My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1154

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1154

Arrogantly, Sandra walked toward them on her heels as she took off her sunglasses slowly. The moment she saw Sophia and the others, she immediately knew what they were here for.

“Huh! Looks like you guys found out about our plan. You’ve been following right behind our asses after finding out that we’re here to find Russell Simmons.”

Mockery was evident in her tone as soon as she opened her mouth and spoke.

Taking two steps forward, Sophia gazed down and said, “Wow! You’re wearing a skirt again.”

When Sandra heard the word ‘skirt’, she was so frightened that she took two steps back subconsciously, remembering the fear of being stripped by Sophia in public. With anger and hatred, she gritted her teeth and said, “A country bumpkin like you also wants to join the fashion industry? What a joke! You better go back and play with your dog!”

Not willing to lose the fight, Sophia replied, “If even a swimmer can do it, why can’t I?”

After she said that, she turned around on her heels and walked toward the manor, not wanting to continue the conversation with Sandra.

Her heart sank when she saw the arrival of Sandra and the others.

She didn’t expect that the Ronney Group would think so highly of the fashion godfather by sending Sandra to negotiate.

She wondered if Ryan and Henry were here…

If they’re here, and since this isn’t Cethos’ territory, isn’t this the best time to strike?

Frostiness appeared before Sophia’s eyes. Silently, she notified Roger, who was standing beside her, and he left to make a phone call.

If anyone found Ryan and Henry outside the borders of Cethos, they had to hunt them down and kill them!

At that moment, two groups of people entered the manor. The door to the manor was opened, and a trained servant led them into the manor. An enormous house unfolded before their eyes. It was gorgeous and spectacular even though it was aged.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Simmons Residence.” The servant was a Cethosian and she spoke the language fluently. With an inviting gesture, she continued, “Mr. Simmons has prepared a gift for all of you. Please enjoy it.”

With high self-esteem, Sandra waved her hands and said, “Forget about the gift. I’ve brought the contract with me. If Mr. Simmons is willing to bring his team and designs to participate in our fashion week, it will be beneficial for both of us. Just open the door and let me in. We shouldn’t delay the signing of the contract.”

However, Sophia’s guard was raised. The hair on her body stood in an instant.

Something’s wrong. Didn’t Michael and Linus say that the fashion godfather is very cold and that we can only meet him because of Linus? How come there’s a meeting gift?

Subconsciously, Sophia started to back off. Noticing that something was wrong, Linus and Michael formed a protection circle around Sophia.

However, it seemed like Sandra had failed to notice the abnormality of the situation. Similar to Sophia, she had been spending her time finding talents and inviting well-known fashionistas around the globe to join the Ronney Fashion Week. She was welcomed by a sea of people everywhere she went and that was why she didn’t find the meeting gift strange.

If Henry did not tell her that Russell was quite a troublesome man, she wouldn’t have wasted her time to come here personally and would have just instructed her assistant to come on her behalf.

“Enough. Can you please ask Mr. Simmons to come out now?” Sandra was getting impatient. Lifting her foot, she marched forward. She didn’t want to waste her time here, but to settle everything so that she could go home earlier.

But, she didn’t see the cold smile that appeared momentarily at the corners of the servant’s mouth.

The moment Sandra walked up the steps and came to the door located just before her eyes, the door opened all of a sudden. From the inside, something small flew out, hitting her face with a bang.

It was a rotten egg!

The rotten egg shattered on her face and it was so stinky that she was forced to take a few steps back, barely managing to keep herself steady instead of fainting right on the spot.

Right after that, countless rotten eggs flew at them from all directions. Both of the groups were standing within range of the attack and the eggs fell like raindrops, soaking them with a stinky smell.

Being protected by Linus and Michael in the middle, Sophia was not hit by the eggs. But, she was holding her head down out of fear. She could only pick up the sound of bullets being loaded and Sandra’s screams.

After the attack of rotten eggs, the servant from earlier reappeared. She had a gun in her hand and a bunch of men in black suits appeared in the manor. In the blink of an eye, the groups were surrounded and countless gun muzzles were pointed at them.

The servant, who was smiling at them earlier, had changed her expression. With the gun pointing at them, she said coldly, “Get out! All of you get lost! I don’t care whether you are the Yard Family or the Michel Family, get out at once!”

“Mr. Simmons invited you here just to let you have a taste of these rotten eggs. If you ever dare to come again, you’ll be tasting bullets!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the dozens of black holes moved closer. Gradually, the groups were being forced out from the manor by the cold muzzles of the guns.

Covered in rotten eggs, Sandra was extremely stinky. As she cried and cursed, she was being pushed into the car by her assistant, who was equally smelly. Their car drove away in a hurry.

Sophia had been protected from the rotten eggs, but Michael and Linus were hit by them. The rotten smell of the eggs emanated from their bodies.

On their way back to the city, no one spoke. Dragging their stinky bodies back to the hotel, each of them went back to their rooms to take a shower.

Once they cleaned themselves up and made sure that they wouldn’t transfer the smell to Sophia, they went to Sophia for a talk.

At the same time, Roger had also returned to Sophia with a message. Henry and Ryan did not leave Cethos. They merely sent Sandra and Billy out on behalf of them.

Judging from Russells’ attitude, it looked like he had a deep hatred toward the Michel Family and the Yard Family. Otherwise, there was no reason he would attack them with rotten eggs.

Sophia sent Roger to look out for other news again. But, before they received any further news, Linus was in doubt. “How can it be? I even went to a show with Russell four years ago…”

Michael was also diving deep into his thoughts as he frowned.

Could it be that something had happened within these four years?

“Daddy! Mommy! Uncle Linus!”

Carmen suddenly popped out from nowhere and plunged herself into Michael’s arms.

When Carmen learned that Sophia was going abroad, she decided to come along too. She probably wanted to skip cram school and get some air, hoping that she would be able to check out lions with Sophia.

After all, they had to go back to Africa for their final stop.

Immediately, Michael tightened his arms around his daughter so that he could transfer some of her scent to him.

Soon, Roger found the information everyone had been waiting for.

Russell Simmons’ ancestors used to be the royal tailor of the department that was responsible for the royal attire during the time when the Yard Family ruled the country. They were in charge of the family’s attire and fled overseas with the family. When it was found that they were involved in the infighting between the Yards, many of them were killed. His ancestors then fled back to Cethos. Decades ago, Russell went overseas again to expand his career, but he had never cooperated with the Ronney Group before.

And that was also the reason why he hated the Yard Family.

Besides, Russell had a daughter. She went on a trip to Africa three years ago and encountered a rampant virus outbreak. Infected by Virs-18, she died on her way to Michel Town when she went there to find a cure. His wife went blind crying for the painful loss of their daughter.

Linus was tongue-tied after listening to the report.

No wonder Russell threw rotten eggs at me.

I guess I deserve it.

It seems like my popularity is the reason why we failed this time.

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