My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1167

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1167

Look at America and Germany. In the Mitchell Family’s opinion, the high-tech industry of both these countries boomed much later than Cethos. However, because these two countries progressed rapidly, it drove the high-tech industry to develop just as quickly as a result. These countries surpassed the Mitchell Family a long time ago, but it was mainly due to the strength of their countries which provided better conditions and foundations for the development of the high-tech industry.

On the other hand, the main reason the Mitchell Family was slowly declining was that Cethos did not place much importance on them. Moreover, they had to pay all sorts of exorbitant taxes and levies to the country, which gradually made the high-tech industry within the country into what it was today. In short, the country did not protect its national industry and even allowed a rival like Michel Tech to enter the market.

Everybody seemed to have found a reasonable excuse, and the atmosphere of the meeting immediately eased up. Then, Sandra continued, “Naturally, we suffer from internal problems too. Firstly, we are suffering from a huge brain drain. As you all know, we have been losing many of our talents over the past two years. Therefore, the top priority is to bring back all the outflowing talents.”

Everybody nodded in agreement. Plum Technology had poached too many of Mitchell’s Technology’s employees. Those were the talents that Mitchell’s Technology had trained and cultivated. The loss of those employees had been a huge blow to the company.

Afterward, Sandra took out her proposal and passed it around. She was going to save the Mitchell Family.

A copy of the proposal soon fell into Sophia’s hands. “The carrot-and-stick method? Bringing back the outflowing talents? Vigorously recruit talents within the high-tech industry… Regardless of their origins, those that perform exceptionally will be allowed to take on the Mitchell surname.” Sophia was amused by Sandra’s creativity. God damn! Those that perform exceptionally will be allowed to take on the Mitchell surname?! Isn’t that just like in ancient times where the great heroes of the country are given a royal surname?!

When Cooper saw that, his entire expression darkened considerably. How dare they make excuses for their inaptitude?! The biggest issue with Mitchell’s Technology is that it isn’t making any progress! The entire world is moving forward, but they’re still fixated on the original but outdated creations! The high-tech industry has always been changing. Mitchell’s Technology is part of the high-tech industry. However, it continues using fingerprint attendance systems to clock in when even normal companies are starting to use mobile phone apps to clock in! It’s so backward that it doesn’t even seem to be part of the high-tech industry!

Still, he was relieved that not all of the Mitchell Family was gone. During the New Year’s, Plum Technology also announced that it was undergoing major changes. It was going to split out the high-tech business from the main company and establish ‘Dragon Technology Corporation’. Dragon Technology was more or less composed of the people that followed Cooper when he left the Mitchell Family. More importantly, it was mainly led by the Mitchell Family although Plum Technology held a large portion of its shares too.

Cooper was a director at Dragon Technology Corporation. However, the main operation of the company was led by Sean, Derek, and Vincent. Besides, a large number of talents were flooding in from Mitchell’s Technology. They planned to focus on the high-tech industry and vowed to bring back the glory days of the past. As such, Cooper was merely a name on the director’s board. He practically left everything in the company to the youngsters. He felt at ease with them around—with them around, the Mitchell Family would never collapse.

Although Linus did not take on the Mitchell name, he was still Cooper’s son and everybody considered him as part of the Mitchell Family. As a result, Michel Tech and Dragon Technology signed a series of cooperative contracts with each other. The authorities were also paying close attention to Dragon Technology, which seemed to be advancing aggressively.

Cethos used to be a backward country. However, the high-tech industry developed rapidly and the country became known for it. Unfortunately, Cethos’ high-tech industry had declined over the past 20 years. It had long been overtaken by other countries. Hence, the authorities had high hopes for Dragon Technology. They hoped that it would advance to the top, bringing the country with it too. Needless to say, Mitchell Energy and Technology under Cooper’s direct guidance was not to be ignored either. It had only been established for a year or two, but it was already the country’s pride and joy. Whenever foreign dignitaries came to visit, they were brought to Mitchell Energy and Technology for inspection.

