My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1161

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1161

Michael was lying on the new sofa, enjoying his life as Carmen painted his nails red. When he heard the report, he felt his heart clench in fear. Cold sweat dripped down his back as he hurriedly asked, “Are you sure?! Are you sure it’s three—” Glancing at Carmen, he changed his question. “What happened to the car?”

The security guard replied, “The car drove off after kicking the dogs out. After that, the dogs chased after the car for half an hour. And, we chased after the dogs for half an hour too.”

Michael nearly cussed out loud. “So, where is the car now?”

The security guard said, “It ran a red light and disappeared.”

“And the dogs?”

“I brought them back!”

Michael nearly threw up blood. “Why did you bring them back?! Send them away! Hurry and send them away!”

The security guard replied, “I passed by the madam just now. She took the dogs, saying that they were hers.”

At the same time, Sophia’s bright voice sounded from outside the door. “Carmen, my baby! Come and see who just came home!”

Carmen happily went to open the door. As soon as the door opened, three muscular huskies flew in like a whirlwind. The ground seemed to shake as they rushed toward Michael. He was instantly surrounded by the dogs as they enthusiastically licked him all over.

Howl. After licking his face, Cash howled piteously as if it had suffered the greatest grievance in the world. Burying its face in Michael’s arms, its body trembled slightly as it wept.

Covered in dog spit, Michael was dumbfounded. What’s going on? Who am I? Where am I?

Sophia put her bag down and picked Cash up. Smoothing out its fur and wiping away its tears, she comforted it. “There; there. That’s a good boy. Don’t cry. I’m glad you made it back home…”

The dog wept sadly, but Michael felt sadder than the dogs. Damn it, Yard Family! Useless pieces of trash! Damn you!

Despite all the businesses under the Yard Family, they couldn’t afford to raise three huskies. Therefore, they hastily returned the dogs to their owner. Probably only somebody like Sophia, who had an endless supply of money, could afford to raise three huskies.

That night, Callum called again. “Did you receive my express delivery?”

It was nighttime at Bayside City, but it was still morning at Ronney City. Callum was leisurely drinking a cup of coffee while three alpacas and a pig strolled about in the background.

“Yeah, I received it.” Sophia was applying a clay mask, which made her face look black. Her face swayed left and right on the screen as she applied the mask. Meanwhile, Michael rolled his eyes while reading the newspaper on the bed.

Callum put his cup of coffee down and said very seriously, “My two younger brothers seemed to have become rather intelligent recently. They successfully passed the event registration and even recruited a large number of big names from the fashion industry! I’m so worried about you!”

Sophia coldly pointed out his true intentions. “You’re just worried about yourself. If your younger brothers manage to take hold of the Cethosian market, they will become an even greater threat to you.” She suddenly felt slightly suspicious. “You know; I’ve interacted with your two younger brothers. Are you sure you share the same mother?”

She could tell that the two pairs of twins had a completely different approach in how they did things. Callum and Cade might be hateful, but they were not the universally hated type. For example, even though they kidnapped her dogs, they returned the dogs to her when they couldn’t handle them anymore. Moreover, the dogs were also much heavier than before when they came back. Although they were not good people in the traditional sense, they did not do anything truly hateful either. Ryan and Henry, on the other hand, were completely evil. Their methods were outrageously brutal, and they utterly disregarded the development of their peers. They only cared about their own rampant growth.

Callum smiled. It felt like there was a hidden nuance behind his smile. “That’s because they’re my younger brothers! Mom has always taught us to be nice to our younger brothers. We have to give them all the nice things for free. We also have to satisfy them no matter what. Even if they made a mistake, it was never their intention.”

However, Sophia couldn’t help thinking that those words had a lot of strange points to them. Why did Anna raise them like that? Is she not afraid of spoiling them rotten? Although she herself acquiesced to many of Carmen’s bizarre wishes, it was only within an acceptable range. Whether it was raising a dog or a pig or a chicken, Carmen had to take care of them herself. She had to participate in trivial everyday chores such as feeding the chickens or grooming and feeding the dogs. That’s why she did not dare to say anything about raising more dogs when the three huskies went missing. She knew that dog feces were extremely stinky!

As a mother, Sophia couldn’t help feeling that there was something fundamentally wrong with the way Anna raised her sons. Could it be that she was trying to emulate the Jar of Poison technique where only the strongest survives? Did she want her sons to kill each other off and make the last surviving son the head of the Yard Family?

“I’m hanging up.” Sophia prepared to hang up.

Callum immediately said, “No, don’t! I have something serious to ask you… I can’t beat the ‘Forgotten Valley’ dungeon in ‘Swordsman Game’. How did you beat that dungeon?”

She frowned. “You’re still playing online games?”

He said, “Why? Can’t I?”

Normally, only blue-collar and white-collar workers, or students played online games. I can’t believe Callum plays online games too. He’s a ‘diamond-collar worker’! I’m sure he’s busy with work all day long! How can such a delicate boy like him play such a violent game? “I can’t explain it well. Since I’m going to go online in a bit, why don’t I show you instead?”


A short while later, Sophia and Callum were playing games together. When Michael came back after washing the facial mask off his face, he saw her cursing over the mike while she was gaming. “You noob! Even my son can play better than you! I told you to hide behind me until your mana recovers to 70% before joining the fight again! Why are you so stupid?!”

Michael was puzzled. How is she playing games with Callum so happily? Didn’t she say she wanted to strangle those twins to death? Still, he understood her feelings. She had too many things on her plate recently, so she was under a lot of stress. When her stress level increased, she needed to find something exciting to vent out her stress.

Lying on the bed, he teased her coquettishly. He wanted to do something more exciting and entertaining than gaming. However, she didn’t even spare him a glance as she focused on her game. Besides, he had spent the entire morning filling up all the holes in the garden today. Unfortunately, the three dumb huskies dug up all the holes again the moment they came back. He was quite tired after laboring the day away. He initially wanted to tease and seduce Sophia but inadvertently fell asleep.

Sophia was playing the game while yelling insults. After a while, she turned around and saw that Michael had fallen asleep. Thus, she hurriedly grabbed her laptop and went to her study to continue playing.

Inside the game, Callum suddenly said, “After you and Daniel taught my two younger brothers a lesson, the psychic grandmaster was detained for a few days. They have been preparing to cast a curse on you for the past two days.”

A curse? She nearly died laughing. “What era is the Yard Family living in? A curse? Are they going to draw circles to curse me?”

Callum felt that it was rather crazy too. However, his men had reported that Ryan and Henry were planning to set up an altar tonight and use dark magic to cast a curse on Sophia.

The Yard Family’s psychic grandmaster was carrying out a ritual on the rooftop of the Ronney Group’s office building in Cethos. A strand of Sophia’s hair had been placed on the altar. Meanwhile, Ryan and Henry dripped a bit of their blood on the spell. The grandmaster wanted to use the Dragon Blood flowing in their veins to control Sophia while casting a curse on her to suck away at her life and vitality until she dropped dead.

To be honest, Henry did not believe in such hocus pocus. However, now that Billy had died in a foreign country, the employees at the company were panicking and claiming that they were being haunted. Therefore, he had no choice but to do something to calm them down. He had invited most of the core staff within the company to witness the ritual. The company’s core staff mostly consisted of foreigners, including some Cethosians that were born and raised overseas.

Almost none of them were recruited locally from Bayside City. Hence, the only Cethosians present were Sandra and the crew she brought with her. Everybody watched as the Yard Family’s grandmaster sang and danced in front of the altar like a shaman. Their hearts were pounding wildly as they wondered: Will this really work?

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