My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1160

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1160

By the time the fire brigade came, the whole house had been burnt to the ground. Fate was on Sandra’s side—she survived with only some light injuries. However, Billy was burnt so badly that not even his bones were left. That fire left one dead and one injured, shaking up the entire Yard Family.

The next day, Anna heard the news about the incident. She knew who was behind it. After all, she had been watching the fight between Sophia, Ryan, and Henry. However, she did not expect Sophia to be so bold as to kill somebody from the Ronney Group right under the Yard Family’s nose. Moreover, it was done in such a flashy way. Sophia was the first person ever to dare to stir up trouble in Ronney City. As that thought flashed through Anna’s mind, she smiled… Good; Sophia is not letting me down.

Similarly, Callum had heard about Billy’s death. He had intercepted the news Billy sent to Henry. According to that information, Billy had hired men to ambush Sophia along the highway to the airport and launch incendiaries at the car she was in. He wanted the entire family to be blasted until not even their ashes could be found. However, he was the one to die instead.

Picking up the phone, Callum prepared to call Sophia and ‘express his condolences’. All of a sudden, he heard a ‘crunch’ sound. The huskies that had been locked up in cages had bitten through the bars of the cage and escaped their prison. The evil forces of Siberia instantly descended upon the entire Ronney Palace, a series of crunching noises following in their wake. They crunched their way through the doors that blocked their path and bit the people who stood in their way.

Callum was dumbfounded by the sight. These aren’t huskies; these are iron-eating monsters! The three huskies ate their way through everything, including slippers, watches, tables, chairs, door handles, and toilet lids. Their appetites were so large that it made them seem like three pigs instead. At the same time, they were also like three groundhogs, digging holes all over the place. Only two days had passed since they were first captured, but the Royal Garden was already littered with pits and holes everywhere.

Ronney Palace was almost constructed entirely out of wood. Therefore, the best preventive measures had been taken against fire, insects, and moisture. In that way, the buildings had been maintained perfectly for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, protective measures against huskies had not been developed yet. The three huskies kept up a record of breaking through five doors a day; even dog leashes, metal chains, and cages could not stop them! They even dug two holes in the walls of the Ronney Palace! I finally know why Sophia affectionately dubbed them the ‘Cereberus’! They eat a lot. They also have monstrous strength and boundless energy. Moreover, their sh*t stinks! They are monsters!

It wasn’t easy to capture them and lock them up in cages today. However, no more than one hour had passed when there was a loud ‘crunch’. Then, the three dogs speedily headed inside the Ronney Palace. They were headed toward the Exalos Hall! When Cade realized where they were going, he was so scared that his soul nearly jumped out of his body. “Stop them! Stop them!”

That was the place where the imperial court was held during the Yard Dynasty! The Emperor’s throne passed down through their ancestors was placed inside! Thus, the entire Ronney Palace fell into a state of panic…

Callum was just about to chase after them to check on the situation. To his surprise, Sophia took the initiative to video call him at that moment. He glanced at Cade and the others chasing the dogs, then glanced back at his phone. In the end, he found a suitable spot to answer the call. He even checked his surroundings for any abnormalities before he took the call.

As soon as the video call connected, he saw Sophia in her pajamas. She seemed to be at home and must have just washed her hair as her hair was still dripping wet. On the other hand, she was peering at the video screen and searching for something. “Where is Cereberus?”

Putting on a relaxed air, he replied, “Oh, your dogs? Naturally, I’m taking good care of them. What’s wrong? Do you want to see them? Later, I’ll show you just how lavishly they are spending their days while in my care…”

Pfft! She stifled her laugh as she said, “Do you think I don’t know how my dogs are? Your house must have been demolished to the point where it’s unrecognizable by now, right? I’m guessing there are countless pits littered across the Royal Garden too. Besides, isn’t the Ronney Palace mainly constructed out of wood? What drove you to kidnap my dogs?!”

Since his cover was blown, he decided to change the subject instead. “Sophia, you’re pretty amazing! I can’t believe you dared to kill somebody from the Ronney Group in the Yard Family’s own territory! The incident with Billy won’t end so simply.”

At the mention of Billy’s name, she laughed. “Yes, I killed him. So what? Are you upset?” She had no intention of hiding the fact that she killed Billy. Billy tried to burn her to death, so she retaliated in kind. It’s such a pity that Sandra did not burn to death too. I guess she’s not fated to die yet. Finally, she added, “My huskies are well-trained. The Yard Family won’t be able to handle them.” After saying that, she hung up.

At Ronney City, a group of people finally captured the three dogs. Unfortunately, the dragon head made of pure gold sitting on top of the ancestral throne sported several bite marks. This is the Emperor’s throne passed down through our ancestors! Callum was so pained by the sight that he grabbed the leader of the huskies and yelled at it. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?! I endured it when you bit the tables, chairs, and doors. But, why did you have to bite the Emperor’s throne?! Do you know how valuable that is?! The Yard Family brought it here from Cethos a long time ago! It has nearly a thousand years of history! Even if I sold off your entire family, it wouldn’t be able to compensate for the damage you caused! Is it because you want to bite people?! Well, come on then! Bite me! Go on!”

Then, Judge opened its mouth wide and chomped down on Callum. With a ‘crunch’, it bit down on his watch. The gold-and-diamond-encrusted watch worth hundreds of millions instantly fell apart under the strength of the dog’s titanic alloy teeth. It shattered all over the floor, covering the ground in tiny parts. He was utterly dumbfounded by what just happened.

Crunch. Judge broke the stick the Yard Family used to discipline the dogs. Crunch. Cash bit through the walls of their cage and escaped again.

Inside The Imperial, Michael, who had accompanied Sophia overseas for half a month, finally returned to Bayside City. He planned to rest at home for a few days before continuing work. First, he decided to fill up all the holes in the garden that were dug up by the dogs with his own hands. I can loosen the soil and plant some flowers, vegetables, or grapes. Or, I can build a swimming pool for Carmen to play in during the summer. Not too long ago, he learned how to plow the earth while filming ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. Therefore, he quickly leveled the ground before he forgot how to do it.

A thin layer of snow blanketed the entire Bayside City. The garden was also covered in a layer of snow. Still, he was extremely happy today. He was full of energy, humming while he tilled the ground. “Today is a good day. Everything’s going my way—”

Carmen was wearing a frog padded jacket that Nathan used to wear and a matching frog hat. Watching Michael, she curiously asked, “Daddy, why are you so happy today?”

Using a towel to wipe away his sweat, he answered, “Because Mommy’s business negotiation went well!”

Mainly, it’s because the huskies had been stolen. Without the huskies around, even the air smells sweet and life is so peaceful. A blissful future is waving at me! I’m so impressed with what Callum and Cade did.

Carmen didn’t know what was going on, but she understood that Michael was in a great mood recently.

Michael filled up all the pits in the garden that had been dug up by the huskies, preparing to rebuild the garden. The latest batch of premium luxury smart home furniture ordered by the Winston Family had arrived too. So, he changed out all the furniture that was riddled with husky teeth marks. He only managed to live in bliss for two days when the security guards came to report, “A car passed by the entrance to the residential area this morning and dumped three huskies out of the car.”

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