My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1158

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1158

The area outside Michel Town had been rebuilt. The fertile land was covered with farmland and gardens. It looked very vibrant—as if nothing had ever happened here before.

Suddenly, someone came up to Russell. Turning around, he saw a man standing behind him.

The man had a slender figure and his eyes were cold and sharp. He had a pair of mysterious blue eyes. Although he looked about the same age as Russell, his eyes were so deep and mysterious that they looked like an impenetrable mountain.

“Are you Mr. Simmons? I’m Fass.”


Russell did not expect the person in front of him to be the legendary Fass Michel, the head of the Michel Family, though he looked exactly like what he imagined him to look like.

Without waiting for Russell to answer, Cooper continued, “Please come with me, Mr. Simmons. There’s someone you might want to meet.”

Not knowing the meaning behind Fass’ sudden appearance and who the person he was going to meet was, Russell followed suit.

Leading Russell down the twisting road in Michel Town, both of them came to the corner of the company’s garden. There was a girl inside trimming the branches of the plants. Her hands were rough and there were centipede-like scars snaking around her exposed arm.

Russell didn’t know why Cooper brought him here, but he heard Cooper call the girl, “Emily.”

Emily turned around upon hearing Cooper’s voice. Her disfigured face unfolded before them. Half of her face was covered with scars. Her appearance was deformed to the point that no one would be able to recognize her, although one would still be able to see that she was Asian judging from her black hair, black eyes, and yellow skin.

The girl froze at the sight of Russell. Her eyes hidden under the scars widened, and tears streamed down her cheeks. However, within seconds, she turned around and darted away, fleeing into the depths of the garden and vanishing.

The moment Russell saw the girl, he was also dumbstruck. His muscles stopped moving for a second and he could not say anything. All he did was watch the girl escape before his eyes.

After a long time, he finally came back to his senses.

“Chloe! That’s my daughter, Chloe!”

Tugging Cooper’s sleeve frantically, Russell asked in disbelief, “Is that… my daughter? Am I right? My daughter; my daughter isn’t dead… She’s not dead…”

He was so excited that he could not speak coherently.

Yet, Cooper’s expression remained indifferent as he said, “When I decided to disclose the formula of the cure to Virs-18, I took in the infected people around the town who had not been attended to the hospital for treatment. According to the file, when the child was found, she was amongst a group of seven people. But, only her life was saved. They came to explore Africa with her as their leader. She felt responsible for the death of the other six who ended up being buried in a foreign land. She was ashamed of facing her family and friends, so she refused to disclose any of her personal information and refused to be deported. Because we couldn’t find her passport and any information about her, we could only let her stay in the town. All these years, she has been working in the landscaping department to support herself. Since she’s your daughter, you should bring her away with you.”

After listening to what Cooper said, Russell was dumbfounded.

That was his daughter; his Chloe…

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much!”

Russell thanked Cooper repeatedly. Patting his shoulder, Cooper comforted him, “There’s no enmity between father and daughter. Go ahead and talk to her.”

Wiping away his tears, Russell went after his daughter.

Chloe, Dad finally found you.

As Cooper looked at the disappearing figure in the distance, a trace of a smile appeared on his cold face.

It was as if he had seen himself in Russell. Back then, when he saw Sophia regaining her consciousness, he acted exactly like Russell. He thought he was having a beautiful dream that he never wanted to wake up from.

“Dad, you’re so kind!”

Sophia suddenly popped out and jumped onto Cooper’s back, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

Cooper was also equally content. Picking up his daughter on his back, he spun around happily. Carmen, who was standing beside them, stretched her arms and yelled, “Me too! Me too!”

Putting Sophia down, Cooper took Carmen in his arms and made a few more turns.

He always felt that Sophia was all grown up and it was weird for him to spin her around while holding her. However, it was different when it came to Carmen. So, he decided to give her a few more spins.

While he was holding onto Carmen, Sophia jumped up from behind and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Dad, you’re the best father in the world!”

When Nicole brought her to Michel Town looking for a cure, she was delirious throughout the whole journey. Every time she opened her eyes, all she saw were dead people. She felt like she had come to the end of the world, no longer able to differentiate whether she was on earth or hell. She was unsure if she was dead or alive.

When she was infected and went into a coma, she was fighting to stay alive. Cooper, who was desperate, published the formula of the cure to the public and even took in the people around the town.

The hospital in the town was only enough to serve the daily illnesses of their staff. When it was crowded by so many people all of a sudden, the town was in chaos.

Linus told her that the castle was occupied by the infected people. Every day, batches of bodies were carried out, and batches more were taken in for treatment. Although many people still died, many more survived due to Cooper’s actions.

However, what Cooper did resulted in a huge loss for the Michel Medical Group. Not to mention that there were no profits in regards to the billions of investment made, Cooper also had to subsidize a lot of money personally for the production of the cure that he sent out for free. He took in homeless people like Chloe for treatment and sent them away once they were cured.

At that time, the family and the company were hugely affected. It was only now that Cooper and Linus had finally managed to make up for the loss.

For Cooper, nothing was more important than his little princess waking up from the coma even if it meant it would take everything he had!

And now, he had two little princesses!

Back then, Cooper spent a lot of money to do good deeds in order to accumulate blessings for his daughter. He did not expect himself to be rewarded so soon. The Simmons Family was reunited—Mrs. Simmons would be able to see her daughter right after she opened her eyes. Two happy events came to the family at the same time. And, at Sophia’s suggestion, Russell decided to bring Chloe to the cosmetic hospital in Bayside City to treat her face.

At the same time, he had decided to shift his work focus to Cethos.

Russell had absolute influence and appeal in the overseas Cethosian fashion community. The moment he made a move, he was like a signal attracting all overseas Cethosian fashionistas to start expanding their career in Cethos. And the Bayside Fashion Week was the best opportunity for them to do so.

Sophia was not afraid that these Cethosian fashion brands would affect her business once they entered the Cethosian market. As long as she could expand the influence of Cethos’ luxury products, she could lead her products to the world too.

After staying in Africa for a while to take care of Russell’s affairs, she had successfully signed a lot of contracts and was prepared to return to Cethos.

At this moment, Hale came over and brought her shocking news.

Her pair of alpacas had been stolen.

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