My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1136

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1136

The Mitchell Family and Sophia hated each other—they got along like cats and dogs. In the past, Sophia had been kidnapped by Michael’s ex-girlfriend, Irene. Due to that, she nearly lost her life and even got dragged into a lawsuit. She finally got away in the end, but she knew that Irene couldn’t have done all of that on her own. Irene only managed to pull it off with the Mitchells backing her. Therefore, Sophia’s grudges against the Mitchell Family were endless. Besides, Cooper knew that he had to get rid of Alex, sooner or later.

Also, Sophia would never forgive Sandra. The only reason she was not making a move was that she was accumulating her strength while waiting for a chance to take down the Mitchell Family in one blow. At any rate, Alex had been laying his foundation in Bayside City for more than ten years. Moreover, those foundations had been laid into the ground by Cooper. So, it wasn’t easy to bring them down in one fell swoop.

Callum had forcefully intervened in the Mitchell Family’s internal conflict and stirred up the hornet’s nest. After doing that, he quickly escaped, leaving his two younger brothers behind to take the blame. As a result, the internal conflict within both the Mitchell Family and the Yard family were firmly intertwined.

If I get rid of Alex and his family now, I will surely make both Ryan and Henry my enemies… “Ahh!” Sophia furiously paced about the inside of the plane. No wonder I’ve been feeling uneasy recently. This is the reason! Damn you, Callum! Damn you, Cade! Damn you, Anna! Damn you, Yard Family! Damn it all!

Compared to Sophia, who was extremely agitated, Linus was relatively calmer. Now that we have been dragged into this mess, it won’t be easy to get out of it. We have no choice but to find a way to face the difficulties ahead! Who cares about Ryan and Henry? Bayside City is not their territory!

If it only involved that pair of twins, he would not go easy on them. However, it would also anger the person behind them—Jordan. Do I need to further anger Jordan? Cooper and Jordan will have to face each other, sooner or later. Moreover, it’s going to be a matter of life and death. But, it’s not time yet. Both sides are still preparing themselves. Still, since it’s only a matter of time before their battle takes place, getting rid of Jordan now wouldn’t be considered premature!

Besides… there’s still Anna watching us hungrily… He felt a chill in his heart when he thought about his mother. Is she really going to watch as her four sons fight to their deaths? What if Sophia killed off two of her sons? Will she mourn their deaths? Or perhaps, this is training to toughen up her sons. If Sophia really killed off her two sons, she might turn around to seek revenge! Anna and Jordan… Also, the Yard Family… What a sh*tty bunch! Luckily, Sophia and I did not recognize Anna as our mother. If we had done that, Anna would definitely be afraid of us.

While Linus and Sophia were discussing how to deal with the Yard Family, Stanley watched over Kenny anxiously. By the time Stanley found Kenny, Kenny was lying on the riverbank. He had been shot seven times before he jumped into the river to escape and was eventually washed up by the riverbank. Fortunately, he had been using the phone Sophia had given him—it was a high-end Dragon Eye model. The phone had stopped a bullet from hitting him in a fatal spot and was completely soaked in water. It was practically useless at this point. However, the positioning function was separate and still worked.

The positioning function of a Dragon Eye was independent of the phone’s operating system. Therefore, the positioning system continued working even if the phone itself ran out of battery. It was the only reason Stanley could find Kenny in time. Unfortunately, Kenny had been on the verge of death. I hope he can last until we arrive at Sophia’s laboratory. After all, Sophia and Judge were rescued from the brink of death at that laboratory back then.

Upon arriving at Michel Town in Africa, they entered Michel’s Castle. Then, Kenny was rushed to the emergency room. Afterward, Stanley paced about anxiously. Kenny had been his friend for many years. They first met each other when he was still in school. More than ten years had passed since then. During that time, he watched as Kenny grew from a small, unknown designer to become the representative of Cethos’ L/K brand. I just watched him getting married and starting a family! His kids just started going to school! Nothing can happen to him!

“Don’t worry. Kenny will be fine. He will recover,” Sophia comforted Stanley.

Henry and Ryan were probably the ones who ordered Kenny to be killed… Why did they have to be so cruel? They could have just dismissed him from his position… I was about to offer him a job! Or perhaps, Ryan and Henry discovered that Sophia was close to Kenny and was suspicious of Kenny jumping ship. Did they rather kill Kenny than allow him to benefit Sophia, their competitor? How cruel… This is Cethos; the Yard Family is going too far!

After undergoing a long surgery, Kenny finally woke up. Sophia not only ordered her people to rescue his life, but she also asked them to save his hands. Fortunately, the experts completed their mission and rescued both his life and his hands. Also, he was extremely lucky in that none of the bullets hit his vitals. Moreover, he was rescued in time. So, he woke up very quickly.

“Oh, my son—” Stanley studied Kenny, who was barely alive, with red-rimmed eyes.

Then, Kenny weakly opened his eyes and saw Stanley. He weakly called out, “Dad—”

Watching them, Sophia muttered, “Disgusting…”

After rescuing Kenny, Sophia temporarily placed him in Africa to recuperate from his injuries. Following that, she returned to Cethos with Linus. Meanwhile, Stanley stayed with Kenny for two more days until Kenny’s family arrived to take care of him. Then, Stanley hurriedly went back to Cethos too. Kenny’s murder had caused a great disturbance within the country; therefore, they needed to return to monitor the situation.

With Kenny gone, L/K changed hands—a lot of key personnel in key departments were replaced. Thus, the world of luxury goods in Bayside City underwent a complete change.

When Sophia returned, she gathered everybody to make plans. Although she was furious, she did not put on an act. She refused to become a victim of the internal conflict between the two pairs of Yard twins. Since Callum and Cade joined hands with the Mitchell Family to deal with me, why can’t I join hands with Ryan and Henry? You think too highly of me if you believe you can use me to do your dirty work!

Not long after her return to Cethos, she asked her assistant to make an appointment with the younger pair of twins. She wanted to see if she could get their cooperation. I’m not going to let the Yard Family take advantage of me!

Meanwhile, Michael returned from his filming. When he heard the news, he rushed to accompany Sophia to her meeting with the Yard twins. Callum and Cade had a pretty good reputation, but the same could not be said of Ryan and Henry… The twins were taking their PhD at Bayside University, and the vice-chancellor of Bayside University was Michael’s uncle. From what the vice-chancellor said, those two were a pair of devils.

Therefore, Michael would never rest easy letting Sophia meet them alone. However, he was just about to leave the house when he saw Sophia getting into Linus’ car.

“Mike, you’ve been pretty busy recently. You don’t need to trouble yourself over this; I’ll go with Sophia.” Linus was also worried about letting Sophia meet those twins alone. He made his move way before Michael had the chance to react.

Tsk. My brother-in-law sure moves fast. Michael was unhappy. Linus is such a siscon! Cooper couldn’t go without seeing Carmen at least once a day. If that wasn’t bad enough, Linus was even worse! He came over to the house every day just to visit Sophia—he could not live without his sister! Seriously; marrying Sophia is equivalent to marrying her entire family! Although Michael had a lot of complaints about the level of obsession his brother-in-law held toward Sophia, he could only complain under his breath.

Besides, it so happened that Carmen’s kindergarten was having a parent meeting today. Cooper usually attended in Michael’s place, but Michael always felt bad about it. Besides, nothing would happen to Sophia as long as Linus was around. Therefore, Michael could only watch as Linus’ car drove off without him—he had a parent meeting to attend.

Meanwhile, Sophia and Linus arrived at the Ronney Group with their assistants and bodyguards in tow.

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