My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1128

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1128
Late at night, Sophia sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking out at the scenery. With Bayside City’s landscape reflected in her eyes, she stayed silent and dazed as her mind drifted away.

It was already midnight when Michael, who was out filming, returned. He walked in to find Sophia curled up into a ball on the windowsill and still in a daze.

“What’s the matter? Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Michael whispered as he stepped forward to rub her hair.

Sophia’s chin lifted and motioned upstairs as she said, “My dad isn’t asleep yet, and neither is my brother.”

When Michael came back, he saw that the lights on the third floor were still on, and so were the ones in Villa No. 2. It seemed that the father and son were still awake, and Sophia could not sleep either.

“What happened? Can you tell me about it?” Michael sat across from her, taking her hands in his and kneading them. Her hands were soft and seemed boneless, but by touching them, he could feel the scars and calluses that used to be on those hands.

Sophia’s eyebrows sank. After a while, she said, “You’ve all been hiding it from me, but actually, I know everything… Anna’s my mom, isn’t she?”

Michael remained silent. All this while, he did not tell her because he was afraid that she would be hurt.

But ultimately, the truth could not be hidden from her.

Sophia gently leaned her head on Michael’s arms and continued, “In fact, I knew about it a long time ago. I knew that she was a pawn that Jordan had placed beside my dad. I knew… But I still wanted to get close to her; I thought that I could still salvage something.”

Hearing her words made Michael’s heart turn heavy.

Annabel Johnson no longer remembered Cooper, nor did she know about Sophia and her siblings, but Sophia and Cooper still knew her.

Sophia did not say anything more. She had destroyed her relationship with the Yard Family because she wanted to get rid of any remaining hope. Afterward, she would not have the chance to get close to Anna anymore. She would just have to treat it as if she never knew this woman.

However, she still reckoned Cooper did not deserve this.

Cooper had been missing her for more than twenty years, and yet this was the result he got.

Sophia had never felt the love of a mother before, and now she had lost it, but it did not feel like that great of a loss. Cooper, on the other hand, had loved her so much…

Michael hugged Sophia and said softly, “Have a good rest. Don’t think about it too much.”

Obediently, she leaned into his arms, immersing herself in the warmth that she had gotten so used to.

Even though she had lost her memory, she still remembered this warmth—the warmth that had appeared countless times in her dream. In fact, fragments of the past would occasionally appear in her mind, but they could not be captured clearly as they were always muddled and would disappear in an instant. However, she knew that those memories were related to Michael because she would always feel this familiar warmth—his warmth.

On Saturday, a neighbor at The Imperial had sent an invitation to Sophia in advance as they were going to have a birthday party.

Currently, Michael and Carmen were out filming ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ and had yet to return. When Sophia went there the last time, it had caused so much trouble that it was nearly impossible to shoot the reality show. This time around, Michael did not bring Sophia along no matter what.

Previously, Sophia had followed him for two days. Now that she trusted Michael’s ability to take care of their daughter and to deal with problems, she decided that she did not need to follow along. After all, their daughter would not starve even if she went with him.

In the afternoon, Linus arrived all dressed-up, ready to bring Sophia over to the neighbor’s party.

“Linus, wait for me! I’ll be ready in a minute!”

Sophia had rushed back from the office to change her clothes, then hastily applied some makeup. She had been out for the whole day, so her makeup had worn off. She hurriedly retrieved her foundation to touch up her appearance.

“I’m not in a hurry. Take your time fixing your makeup.” Linus smiled and went to the living room where he sat and scrolled through his phone. Wagging its tail, Cash came over to him, and Linus patted the dog while he waited for Sophia. Meanwhile, Carmen’s chicken, which was wrapped in a golden diaper, strutted over.

The pig that was being raised in Villa No. 1, on the other hand, would only be released when Carmen returned.

Tsk. I wonder what weird creature Carmen will bring back this time.

