My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1139

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1139

Sophia did not want to stay at the Ronney Group for another moment. Thus, she and Linus rushed downstairs and got into the car. The moment she entered the car, Callum made an overseas call to ‘express his sympathy’. “I heard that you met my younger brothers for a business discussion but the talks ended on a sour note. Moreover, both parties were at odds with each other. Allow me to extend my apologies on their behalf; my younger brothers can be a little unruly!

It’s all because my mother spoiled them rotten. That’s why they developed such a fearless temperament. If you wish to work with them, you’ll have to be very tolerant of their behavior… They can be considered cruel; they will do anything to get what they want. They are sloppy and have poor taste and they love fooling around with women. Even so, they are good kids. Besides, they are only 20 years old. Being so much older than them, you should be more loving—pfft! Hahaha… I can’t take it anymore!”

It looks like Callum knew that things would turn out this way. He probably guessed that I would be reluctant to act as their tool and do their bidding obediently. Today’s incident was within his expectations! He planned this! Sophia’s expression was murderous; her hatred was so strong that it made her teeth tingle. Dealing with Ryan and Henry will only benefit Callum, but I won’t be able to stomach this disgrace if I left them alone.

Before she could answer, Linus snatched the phone out of her hands. He had been silent since walking out of the meeting room. When he spoke at this moment, he was eerily calm—so calm that it made the back of one’s head tingle. “I’ll give you that batch of diamonds that you wanted. Send somebody over to Africa to sign the contract. I won’t wait; if you miss the chance, it’s gone. Those diamonds are more than enough to buy two worthless lives from the Yard Family!”

He angrily hung up after saying that. Despite knowing that he was being tricked into doing what they wanted, he had no other choice. I must get rid of those brothers! Even if they are my own half-brothers!

After the call ended, the car was silent for quite a while. Then, he slowly calmed down and kept Sophia’s phone away in her bag. Sophia studied him; her eyes seemed to scan his expression.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. His dark expression suddenly turned into a smile.

In response, she hugged him out of the blue. Rubbing her face against his chest, she exclaimed, “You’re the best, Linus!”

Upon hearing that, his heart melted with joy. This is the ultimate reward for a siscon! He rubbed her hair and said, “You’re my sister. As your brother, it’s a given for me to protect you.”

She smiled widely, and her eyes turned into crescents. After that, she suddenly noticed that his hand was red. “Oh, my God! Linus, when did you get this burn?!” It’s practically blistering! I must have accidentally burned him when I overturned the tea tray just now.

While Linus didn’t seem to think much of it, Sophia was extremely worried. She quickly took out the emergency medical kit in the car. There was a cooling spray in it. Thus, she sprayed his wound while blowing on it lightly. “Does it hurt?”

He could feel his wound stinging. However, the back of his hand felt cool when she blew on his wound, and it didn’t hurt one bit. Nothing hurts with her around.

When they arrived home, Michael and Cooper were already aware of the incident. Cooper was extremely furious, as was Michael. It seemed like the twins would not survive for long. Still, Cooper hesitated slightly—those twins were still Anna’s sons, after all.

On the other hand, Michael did not hesitate at all. I’m going to kill them! It won’t end unless they’re dead! Besides, it’s not like they’re my half-brothers!

Still, everybody was considerably well-known. It would be too brazen of them to murder somebody in Bayside City just like that. Even if they were involved in the underworld, they still had to be wary of the law. Moreover, Michael was the grandson of Mark Fletcher. He did not wish to cause trouble for the Fletchers or Mark.

Besides, Anna had just donated some cultural relics to the country. She even appeared on ‘Focal Point’ and was currently the talk of the town. If her two sons, who just arrived in Cethos not long ago, died suddenly and without justifiable reasons, it would cause a commotion. Therefore, getting rid of Henry and Ryan would need some time.

Although Cooper felt slightly hesitant, he was forced to face reality in the end. They might be Anna’s children, but they’re also Jordan’s sons. There’s no reason for me to go easy on them! Still, we can’t take their lives directly. At the very least, they cannot die in Bayside City or anywhere else within Cethos!

It had been two days since Ryan and Henry were admitted into the hospital. One had his hand broken while the other suffered burns on his thigh. They were screaming and crying when they were first brought in.

“Mom, it hurts so much! How dare that b*tch dare to hurt me!” Ryan was in so much pain that his face was twisted into a grimace. His handsome features were distorted badly, but his expression was cold as he video-called Anna.

In the video call, Anna looked extremely concerned. “Don’t worry, Henry. You’ll be fine after resting in the hospital for two days. I’m going to Cethos in a few days to visit you. How dare they harm my sons. How insolent of them!”

She comforted her sons for a bit before ending the video call. When she turned back, she found Jordan standing behind her. She did not know how long he had been there. Thus, she felt shocked. Even so, her expression remained unchanged—it was still the same concerned expression as before. “Henry and Ryan ran into a little trouble in Cethos. They were injured by somebody.”

Naturally, Jordan was aware of the incident. However, he keenly felt that something fishy was going on. Why were Cooper’s children the ones who harmed Henry and Ryan? Although it seemed like a coincidence, he couldn’t help feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

When the mother and son trio first left for Cethos to expand the Ronney Group’s business, he noticed something strange. The people they brought along with them were not his men but their own trusted subordinates. Their actions made him vigilant toward them. The three of them have ulterior motives! They plan to monopolize and control the Cethosian market once they integrate themselves!

Hence, he sent his other pair of sons to Cethos to replace them. Callum and Cade were too old; they were no longer compliant. However, Ryan and Henry were very obedient to him. He felt reassured with them there. Therefore, he suggested having Ryan and Henry take over the Cethosian market. Anna had agreed easily and immediately left the country. But… he couldn’t help feeling as if he had fallen for their trap instead.

As Anna looked very worried, he comfortingly said, “They’re already adults. Don’t worry too much.”

Still, he was afraid that Ryan and Henry would not be able to face Cooper by themselves. So, he decided to ask Lucy and Ian to lend them a hand. Ryan and Henry might not be part of the Edwards Family, but they’re still my sons.

In response, Anna nodded. Her expression was full of concern, but when she lowered her eyes sadly… Jordan failed to notice the cold and sharp look in her eyes. Good; things are moving as I planned. That pair of b*stards must die in Cethos! From what I know of Sophia’s temperament, she will definitely get her revenge against them. If that happens, nobody can blame me, their mother, for their deaths. They brought it upon themselves by behaving in that uncouth manner! Needless to say, she brought her own sons up strictly and held them to a high standard from an early age.

They also received the best education there was. Under her personal guidance, Callum and Cade were outstanding from a young age. They stood out among their peers as the best among the best. At fifteen, they started taking over company affairs at the Ronney Group. However, the younger pair of twins… Haha; they’re not my biological sons anyway. Why should I waste any effort on them? I hate them so much I wish they were dead!

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