My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1132

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1132

It turned out that her name was Lara Brooks, and that was her original appearance. However, she later underwent plastic surgery to make herself look like Annabel Johnson. Then, she returned to Cethos to drive a wedge between Cooper and Michael. After her plastic surgery, she looked very similar to how the real Annabel had looked when she was younger—just with some extra wrinkles on her face.

On the other hand, the real Annabel Johnson was completely different in both appearance and temperament nowadays.

Lara was probably both Callum and Cade’s surrogate mother. Unfortunately, the children she missed so much didn’t even know who she was. She suffered through ten months of pregnancy to give birth to them. Even if she knew that they were not blood-related to her, they were still her flesh and blood! How could she not care for them? Their biological mother didn’t care for them, but this surrogate mother of theirs loved them from the bottom of her heart! I wonder what kind of feeling that is… Sigh… Sophia sighed before walking away.

Alas, Cooper took the contract, which was written by Sam himself back then, to coerce Sam into giving 1% of the shares to Sophia. Although Sam was miserable, he didn’t dare to object. After all, he wrote the contract himself. I can’t believe Cooper still remembers that contract after so many years!

After the meal at Crimson House, everybody went their separate ways. Meanwhile, Sophia headed to Pourl. Both Sophia and Sarah had been busy settling Pourl’s affairs recently. Sophia had torn up the contract with the Yard Family, so the Ronney Group was withdrawing their investment, as well as the rights to use their trademarks. As a result, lawyers came and went every single day with various documents for her to sign—so much so that her hand hurt.

After breaking off with the Yard Family, Sophia’s path toward moving out of the niche business of producing pet luxury goods to producing luxury goods for the general public had been cut off again. In the first place, the market for pet luxury goods was very small. Therefore, producing luxury goods for the use of people rather than pets was definitely more profitable. Damn it! Since the Ronney Group has withdrawn, I might as well do it on my own!

Before the Ronney Group, a company specializing in crocodile skin luxury goods, could fully penetrate the Cethosian market, she had to recruit her personnel and establish her business. Fortunately for her, she was not lacking in her design team. Her chief designer, Ivan, mainly designed luxury goods for human use. Designing pet luxury goods was just his side business and hobby. Over the years, he had built up his own design team, as well as a strong marketing team, and created a reputation for himself in the international market. The time was right for her to start her business!

Hence, Sophia was extremely busy during this period. She worked until late at night every day before returning home. By the time she reached home, Carmen was already asleep, and when she left home for work in the morning, Carmen was still sleeping. This went on for several days, and both mother and daughter didn’t see each other at all.

No more than two days after visiting the giant panda, Sophia suddenly received a phone call from Sandra. Nowadays, Sandra no longer dared to act presumptuously in front of Sophia. Every time she did, it would backfire. Therefore, she only dared to show off over the phone.

Sophia quickly answered the call; she couldn’t wait to hear what stupid things Sandra had been up to recently. As soon as the call connected, Sandra’s triumphant voice sounded through the phone. “Hahaha; Sophia! I heard that your contract with the Yard Family has been one-sidedly terminated by the Yard Family! You were kicked to the curb! I’m sure you must be very disappointed right now!”

One-sidedly terminated? That f*cking Callum claimed that it was one-sidedly terminated to maintain his pride?! I was the one to dissolve the contract after I played him like a fiddle! Thus, Sophia coldly snorted. “Get to the point.”

Then, she perked up her ears and listened to what Sandra said next. “You must be wondering how I know about this… Haha; it’s because I’ve just signed a contract with the young master of the Yard Family, Callum Yard! The Ronney Group is joining hands with me! King will be entering the international pet luxury goods market! Moreover, the Yard Family has formed an in-depth strategic partnership with the Mitchell Family! They are injecting a lot of capital into our businesses! The projects that are currently being managed by Glory Entertainment have also received an additional investment from the Yard Family! Hah! You must be shocked! You let such a great opportunity slip out of your grasp, and now it has greatly benefited me instead!”

After hearing that, Sophia said in surprise, “Callum is working with you? Are you sure? Did you dream it up?”

Sophia’s astonishment and envy were just what Sandra had been waiting for. She even believed that Sophia was utterly frustrated by now. “The Yard Family plans to enter the Cethosian market. Naturally, they needed to find a spokesperson with a positive attitude who is well-received by the public. Obviously, that’s not you. I’m the only one that fits all their criteria! You probably never expected that, right?! Hahaha—” The way Sandra laughed was extremely exaggerated. It was easy to see that she was overjoyed. After all, she was about to ride on the coattails of the Yard Family; what was there to be sad about?

After that, Sophia hung up the phone decisively. Callum is investing in Sandra? The Yard Family is joining hands with the Mitchell Family? What sort of international joke is this supposed to be?! Could it be that Callum doesn’t know that I’ve beaten Sandra several times before? Don’t tell me… Callum couldn’t get over the fact that I played him? Is that why he deliberately invested in Sandra? Because he knew that the two of us held grudges against each other? But, investing in a project costs hundreds of millions! Did he really do it on a whim? That can’t be it… The Yard Family isn’t that rich!

Or perhaps, Callum was fooled by Sandra. Sandra might not have been good at anything else, but she was definitely good at fooling others. Furthermore, she was still a world champion and naturally had the air of a celebrity. It was possible that she had completely fooled Callum. Yeah; that must be it… It looks like Sandra is going to be my business rival. Oh, well; what can she do? I’ve already brought King down once. Even if she has Callum on her side, I’ll just need to deal with them both. If one comes, I’ll defeat one. If two come, I’ll just deal with both!

Still, Sophia couldn’t help feeling that something was weird about this matter. Sandra must be joking, right?! Even if Sandra could fool Callum, Cade and Anna were not that easily fooled. The mess she was involved in was not yet resolved. With the amount of dark history she had behind her, the Yard Family would definitely have investigated her.

To her surprise, the newspaper and the TV started reporting about it within two days. Pictures of Sandra and Callum shaking hands as they reached an agreement were everywhere. They really are going to work with each other! I can’t believe how petty the Yard Family is! They’re still mad about what happened!

No, the source of this entire fiasco is Cooper. The Yard Family considered themselves royalty and Anne Osborne was their princess, who was in search of a husband. In ancient times, the prospective husband’s entire family would be slaughtered if he spurned the princess’ marriage proposal. Since they couldn’t marry Cooper into the family, they probably regarded it as a blow to their pride. Hence, they were trying to get back at Sophia, who hindered their objectives from the inside. Bah! Motherf*cking outdated royalty!

This is so annoying! I’m going to designate them as the test centers for mid-term exams, high school entrance exams, university entrance exams, university final exams, and annual mandatory exams! The reason behind Sophia’s way of thinking was that the Yard Family’s sudden cooperation with the Mitchell Family was far too strange. She couldn’t come up with a reason for their actions. Not only did the Yard Family provide large amounts of funds to form a strong business relationship with the Mitchell Family, but they also invested in Glory Entertainment and Sandra’s business, King. Furthermore, they were fully cooperating with the Mitchell Family in all aspects. Aside from doing it out of hatred, she could think of no other reason for their behavior.

Apart from that, Sophia finally found the Yard Family’s residence. It was very close to Sophia’s home; it was just across the road. One day, Sophia was out for a post-dinner walk when she ran into Callum and Cade.

“Hey, Sophia! Are you out walking your pig?”

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