Celine was chasing the chicken all over the house while Justin stood helplessly at the side.

Suddenly remembering something, Linus looked upstairs and asked, “Isn’t Dad going?”

While applying her makeup, Sophia answered, “Dad’s not going. He’s staying home, but I don’t know what for.”

Nowadays, Cooper would only show up during meal times.

Ding dong!

The doorbell rang. Maria went to check the surveillance video, then reported, “Madam, Young Master Linus, a beautiful lady is at the door, and she’s even carrying a cat.”

A lady with a cat?

Linus glanced at the surveillance video and said solemnly, “It’s Anna and the Yard twins.”


Sophia went to take a look and saw that it was indeed Anna and her sons. They were dressed in glamorous outfits and seemed to be here for a party. Their neighbor that was hosting the party had rather impressive connections, so it was not surprising that they had invited Anna.

However, Anne was not there, and neither was Jordan.

What are they doing here?

The last time they met, she had destroyed Callum’s dignity and had even threatened to make them a test question in the college entrance examination, so they must have come here today with ill intentions.

Linus said, “We’ll let them in first. Maria, bring them tea. Celie, catch that chicken. I’ll greet them; you go call Dad.”

Linus was also aware of Anna’s motives.

After all, she was his mother!


Linus opened the door and greeted the Yards. “Well, if it isn’t the distinguished Yard Family! Mrs. Yard, Mr. Yard, please come in.”

Prior to this, Linus had never socialized much with the Yard Family. After all, the arts and science sectors rarely interacted with each other.

The Yard Family produced luxury goods, while the Michel family was involved in technology and the military, so they had very few chances to interact.

Anna glanced at Linus, and a smile appeared on her face. Linus Michel. She had been looking forward to meeting him for a long time now. She had long known that there was a gifted genius in the Michel family, but she did not expect that they would end up meeting in Cethos. They were in a hurry the last time they met, so they did not manage to exchange more than a few words.

Anna shook Linus’ hand, then asked, “Should I call you Mr. Michel or Mr. Mitchell?”

Linus gave her a warm smile. “Both are fine.”

He then invited them in. This was Anna’s first time in The Imperial, and she was satisfied with every house that she had seen thus far. She was pleased with them as she found that they were all fairly decent.

Having received the invitation to the party, she took this as an opportunity to explore the place. Usually, she would not be able to enter the neighborhood, so she could only glimpse at Villa No. 1 from afar, but even then, she found its appearance to be rather satisfactory.

Daniel’s traditional Garden Villa was exquisite, and Linus’ refreshing little cottage was lovely as well. Villa No. 8, on the other hand, gave off a different kind of imperiousness.

Anna and her sons seemed to really like their house, so Linus introduced it to them. “This is my sister’s house. I’m staying in Villa No. 2.”

They walked through the garden where two magnificent alpacas were being kept. Anna took one glance at the alpacas and said, “I heard that your African mine has recently produced a batch of good quality diamonds. It would be great if you could sell them to the Yard Family. You have mines, and we need diamonds, so how about we talk about it in detail?”

Sophia had always wanted to forge an alliance between Linus and the Yard Family for the diamond business, but because of the incident with Anne, that plan was shelved. After all, the quality of the diamonds that Linus’ mines produced was good, and they were suitable for jewelry-making, so they did not have to worry about sales.

However, Linus knew that Anna was just trying to gauge his position in the Michel Family.

Ever since the Michel Family got rid of the mole that the Yard Family planted, they had lost access to a lot of important information.

Linus was troubled. He did not want to go against Anna, but he did not want to get close to her either.

Hence, he answered, “Orders were placed for this batch as soon as they were produced. Mrs. Yard; I’m afraid you’re too late.”

Linus brought the three of them in and seated them in the living room; the chicken had already been caught. Meanwhile, Sophia was bringing Cooper downstairs.

Cooper saw Anna sitting in the living room when he was coming down, and Anna happened to look up at him at the same time.

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