My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1169

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1169

In the end, Quinton was not charged for kidnapping. Carmen told them that he had brought her out to play. Hence, he was simply released.

Quinton was on the wanted list in many countries around the globe, but he did not have a criminal record in Cethos. After he came to an agreement with the Fletchers, he was granted a pardon and his slate was wiped clean. The whole world had scores to settle with him, except for Cethos.

Alas, Quinton was dragged down to Michael’s basement to get interrogated.

Confronting the half-brother with whom he had a love-hate relationship for many years made Michael feel very conflicted. He did not know how to approach the situation.

I can’t hit him, yell at him, or kill him, but he’s getting into mischief all the time.

“Why did you come back? Didn’t we tell you to stay away?”

Quinton was sitting cross-legged in front of him with a nonchalant attitude and a milk lollipop that Carmen had given him hanging out of his mouth. “What else? It’s the New Year’s. I came back to visit the family and spend New Year’s here. I thought I’d drop by to see your wife and daughter too!”

Michael wanted to hit him, but he knew that throwing a few punches now was no use. “Were you the one who pushed the Yard Family’s high priest?”

Quinton attested, “Yes, it was me! I pushed him by accident. He was annoying me.”

Killing people was a trivial matter to him and did not make him feel guilty.

Even though Michael did not want to spend another second talking to him, he knew that Quinton would not have returned for no reason and that he surely had a motive.

“Tell me; what are you planning to do here?”

Quinton continued to suck on the lollipop in his mouth. “I really did come back to see your wife.”

Standing up, Michael left the room and did not bother with Quinton anymore. He locked Quinton in the basement and had people keep watch on him 24 hours a day.

“I’ll find a good time for you to leave the country.”

Quinton urged, “At least let me spend the New Year’s here before leaving!”

“You wish.”

Quinton was put in a confinement room with bulletproof glass in the basement. All four walls were clear which did not give him an ounce of privacy. He was also kept on a 24-hour watch where a sensor would go off if any movement was detected.

When Michael left, he settled down and silently watched the elevator go up.

He was back again.

Even if he only got to see her from a distance, he was content.

Back in the living room, Cooper was going ballistic. He was ready to kill both Quinton and Michael.

Michael sat quietly in the corner—too afraid to utter a single word.

Sophia was also silent but was grateful to be holding Carmen in her arms.

Thank goodness Quinton was the one who took her. If it had been someone else, I might not ever see her again.

Still oblivious to the situation, Carmen asked, “Why does Grandpa want to kill Uncle Quinton?”

Sophia explained, “This is a grown-up matter. You won’t understand! Sweetie, don’t ever go off with strangers again, even if it’s Uncle Quinton.”

Carmen pouted. “Okay.”

But Uncle Quinton is a nice person…

At midnight, someone made a sudden visit to see Quinton.

“Linus? What are you doing here? Are you here to seek revenge for your dear sister?” Quinton mocked as soon as he saw Linus walk in. “Between the both of us, I know everything that you’ve done. Who would have thought that she was your biological sister? Let me guess. You must feel both remorse and resentment. Are you afraid that she will distance herself from you once she finds out your true nature?”

Linus watched him in silence.

When Quinton finished ridiculing him, he asked, “Why did you come back this time?”

Quinton was still indifferent. “Nothing really. I just wanted to spend the New Year’s here, and see Carmen and your sister while I’m at it.”

Letting out a scoff, Linus stood up and walked toward Linus. With a piece of bulletproof glass between them, they locked eyes with each other and stayed that way for a long time, each seemingly analyzing the other’s intention with their gaze.

Alas, Quinton spoke first. “Stop looking. Even if you keep staring at me, I won’t like you. I only like your sister.”

Linus shook his head helplessly and lectured, “Stop pretending, Quinton. You know that you don’t have much time left. You were injected with an excessive amount of stimulants. These stimulants were never developed successfully, and they have strong side effects. Right now, the side effects are slowly showing up. Your body has started to deteriorate.”

Quinton continued to feign ignorance. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“When you came in, I ran some tests on your blood and examined your whole body. I’m also looking into the stimulants that you’ve been using. The exceptional abilities that you have are all because of the stimulants. The effects of the stimulants might be degenerating now, but the side effects are slowly starting to appear. Both Celie and Sophia lost their memories after you brainwashed them. Sophia is back to normal now, but Celie has the mental age of a toddler. That’s because you only used the stimulants on Celie and not on Sophia. Celie ended up this way because of the side effects of the stimulants!”

Quinton fell silent. He was no longer sluggish like he was before, and there was even a bitter smile on his face.

Yes, he was already aware.

Those stimulants were developed decades ago in the Golden Triangle during Tanya’s time. It fell into the Phantom Wolf’s possession later and continued to undergo improvements. Ever since Quinton was a young boy, he had been subject to the administration of these stimulants to change his body. On top of the extreme training methods, he was able to develop superhuman strength and abilities that eventually made him the king of killers.

Nonetheless, it was not a fully-developed drug and was still being worked on. Both Quinton and Celine were simply lab mice. The side effects were something that had not been predicted.

Over the years, the effects of the stimulants had begun to wear off, and Quinton could feel the side effects slowly coming to the surface.

His intention for returning to Cethos this time was to observe Celine’s condition as she also had those stimulants in her system.

“Are you saying my intelligence will slowly decline just like Celine’s? Will I become a boy in a middle-aged man’s body?” He quickly went back to his previous self and joked, “Well, that would be rather unsightly!”

With a stoic expression, Linus remarked, “Not necessarily. Each body reacts differently. I don’t know what will happen to you, either. I came here today just to tell you that you brothers deserve to die.”

All of a sudden, the look in his eyes turned cold and piercing almost as if he could freeze Quinton with his gaze. Through gritted teeth, he seethed, “At the end of your strife with your brother, the only person who will be sad is my sister. I want more than anything to be able to cut you two up into pieces right now and get rid of your existence in this world forever!”

Four years ago, Quinton stabbed Michael with a poisoned knife. The poison had traveled into his bone marrow and was impossible to treat. All they could do was try to prolong his life.

His death was not going to make Linus sad, but it would be worse than death for Sophia.

As Quinton looked at a capricious Linus, he seemed to have seen something funny and broke into a guffaw.

“Linus, don’t forget who was the one that gave me money to let me experiment with those things! Your money funded those drugs! How many killers have I helped you raise over the years? Plus all those nonconformists that I helped you weed out! How did we do it? Wasn’t it with the help of those viruses and stimulants? Why? After you went from being an adopted son to a biological son, and secured your position in the family, are you choosing to forget all the great things you did in the past? Linus Michel—” He pointed a finger at the glass at the same position as Linus’ chest and sneered, “If she ever becomes sad one day, it will be on you too.”

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