My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1127

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1127
Ever since she was recognized by the family, Xena had never mentioned anything about money to Anna. Except for their family name, Xena dared not ask for anything else!

Since ancient times, all of the Yard superiors were twins. Now that Anna was the only high-ranking Yard, Xena’s identity as her twin was an extremely sensitive topic. This was because she too had reasonable rights to the Yard Family’s inheritance, but she knew that Anna would never give it to her. In fact, she was rather fearful of her sister’s existence. Her good behavior was the only reason she was still alive right now.

However, if she started to ask for shares and the rights to her inheritance, it would be a futile attempt as Anna would undoubtedly make Xena disappear without a word.

Therefore, Xena had to prove herself at all costs, even if it meant killing Anne today!

Standing before Anna, she lashed out viciously at Anne.

However, up until now, Anne still did not know why Xena was lashing out at her.

She just wanted to have a part of their shares. Was that so wrong?

She grew up pampered and spoiled, so she had never suffered this badly before!

All this while, she led a carefree life, and Xena had never so much as chastised her before. So why was she beating her now?!

Stubbornness overtook her, and Anne suddenly got up to grab the whip that had yet to lash out. As her entire body trembled with pain, she raged against Xena. “What’s so wrong with me wanting shares? Ronney Group is the Yard Family’s property, and I’m a part of the family. I too have inheritance rights! Why can’t I have some shares? Even that cat, General, has some shares! So, why can’t I have some? Why not? I’m obviously a direct descendant of the Yard Family, but Cooper’s b*stard daughter called me an outsider to my face, all because I have no shares! If I had some shares, Cooper would already be engaged to me! I can’t take it! I can’t! I want Ronney Group’s shares!”

At this moment, Callum came to give Anna some documents but had unexpectedly heard Anne’s words as soon as he walked into the office.

He shook his head and gave a low chuckle. She’s so silly that it’s pathetic!

He walked in and placed the stack of documents on Anna’s desk.

Meanwhile, Xena was stunned by Anne’s remarks.

She’s going to bring the whole family trouble!

“You vile creature! I’ll strangle you to death!”

Crazed by anger, Xena rushed forward and throttled Anne, leaving her no room for escape. She choked her until her eyes rolled back into her head.

Although Anne had been pampered and spoiled since young, she was only in her early twenties, so she was much stronger than Xena—who was in her forties—and managed to choke her mother in return.

At this moment, Anna lifted her gaze. Callum immediately understood and dragged apart the mother-daughter duo, who were still strangling each other.

The world turned quiet at once.

Anna silently read through the documents, flipping one page after another.

After all this time, she was still more used to reading stuff on paper.

The stack of documents contained all of Sophia’s personal information. They had found everything they could, including details that most people would not be able to find.

Previously, Anna had roughly looked up Sophia’s information, but it was not as detailed as this.

Sophia’s life before she was eighteen was terribly tragic. She worked hard and tried to change her life through studying, but she was ill-fated and had even been molested as a child.

After the age of eighteen, her destiny took a sudden change. She got into Bayside University, where she excelled in her academics and career. During her time in school, she founded Plum Technology Co. Ltd., which was the predecessor of Plum Technology Group Co. Ltd.

At Bayside University, she was known as the smartest and prettiest girl, as well as the model entrepreneur on campus. Besides that, she was the daughter of the Edwards Family and the Mitchell Family, and was also a member of the champion team of the Esports World Championship.

As Anna flipped through Sophia’s life history, a glimmer of awe shone in her eyes.

It was as if she was watching a seed in the desert desperately trying to survive even though everything was extremely dry. Using its last bit of strength, it rolled forward; it was as insignificant as a grain of dust, but it had an unyielding soul. Even amidst all the dust, it knew that it was unique. Even though everything seemed hopeless, it still carried hope.

Sophia knew that she was not insignificant, nor was she a grain of dust. Even when she was surrounded by dust, she kept her uniqueness.

Until one day, the light she was waiting for appeared, and she managed to find fertile soil and water. With their nourishment, she soon took root and grew into a towering tree with luxuriant leaves and roots that ran deep.

After reading Sophia’s information, Anna set down her glasses and was about to speak when Callum suddenly held up a picture and said, “Mom, look. The girl in this picture looks a lot like you.”

Anna studied the picture. Sophia was still young, around eighteen or nineteen years old, and she was dressed in Bayside University’s uniform. With pearly-white teeth and bright, black eyes, she bore some resemblance to a younger Anna.

But ten years had passed, so her appearance had changed drastically. She was still a mixed-race girl, but her face had undergone surgery because of the injury she suffered. After all these years, her face had begun to look more and more westernized, but one could still vaguely see her original features.

“There is indeed some resemblance.”

The world was big, so it was nothing too strange.

A thought began to form in Anna’s mind, and she wanted to talk about it with Callum, but at this moment, a bodyguard brought Xena in.

Xena sobbed miserably. “It’s all my fault. I’ve spoiled her too much since she was young, always giving her the best. Now she’s developed into a person that’s unaware of proprieties. Don’t take the child’s words to heart. I’ve already taught her a severe lesson. In the future, she won’t dare to have such silly notions anymore.”

Louis had come in as well, and his heart tightened when he heard what Xena had just said.

He did not want to see his own twin daughters destroy each other, and Xena never had any intentions of snatching anything from Anna anyway, so he hurried forward to mediate the situation.

After all, Anne had been hospitalized by her own mother, and Anna did not wish to pursue the matter for the time being.

Fidgeting, Louis said, “I heard that your business had fallen through, but it’s okay. I’ll go talk to Mikey.”

Anna did not want to continue cooperating with Sophia, but Sophia had gotten them stuck on square one. It was unfavorable for their development in Bayside City, so they did, in fact, need someone to act as a peacemaker.

Since Louis had volunteered, they decided to let him go.

Eventually, Louis met with Michael. They were having tea when Louis brought up the matter.

These days, Michael was busy with his own affairs, leaving home early and returning late, but he knew about the dispute between Anne and Sophia.

After the incident, Sophia’s cooperation with the Yard Family was completely wrecked. Sophia did not wish to have any contact with the Yards, but carrying on like this would not be good for either party. Therefore, Louis acting as a mediator was a way out of this mess for both parties.

Now that Anne was hospitalized from being beaten up, Sophia’s anger had slowly melted away, so she agreed to make a few calls. This led to several real estate agents contacting Anna to say that they would help her look for houses, but Cooper’s property was off-limits.

It went without saying that this misunderstanding would be impossible to resolve.

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