The children from the Mitchell Family that had an interest in clean energy went with Cooper; those that were engaged in electronics went to Dragon Technology. Those interested in fashion went to Sophia and those in the entertainment industry came looking for Michael. It was a perfect arrangement. In that way, the new Mitchell Family had created something of its own. They were slowly overwhelming the Mitchell Family of the past and were gaining a reputation as a trustworthy party among the powerful of Bayside City.

During the New Year’s, Mitchell Energy and Technology made another major breakthrough. They took another step forward in the clean energy industry, bringing mankind closer to the future. After all, clean energy was the future! Cooper was truly the dragon of Cethos and the hope of mankind! In the past, Cethos remained one of the leading countries in the electronics industry for more than ten years because of Cooper. And now, he was going to make Cethos one of the top leading countries in clean energy for the next ten years!

As a result, the household became rather lively. Sophia quipped, “Dad, reporters from the News Bulletin and Focal Point have been camping out at the residential area’s entrance for a few days now. They are requesting to interview you.”

Cooper replied, “Not interested.”

Michael said, “Dad, the invitation to the New Year Dinner Gala has been placed in your study. Whether you go or not, you should give them a response.”

Cooper replied, “Not free.”

Linus asked, “Dad, this is an invitation for a party at the presidential palace—”

Cooper replied, “Next time.”

Everybody came back with various invitations, but they were all rejected. It was as expected. Whether he was Fass Michel or Cooper Mitchell, he remained as cold as ever.

Then, Carmen came back carrying a pink and fragrant invitation too. “Grandpa, the kindergarten is having a New Year’s performance. The teacher says that Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, and Uncle Linus have to attend together!”

Thus, the cold and distant Cooper finally took the invitation and read it. However, he did not realize that his worth among the kindergarteners would not change much just because of all the amazing things he did.

After appearing on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, Michael became very well-received among the kindergarteners. The price of a photo with him had risen to 50 apiece, and the price was even higher if they were hugging in the photo. The business was booming recently, so Carmen launched a ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ activity for New Year’s. And, Cooper was the ‘free’ part of the deal.

However, Cooper’s existence was akin to a god among the adults. Even Callum, who was located far away in another country, couldn’t help talking about Cooper when he called Sophia to chat. “Your dad is amazing!”

Sophia was extremely proud. “Of course! My dad is the world’s most amazing father!”

He jealously answered, “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Look at you… By the way, I’m going back to Cethos in a few days. Can you help me clean my house please?”

She was puzzled. “Why are you coming back? Are you here to clean up your brothers’ mess?”

He replied, “I’m coming back to celebrate the new year.”

Every newspaper and magazine was trying to get an interview with Cooper. However, Cooper was extremely indifferent. Aside from the invitation from Carmen’s kindergarten, nobody could get him to attend their event. Even Maddie, who was related to Joel, came over to request an interview with Cooper several times. Combined with Sophia’s mediation, Cooper finally agreed to leave the house for an interview.

Sophia felt that he had to go out more. She did not want him to keep himself locked up in his studio all the time. After all, he was still decently young. She wished that he could fall in love again and give her more younger siblings.

Cooper appeared for the interview at the newspaper office where Maddie worked at. He was dressed very neatly, but his face was expressionless. Moreover, he was extremely cold and aloof. Although he answered every single question Maddie threw at him, his words were curt and his replies were short. On the other hand, Sophia was very talkative. “My dad is single and unmarried. He has no bad habits and no family history of diseases. He is very healthy. Moreover, he has a gentle nature and is very committed. Also, he has no history of being in a relationship. This is very important! Besides, the picture on the cover should be refined. Don’t forget to edit the photo to enhance his appearance!”

Maddie nodded frequently in response. Meanwhile, Cooper felt speechless. He felt a sense of déjà vu—it felt like the get-rich-quick scams all over again.

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