family.

Then, she started to change.

Initially, she had to rely on him for her own survival, so she would do whatever she was told to do.

At that time, Jordan had countless women to sleep with every night, so Anna was just one of his bedmates. She couldn’t even be regarded as his woman because she was just a lowly servant who could be kicked away at any moment.

After taking over the Yard Family, she remained respectful of him and never dared to disobey his orders. On the other hand, he made every business decision behind the scenes and assisted their sons to rise to power.

His twin sons inherited his good genes, so they grew up to be successful businessmen as well. With Anna, Cade and Callum in place, the Yard Family was well within his control.

Then, Anna began to change. She transformed from a timid and insignificant person into the brightest star the world had ever seen.

The process was long and gradual. When Jordan noticed her transformation, she was already out of his grip.

Nevertheless, he was unresigned because he firmly believed that both the Yard Family and Anna belonged to him. Not only did he want her to stay by his side, but her heart, which Cooper could only long for, was also supposed to belong to him.

When Sophia returned home with bags in her hands, dinner was ready to be served. After taking a shower in Villa No. 2, Linus, who had brought his fur kids along, came to have dinner with them.

After Linus moved into Villa No. 2, Michael discovered that he had taken in more dogs, whose names were Blessing, Lucky, Happy, Cutie, Bobby and so on.

Linus had never given any serious thought when naming his dogs, and his fur kids, which were mostly rescued from the streets, looked identical. Therefore, Michael seriously thought that Linus only had one dog all this while, and that he just called the same dog different names from time to time.

Also, he didn’t like the fact that Linus came to have free meals with his fur kids. With so many dogs with him, he should just open a pet shop! Even if we’re rich, we are not supposed to spend so much money on dog food!

However, he then recalled that his family had purchased some diamond mines in Africa, so they could totally spend lavishly on dog food.

Meanwhile, even the night-shift security guard and the cats from the Imperial Palace were here to enjoy free meals. After examining the bracelet, the rolls of silk and the umbrella, which were all gifted by Anna, with the help of a flashlight, the security guard commented, “We have the same kind of bracelet at the museum, which was discovered when the archeologists were unearthing the royal tomb. Given its historical significance, the bracelet is worth about a few million. These rolls of silk are ‘The Fragrant Silk’ as recorded in ancient books, which was a kind of fabric exclusive to the imperial family. The weaving technique has been lost to time. Smell it and you’ll discover that there’s a special aroma coming from the fabric. No one knows how it was made or what ingredients were used. It’s stated in the ancient books that the aroma of the silk will not wear off no matter how many times you wash it. We once discovered this kind of silk from a tomb years ago, but as soon as the tomb was opened, the silk decomposed within a few minutes. Until now, we haven’t had any real samples of it. On the other hand, there’s nothing special with this umbrella. It’s made using a traditional technique and modern materials. However, it’s still valuable because Louis Osborne has painted on it.”

Sophia asked the security guard to stay for dinner because he was a knowledgeable man. Even Linus decided to bring over his collection of antiques for him to have a look.

After what happened earlier, Linus had thought that Cooper would throw a tantrum just like what he previously did. However, to his surprise, Cooper didn’t seem to be different from his usual self. He didn’t only come downstairs for dinner on time, but he also stayed in the living room to watch television.

Worried about his father-in-law, Michael went over and asked, “Dad, are you really okay? You can tell us about it.”

Cooper shot him a stern look. “Do you expect something to happen to me?”

Stunned by his grim expression, Michael hurriedly replied, “No…”

Feeling that something was definitely wrong with her father, Sophia asked, “Dad, are you upset because of Anne? Don’t worry. I won’t let her pester you again.”

When he heard his daughter speak, Cooper immediately changed his stern expression to a mild one. While clasping her hands, he replied, “Don’t worry. I’m not upset about anything. After all, I have experienced countless difficulties in life.”

Yeah, I’m Cooper Mitchell, who has gone through the vicissitudes of life. Maybe I’m just reading too much into this.

Just like what he usually did, after watching television for a while, he washed up and went to bed.

Meanwhile, Sophia returned to her bedroom and tried to coax Carmen to sleep.

Carmen had to go to bed early recently because she was going to join the reality show ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ soon.

After that, Sophia took a seat in Carmen’s Treasure Nook and wiped the bracelet clean before placing it in the drawer.

Inside Carmen’s spacious bedroom, there were a closet and a training room. She also had a secret space where she stored her secrets.

Well, kids do have their own secrets, don’t they? Sophia thought.

This secret space was Carmen’s Treasure Nook, where she stored the money she made from playing walk-ons and endorsing brands.

The rewards given by her kindergarten and the allowances given by her family members were also kept here. For the larger chunks of money, she would keep them in her bank account. If it was a small pile of cash, she would tie it up with a rubber band until she had accumulated enough cash to be stashed away in her bank account.

The bowl given by Louis and the bracelet she received from Anna on this day were also deposited in this secret space.

Also, Carmen had been selling autographed photos of her father and godfather at her kindergarten. Recently, the price of a photo had risen from ten to twenty. Moreover, if anyone wanted to go home with her and hug Michael, she would charge the person one hundred. In addition, she also rented out her alpacas to be stroked, and the fee for this service spiked up from time to time.

This was perhaps because of Carmen’s improvement in her arithmetic skills. When she could only count to ten, she would just charge ten for her products or services. Now that she could count to one hundred, she started charging her customers one hundred.

For the past few days, she had earned some extra cash and placed the piles of cash in the drawer. It was Sophia who helped her sort out the cash and placed it neatly.

Just then, Michael came into the room and saw Sophia counting cash. In the past, she was the champion of counting cash at her school, and she knew a multitude of cash-counting techniques. Even though she had lost her memory, she could learn it quickly upon seeing how other people did it.

At the moment, she was counting Carmen’s cash in a skillful manner.

Then, Michael wrapped his arms around her and recalled that when he gave her some money during the New Year celebration years ago, she would be overjoyed and start counting the cash, just like what she was doing currently.

No matter how quickly time goes by, she will never change.

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